Distant Dream

Hi I’m Marcin Majrowski and this is my solo project called Distant Dream which is a live performing band as well. Very talented Polish guitar player in the post and metal rock, outstanding performance in Widek, performing this beautiful solo work.

Contact/booking: distantdreammusic@gmail.com Distant Dream – Instrumental post-rock/ambient metal band from Gdańsk, Poland https://distantdream.bandcamp.com/


– Marcin Majrowski / guitar, bass, drums
– Morgan Thomaso / guitar
– Pierre Danel / guitar
– Stel Andre / guitar


released September 5, 2020

Recorded by Marcin Majrowski, Distant Dream – www.facebook.com/distantdreammusic/
Mixed & mastered by Widek at widekstudio.com
Cover art design by Robert Kudera – www.robertkudera.pl
Contact/booking – distantdreammusic@gmail.com

If you fancy yourself music that speaks without words you have to check out this album. This one’s for the dreamers and the travelers. Distant Dream’s instrumental post rock is one to take you places and their third record “Point of View” will make you forget about reality even if just for 40 minutes. It’s a soul bending musical journey focused primarily on expressing emotion so strong that my awkwardly analytical way of writing may not even be compatible here. It’s the kind that brings scents and images to your mind! It could be anything from the freshness of a morning in nature, being in an airport at dawn awaiting an exciting journey, swinging in a hammock above golden autumn leaves, or reading alone in a bookstore just before it closes down. You get the point (of view). Wherever your nostalgia lies is where this music will take you, and the mental pictures are only limited by your imagination, though even that might expand after a few streams of this record.

This is post-rock with a shoegazey yet stargazey feeling, though also touching on prog territory for a bit. The atmosphere that it builds is the center point of focus that allows this record to work so well. It feels warm, cozy and refreshing, with a strong sense of aesthetic. With that in mind I cannot stress enough just how important sound textures are in Distant Dream’s music, and their overall sound quality and production is a step above their two previous releases. I’ll bring up that analysis cos… well it’s what I do. The music is constantly weaving in and out of intense climaxes with gaps in between. The bass sound is thick and deep yet smooth and prominent in the mix, while guitars move between gentle clean parts and smoothly distorted harmonies with earworm lead themes and tremolo picking on top. A few parts intensify just enough to be called riffs, pushing the drums in a groovier direction than the stripped-down simple norm. The drums are the one component that gives some structure to the dream, just enough so you’ll remember it when you wake up. Through the valleys drums too get a very gentle approach to the playing style with delicate caresses on the cymbals.

The album moves forward at mid to slow tempos, waving its way up and down through the 10 songs. The sixth track “I hope” and the closing “Insomnia” are just ambiental, offering some fresh breaths among… more fresh breaths. The most outstanding moment is the intense “Unknown Path”, being more dynamic than its surrounding siblings and capturing an adventurous, empowering tone. More special moments to be pointed out are the four guest guitar solos spicing up the dynamics a bit. The styles of the solos are somewhat Plini-esque, blending nicely into the soundscape and travel vibes. Stel Andre’s solo on “Left Alone” might be the most different, with a slightly bluesy tone, yet Connor Kaminsky’s friendly shredder on “Echo” is my favorite, virtuously leading into the climax of the album.

There appears to be a sense of duality permeating through this record. All the up down evolution of the songs intensifying and reducing to silence as well as the intense emotion of the music that could be perceived as pure bliss as well as soul wrenching nostalgia seems to capture two sides to Distant Dream’s music. This only means that there is a lot of room for interpretation in the music. As instrumental music has no words, there can’t be an actual concept, but the whole idea of a “Point of View” in itself could be a central theme, allowing you to build your own story around the music. The two worlds colliding on the cover artwork seem to suggest the same bipolarity. So if you’re curious whether you’ll be climbing up a volcano or skiing (upside) down a snowy mountain, there’s only one way to tell for sure. Play the album, vibe the vibes and feel the feels. “Point of View” is available at Bandcamp! http://www.metal-observer.com/3.o/review/distant-dream-point-of-view/

Released May 25, 2018

Recorded by Marcin Majrowski, Distant Dream – www.facebook.com/distantdreammusic/
Mixed & mastered by Widek at Nova Studio – nova-studio.eu
Cover art design by Robert Kudera – www.robertkudera.pl
Contact/booking – distantdreammusic@gmail.com

– Marcin Majrowski / guitar, bass, drums
– Morgan Thomaso / guitar
– Pierre Danel / guitar
– Stel Andre / guitar

But he IS a mystery man.  Distant Dream is a one-person project of Marcin’s.  “Your Own Story” is the second album he’s released.

The music itself sounds like post-rock with some progressive touches.

Majrowski called on the talents of three guitarists, who contribute some fine solo work on three tracks, respectively.

There’s Pierre Danel on track 1, Images.

Stel Andre plays on track 3, Gradient Space.

And on Track 7, Darkest MomentMorgan Thomaso adds his magic.

It’s all instrumental:

So, what I’m hearing is this- slow developments, layers of sound, crescendos and decrescendos, minimalism-with-richness, repetitions of themes, contrasts from gentle passages to massive riffs to melancholy keyboards to soaring guitars.

The music never becomes too obtrusive or abrasive.  I had the sensation of hot air ballooning- drifting along over canyons and pasture-land and rivers.

There are no wasted notes; there was no hurry.

It seemed like music to dream by:

Within this space, one could lose oneself, reflect, relax, and get lost in the music.  There was no urgency, just layer upon layer of sound- eerie vocals wafting in and then leaving, turning into piano, or guitar, or orchestra.

At times, guitars became chugging walls of sound, powerful, yet somehow not intrusive.

My rating:

All in all, this is a fine album.  Mysterious Mr. Majrowski apparently has a dreamy, melancholy, richly musical soul.

Perhaps that is all we need to know for now.

Four out of Five meditative mantras.




Stephen Conrad


Debut album Distant Dream – It All Starts From Pieces.
Recorded by Marcin Majrowski, Distant Dream
Mixed & mastered by Widek at Nova Studio
Cover art design by Beyger
Contact/booking – distantdreammusic@gmail.com
released May 27, 2017

Distant Dream want to delicately kindle your mind. Marcin Majrowski, the solo visionary behind said project, reaches towards this not-so-distant goal in a way that absolutely caters to fans of the post and prog schools of thought. With no vocals to speak of, we are left with a sonically focused soundscape to hopefully enchant us for its brisk 40 minutes. This is achieved through a combination of prog metal guitar rhythms offset by post rock lapses. The former comprises the meat and bones of It All Starts from Pieces, allowing it to don a full-bodied and adventure-seeking persona. Granted, it sounds more adventurous than it actually is, but there’s a sense of longing for discovery laced throughout each track, as if to humor the idea of leaving the world you know behind. That humoring grows strong, however, as your thoughts compel you to realize your newfound and revitalized whims. Combine these with a few calmer, more meditative moments and you have a recipe for deep pondering to reinforce the journey you wish to embark upon.

Yet these surges of thought, emotion and desire, like the post lapses themselves, are barely more than momentary–the dream pulls you in only to wander off into the distance. The end result is a readily consumable album with a fleeting sense of fulfillment; plenty of potential left to simmer, but never allowed to boil. It’s a decidedly waste-not approach. Some will hear this play out and grin with a sense of relief, since many bands of a similar variety get carried away in their own indulgences. Others will come away with a stinging hunger for something more layered, a grander dive into the elegantly teased-at unknowns. In either case, it’s a joy to return to time and time again, but like a great teaser trailer, it can only indulge the voracious listener for so long.



Merch/CDs/Vinyls: https://distantdream.bandcamp.com​
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/distantdream…​
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/distantdrea…​
Links to full albums:
It All Starts From Pieces – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saWyd…​
Your Own Story – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRf1t…​
Point Of View – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gILRS…​
Video made by http://burestudio.pl/​

(2) Distant Dream – YouTube

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