Pet Shark

Pet Shark is a progressive rock, instrumental band from Orange County, California featuring Keith Moreland on guitar, Ted Morton on drums, and Ben White on bass guitar.

Bass guitarist Matt Bissonette recorded on the first and second albums, but because of his busy recording and touring schedule (with Elton John), he was not able to join the band for the live shows. They’re excited to be joined by Ben White on bass guitar who has an extensive resume, and are frequently joined by Chris Jagich on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, as well as Lindsay Jagich on cello. They were recently joined on the new album Carnivore Cruises by Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and countless others).

They are all seasoned professionals both in the studio and at live performances. Collectively, they’ve played with a long list of notable musicians. In July 2017, the band had an opportunity to meet and play with Mike Keneally. Mike took a real liking to the music and was asked to join the band as co-producer for the second album entitled “Carnivore Cruises.” Mike ended up playing guitars and adding to the keyboards that Ted had already laid down. Carnivore Cruises is now available on over 29 different outlets around the globe including iTunes and Amazon Music.


 Le Debut2011 

Carnivore Cruises2018


Pet Shark is an Instrumental Progressive Rock Band from Orange County, California in the style of Steve Vai, Steven Wilson, Joe Satriani, Rush, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and others. Pet Shark is the brainchild of drummer Ted Morton and guitarist Keith Moreland. Written, produced, and directed by the both of them, PS has become a huge fan favorite, thrilling crowds with not just music, but compositions that take the listener on a passionate and emotional musical journey.

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