With a tendency towards dramatic shifts and an approach rooted in restlessness, Eugene, Oregon’s Gazelle(s) brand of instrumental post-rock is one without boundaries. The band formed as a three-piece in 2015, adding violinist Michelle Whitlock to round out their sound in 2016. Gazelle(s) is a proud member of the NW Post Rock Collective and tour regularly around the pacific northwest, playing with many other notable bands including Holy Fawn, Wander, Blackwater Holylight, Coastlands, Bent Knee and Slow Crush. Gazelle(s) influences vary widely but include Russian Circles, Mogwai, Jagga Jazzist, Three Trapped Tigers, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Sigur Ros and Do Make Say Think. In Gazelle(s) newest release, ‘True Meridian,’ guitar and violin interweave seamlessly over the driving bass and drums, moving from textures of heaviness and doom to western themed symphonic melodies. The band is already writing new material and hoping to tour when it is safe to do so and venues across the US reopen.

Tim Smith, Guitarist, Gazelle(s) Band


Matt Kaplowitz, Drummer, Gazelle(s) Band


Michelle Whitlock, Violinist, Gazelle(s) Band


Neal Williams, Bass Player, Gazelle(s) Band


Gazelle(s) True Meridian
released June 19, 2020

Matthew Kaplowitz / Tim Jim Smith / Michelle Whitlock / Neal Williams

Produced by Brandon Eggleston and Gazelle(s) at Hallowed Halls in Portland, OR

Guests include Amulets (Randall Taylor) and Eric Nyffeler

Mastered by Collin Jordan

Album Art by Neal Williams

Gazelle(s) second album was recorded in Portland, Oregon at Hallowed Halls studios with esteemed recording engineer Brandon Eggleston (Swans, Modest Mouse, Grails).  Friends appearing on the album include Randall Taylor of ‘Amulets’, Eric Nyffler of ‘Bus Gas’ and Krist Novoselic from ‘Nirvana’ and ‘Giants in the Trees.’ With an ever-expanding sound, True Meridian mingles lonesome post-rock, soaring violins, frenzied doom metal, and progressive instrumentation with motifs of the American West.

released October 20, 2017

Produced by James Book and Gazelle(s) at Rancho de la Luna in Joshua Tree, CA in November of 2016.

Engineered by Hayden Scott
Mixed by Neal Williams
Mastered by James Plotkin

Gazelle(s) debut album came after two years of refining their sound and then adding violinist, Michelle Whitlock, to the band in 2016. They traveled to world-renowned studio, Rancho de la Luna in Joshua Tree, CA to immerse themselves in the desert and experience how a studio with such a rich sonic history would galvanize their music. The resulting EP took the isolating feelings one experiences in the desert and imbued them with a vastness and power that came from four players ready to pour years of experience into something new and distinctive. ‘There’s No One New Around You’ shifts from moments of elegiac ambiance to menacing doom. Sorrowful violin melodies, pummeling guitar textures and pounding bass and drums interweave, creating a sonic carpet structured in a 4/4 foundation that is suddenly pulled from beneath your feet. Their intriguing time changes create a free fall into a solitary darkened void out of which emerges something beautiful and sanguine.

Michael Whiteside | | April 30, 2020

A unique blend of post-rock, doom, progressive rock and Americana places the listener in a world of empty desert landscapes, brutal showdowns between good and evil, and hopeful bounties of harvest.


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Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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