Macaco Bong

Macaco Bong was formed in the city of Cuiabá (MT) in 2004 as an instrumental rock quartet. However, the following year, the group became a power trio. His training was established with Bruno Kayapy (guitar), Ynaiã Benthroldo (drums) and Ney Hugo (bass).

Although instrumental rock is not a very popular genre, the band stood out in the Brazilian independent scene participating in the Fora do Eixo circuit, being an attraction in festivals such as Grito Rock (MT), Calango (MT), Goiânia Noise Festival (GO), MADA (RN), among others.

His first album, Artist Igual Pedreiro, was released in 2008. With influences of post-rock and jazz, the music of Macaco Bong received positive reviews from publications such as the magazines Bizz and Rolling Stone, the newspapers Estadão and Folha de São Paulo. Following, the trio released the EP Verdão e Verdinho, in 2011, and the second album, This Is Rolê, in 2012.

This Is Rolê came out at a time when the band went through turbulence, such as the departure of Ynaiã and Ney, and their departure from the band from the controversial collective Fora do Eixo.

After the turbulence that almost ended the group’s career, Bruno Kayapy reformulated the Monkey Bong. In 2014 the single “Black Marroca” came out. The following year, the third album, Macumba Afrocimética, was released, with Kayapy accompanied by Julito Cavalcante (bass) and Daniel Fumega (drums). With this formation, the band launched in 2016 their fourth and most recent album, the self-titled Macaco Bong, by the Sinewave label in partnership with + Instrumental, the band’s own label,

And now in 2017, the band debut a new formation for the first time in a quartet – Bruno Kayapy (guitars), Fabrício Pinho (guitars), Daniel Hortides (bass) and Renato Pestana (drums) form the new Macaco Bong for the launch of their new album, Deixa Quieto, album with recreations of the classic Nevermind by Nirvana, in instrumental and Bonguian versions.

Macaco Bong is about to complete 15 years on the road with seven studio works launched, today it is considered the most popular Brazilian instrumental rock band in the country, planted many seeds with regard to ̈ turning the key ̈ in fostering a new productive chain of music in the country, thus being fundamental pieces in the construction of a national music market formed by small and medium-sized bands that work in a self-sustainable way without ties to record labels and large schemes. The band collected important awards as the first place among the 25 best national albums of the year 2008 by Rolling Stone with their first debut album ̈Artist like Pedreiro ̈. His other albums also gained notorious place on the list of the best of the following years, such as the acclaimed album ̈ This is Rolê ̈ (2012). Recently they released the self-titled album acMacaco Bong ̈ which earned 4 maximum stars in the critical evaluation of Rolling Stone and also integrated the list of the best of the year of the magazine, the album also entered the list of the best of the year on the most important websites and magazines of national music critic with his new album reviewed by the São Paulo Association of Art Critics.

The album entered the top 10 of the year on a list organized by a curatorship among the main national music labels. Bruno Kayapy is appointed today as one of the most influential guitarists of the new generation of Brazilian guitarists and has already had his name on several lists among the best guitarists in the country, among them the emblematic list of the 70 masters of the Brazilian guitar and rolling stone guitar that put the guitarist’s name alongside Baden Powell, Luiz Bonfá, Pepeu Gomez, Sérgio Dias, Andreas Kisser, Kiko Loureiro, Lulu Santos among others. In addition to being a guitarist, Kayapy is a Professional Luthier graduated from B&H Guitar Craft School, an audio engineer, music producer, sound technician and electronics, builds his own effect pedals, develops his amplifiers, lives ̈envening ̈ the sound of his guitar through schemes and his own adaptations, he is a composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist of strings and he is also the one who commands all the business part of Macaco Bong. Recently opened a studio with an innovative concept for booking shows in the country having received more than 100 showcases from independent bands in the fourth month of activity of the space, the place is called Pico do Macaco, on site the band also conducts a musical experience course for amateurs, supporters and music professionals called Macaco Bong DIY where the band composes and produces tracks and records with the students of the course who also sign the authorship of the tracks with Macaco Bong.

The guitar player magazine considers him to be one of the main guitarists that has emerged in the country since the last millennium due to his originality with the instrument with his deconstructive poetry without losing the essential feeling of the melodies that deeply touch the feeling. In 2010 Macaco Bong carried out the Futurível Project at the invitation of Gilberto Gil for a joint show by the Bahian composer and one of the main creators of tropicalism with Macaco Bong in quartoo, only Gil and Macaco on stage. The meeting between Gilberto Gil and Macaco Bong took place at the Ibirapuera Auditorium and featured the participation of the Banda de Pife do Caruaru. Macaco Bong has already shared the stage with names like System of a Down (opening of the show in SP in the year 2011) a curious detail was that SOAD chose Macaco Bong to open their first show on Brazilian soil after receiving a list with several Brazilian bands as a recommendation to the Armenians who revolutionized Nu Metal in the 2000s, Macaco Bong performed for an audience of approximately 60 thousand people on this day. Another major milestone in the band’s career was the show at the SWU Festival sharing the stage with The Mars Volta, Rage Against the Machine and Os Mutantes.

The band also shared a stage with Sonic Youth and Iggy Pop at the Planeta Terra Festival, performed several tours in South America visiting countries like Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, performed at the Pop Festival Montreal in Canada and also at the Primavera Sounds Festival in Spain. With national artists the band has already carried out several projects in partnership besides sharing stage with bands such as Mundo Livre S / A, Nação Zumbi, Pitty, Charlie Brow Jr, Raimundos, Sepultura, Krisiun, Mombojó, Jards Macalé and with the legendary musician and producer Liminha in the + instrumental project idealized by Bruno Kayapy through the + instrumental project, which is a Contemporary Jazz show and project to which Kayapy invites several musicians to interpret classic albums of Brazilian instrumental music, the meeting took place at Teatro do Sesc Pompéia in year 2014 with the participation of Vitor Araújo (Acoustic piano), Maestro Spok (Saxophone), Lucas dos Prazeres (Percurssão), Ricardo Vignini (Viola Caipira) and Liminha (Contrabass), together they performed the album ̈ Jacarandá ̈ by the composer and guitarist from Rio , Luiz Bonfá. The band has gone through several formations and was first founded by Bruno Kayapy in Cuiabá (MT) in 2004 and today is based in São Paulo (SP), with each current member of the band coming and a different region from the other. The band currently consists of Bruno Kayapy (Guitar), Daniel Horkidea (Double Bass) and Daniel Fumega (Drums).


  • Delta Tron (album, 2020)
  • Deixa Quieto (album, 2017)
  • Macaco Bong (album, 2016)
  • Macumba Afrocimética (album, 2015)
  • Black Marroca (single 2013)
  • This is Rolê (album, 2012)
  • Verdão e Verdinho (EP, 2011)
  • Artist Igual Pedreiro (album, 2008)
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Voted by Rolling Stones as the best album of the year in 2008. Inspired by the work of bands such as Mogwai and Tortoise, Macaco Bong managed to put the project’s identity in, bringing well-instrumentalized songs. With a weeping guitar (I can’t forget) and exploding the eardrums.

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