Believe was formed in Warsaw in 2004. It was then that Mirek Gil, former guitarist and composer of the legendary band COLLAGE,decided to shout a few of his friends and start rehearsals with the new composition. In the band next to Mirek appeared two more musicians, having previously had episodes related to the popular “Collages”. They were: singer Tomek Różycki,whom we remember from the first collage album “Fairy Tales”, and Przemas Zawadzki – co-founder of this well-deserved formation and its first bassist (“Fairy tales”, “Changes”). The line-up was complemented by talented keyboardist Adam Miłoszand drummer Vlodi Tafel. The real hit, however, was Satomi,a Japanese violinist whose unique play has been forever inscribed in the character of the band BELIEVE. Work on the first material, and thus on the first album “Hope To See Another Day” lasted until 2006. It was then that it saw the light of day in the colours of the Swiss publishing house Galileo Records.

A year later, the band’s music was noticed by the developers of the PC game “The Witcher”. Believe recorded one song for the soundtrack that accompanied the players. Warsaw ers continued to tour extensively, including alongside the legendary Marillion frontman Fish. 2008, on the other hand, was a very intense year for Mirek and his friends about publishing plans. Believe band not only recorded their second long-playing album “Yesterday Is A Friend”, it still hosted at the famous Theatre im. Stanisław Wyspiański in Katowice, where he presented his music alongside such as: Par Lindh and SBB. By the way, the material for the live DVD album was recorded. Unfortunately, after these intense events, the ranks of the band left: singer Tomek Różycki and keyboardist Adam Miłosz. For a while, the keys escaped a little from the instrumentation of the Warsaw formation, while at the microphone stood a young and talented singer Karol Wróblewski. At that time, the band was still touring, not only in Poland, but also abroad, and alongside, among others: Pendragon, Ray Wilosn and Daniel Cavanagh. The same names and names speak with what interest they approached the music of the band Believe. The band also didn’t forget about the new album, which was titled “This Bread Is Mine”. Endea singling lyrics for this beautiful album was written by a friend of the band, Robert Sieradzki.

In 2010, the team did not slow down. Following the blow of Believe they released another album, “World Is Round”. This time the recordings were attended by another, discovered by Mirek Gil, a young and talented musician, this time keyboardist Konrad Wantrych. In addition, the album features the characters Winicjusz Chróst (guitar) and Tomasz “Ragaboy” Osiecki (Hindu instruments). Thanks to this, music has gained a whole new atmosphere and reached a new dimension.

After these successes, the band again made its way to the Silesian Theatre by Stanisław Wyspiański to record the material for the next DVD “Seeing Is Believing”. Believe went on tour again, both in Poland and Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The finale was participation in the famous festival “Summers End” in England, alongside such as Moon Safari, Wobbler, The Enid and Manning.

Later, there was a small break in the concert functioning of the band. The musicians focused at that time on the new material “Warmest Sun In Winter”. His premiere performance had a wonderful setting, all the way across the Ocean, at the next major RosFest festival in Gettysburg, Usa. The album itself has again won flattering reviews and is still warmly received by fans to this day.

The year of the break in believe’s biography in 2014 was due, among other things, to the return to concert scenes of Mirek Gil – the support of the band Collage. In 2015, believe played several concerts in Poland, and presented a new single entitled “Veils”. The new incarnation of the Warsaw formation featured, among others: former vocalist Votum, Maciej Kosiński and talented drummer Łukasz Tomczak. As it turned out later, it was only a transitional composition, because in the near future there were again several refurnishes in the composition.

In 2016, the new Believe was
Mirek Gil –Satomi guitars –
violin, robertQba Kubajek keys –
drums Przemas Zawadzki – bass

The band did not only have a vocalist, but after a short search appeared at the rehearsal of Łukasz Ociepa,endowed with a very distinctive voice ex-vocalist min. formation alone. Believe recorded the album “Seven Widows” inthe fall of 2017. Currently, the band intensively promotes the new release, although knowing the enthusiasm of Mirek Gil and his friends, we are sure that more new songs will be created soon.

In 2019, the 15th anniversary of believe was celebrated. The group did not forget about it and prepared for the Special Concert at the 13th. The Festival of Progressive Rock by Tomasz Beksiński in Toruń, where the band played for the final on July 7, accompanied by, among others, their first vocalist Tomek Różycki. A special performance alongside legendary Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason took place on July 27th in Warsaw on the occasion of the Summer Fog Festival in Warsaw.

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Mirek Gil


My instrument is a guitar but I am also a composer and producer. I started my music adventure in 1978 by starting my first band in high school, which was called “Tris Plus”. Two years later, another complex was created.
In 1982, together with Przemek Zawadzki and Wojtek Szadkowski, we founded the band “Blue Island”. In 1984, the band changed its name to “Collage” and I recorded five CDs and DVDs with it. This adventure lasted until 1996. This year, together with her bandmates, we accompanied Ancie Lipnicka to the concerts promoting her debut album, “Anything Can Happen”.
While the band “Collage” suspended the activity for a while, I brought Mr.Gil to life. This project resulted in 4 albums.
In 2004, together with Przemek Zawadzki and Tomek Różycki, we founded Believe. Together with all the projects so far I have recorded 15 CDs and 3 DVDs

Przemek Zawadzki


It’s me, :)! I started a meeting with music in 1979 with my schoolmates, the Roxy Band. I chose a bass guitar from the very beginning. It was a simple choice, because a few years earlier I had met Beatles music and was delighted with the way Paul McCartney played. The drummer Marek Trojanowski once brought his colleague Mirek Gil to the test and thus began a friendship that continues to this day. In 1982 Mirek offered me to play in a new blue islands band founded together with Wojtek Szadkowski. In 1984, the band changed its name to Collage. Six years later we released the first album “Fairy Tales”. I stopped playing for Collage in 1992. After a break, the music adventure began again in 2003 when I recorded “A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset” and “Evening Games” (2005) with satellite. In 2004, together with Mirek Gil and Tomek Różycki, we started the band Believe, in which I play to this day. In the meantime, I also perform other musical projects, e.g. in 2010 I recorded the album “Skellig” by Mr Gil.
Yours sincerely 🙂


violin, keys

I graduated from the Soai University of Music faculty, then postgraduate studies at the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw.
In 1997 I received the 3rd prize in the 4th international competition of Karol Szymanowski in Łódź.
I have performed at many concerts as a soloist with various orchestras, as a chamber musician and have also had many recitals.
Since 2008 I have been playing in the Radom Chamber Orchestra.



I’ve been singing since I grew up singing enough. Singing accompanied me to school, after school, in different bands and on various projects … The breakthrough in my vocal journey came when I was asked to sing a song called “I would Die 4U” (Space Cowboy), which was released between 2002 and 2003 (approximately) and gave me a chance to perform in the British “Top of The Pops”. It’s one of the things a musician dreams of at some point in his musical career.

This, in turn, opened the way for me to participate in the recording of the singles Uniting Nations (“Out Of Touch” and “You and Me”) and most of the songs on the UN album “One World”. In 2007, while I was living in France, Mick Paul, bassist of the David Cross Band, called me and asked if I wanted to be the new lead singer of the band…… I said yes, and since then I’ve been singing in the David Cross Band. This was the beginning of my journey entitled “Progressive Rock”, which is still ongoing, but in many ways is just beginning … In Poland, during the Summer Fog Festival in 2019, we had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some great progrock bands, among which was “Believe” …… it was a great time and soon after Dorota Kulesza asked me if I would like to sing a Christmas song with Believe. I accepted this invitation. The song was really good, and Mirek (Gil)soon contacted me to ask if I could record an album with the band …… I answered YES! (Of course, what a fantastic opportunity) …… and here I am, in June 2020, I am writing and recording another album with this fantastic and amazing band …….

Robert Qba Kubajek


This is me.. Qba..
.. Well.. I play on drums.. From.. as far as I remember 1987.. my brother brought home a hi-hat and snare.
Later, playing in the theater with Ms. Machulski as an “actor”, we set aside such a substitute for a children’s musical.. and we played a team where, as you can easily guess, he was a drummer.. between performances there was nothing to do, so with the consent of course the musicians sat behind

the instruments and put the biggest hits OMD 🙂 One instrument somehow no one embraced.. so one beautiful day I sat behind the reels and played.. alone not knowing how it is

done 🙂 A few months later

I bought these :):) and so this my adventure began.. later was

the first band The following years I spent getting to know the instrument and music.
I am a co-founder of the band Hetman icon of polish heavy 🙂 because it was I who found the wonderful singer who is “Kiljan”. Previously, we formed the band “Sanctuary” to play and

create under the banner of “Hetman” Somehow I found the band “WHY?” with which we were preparing for the review of rock JAROCIN.
And in this Jarocin Piotr Klatt “yanked” me together with a fellow bassist for the band “Roses of Europe” and with this band

I recorded two studio albums and one concert and a beautiful song “Silk” If I remember later was a return to Hetman and then the whole composition began to play a lot of concerts with such a project “Yankee Rose”

Completely wrong to me chronology so please forgive me when I shook something …
.. then it was time for many bands and projects to finally make it to “Three Quarters”, which later changed its name

to “AllMyLife” was a very hard rock project, with which I recorded two albums In the meantime I appeared in a band that changed a lot in my musical head.. or “DIVE” later “Dive3D” recorded with him underrated, or rather as for those 2004 times little

promoted album “Aura” Later for a moment I appeared in the band “Yokashin” to later settle for longer in the formation “Fundamental”. The project is so interesting that in this band I fell into the snare of love for twisted music.. that is, I started my adventure with broadly understood progressive music.. in the repertoire we did not have a single number

for 4/4 🙂 I have a void until I appeared at the rehearsal of the

band “Archangelika” with which I made a beautiful album “Tomorrow Starts Today” At the same time I was mainly giving concerts in the band “Closterkeller”.. I spent less than two years.. but it was two years of great school.
And then.. and then I landed already “here”.. that is,

in “BELIEVE” A few had approaches to the meeting with Mirek and Przemas, but once it worked it went.. and I released so far as for me the most mature

album “SEVEN WIDOWS” It can so much about myself.. 🙂

Thank you for your attention.

SEVEN WIDOWS (2017) Believe is back with a powerful new concept album – the first in their career. Passionate, expressive, masterfully delivered tracks are accompanied by moving lyrics. Each song is a story of one widow parting with someone special. And just like in real life where no two stories are alike, each of the 7 Widows’ stories has its own unforgettable mood, both musically and lyrically. A set of seven sad songs, dealing with loss and pain. So what is it that makes one want to hear them again and again? The prog rock scene hasn’t seen such a bold and original album for a long time. cd shop: (Marek Wojtachnia Music&More)

Mirek Gil was the guest of Piotr Kaczkowski in Program III of Polish Radio.


Believe’s sixth album on vinyl!


In April, The Believe’s sixth studio album, Audio Anatomy, will be released on analog media. In addition to the seven compositions from “Seven Widows”, the two-disc alby will include a bonus recording! Preorder orders should be submitted by e-mail to: …

Work on the new Album has begun!


We are delighted to announce that we have started work on a new album. All songs will sing….already known to you Jinian Wilde! We are happy! We are working hard to present the results to you later this year! Jinian Wilde ( Jin Wilde and Wilde) is…

A Christmas Gift for Believe Fans


The song “All I Know” was created for a Christmas gift for fans of believe. The author of the text is Robert Sieradzki. He was sung by Jinian Wilde, the lead singer of the David Cross Band since 2007. Mirek Gil – guitar Przemek Zawadzki –…

We invite you to Warsaw for the Summer Fog Festival on July 27, 2019.

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Believe on one stage with Nick Mason, pink floyd drummer.

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Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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