The Shores of Orion

Shores of Orion is a post-rock project from Kolkata, India. Born out of insomnia,
this project started back in 2015 as an idea of expressing emotions through music.


Take Care

‘Take Care’ is more of an extension of the album ‘The Courage Of Stars’. These are the tracks that didn’t make the album. I’ve decided to release ‘Take Care’ as a single along with two other songs, one of which, ‘Requiem For A Dream’ was a bonus track on the album.
Stream my new album ‘The Courage Of Stars’ here: Tracklist 01 Take Care 00:00 02 Requiem For A Dream 04:57 03 Final Rest 08:40 Twitter: Soundcloud:
released April 22, 2018

The Courage Of Stars

After the poor attempt at creating something deep and emotional with my first album, I’m coming out with my second full-length album ‘The Courage Of Stars’. I tried to make some simple yet interesting soundscapes on this album that tell a story of their own. Changed basic setups from the previous album, learned from the mistakes and tried improving the sound quality. I hope this is a step in the right direction and whoever listens to it, has a good time. Thank you.

One day you’re talking to your friend, someone you’ve known since your childhood, with whom you’ve shared so many memories, joked about and laughed at the shared banter and gave forth to one another the imprints of courage, love and caring. You can almost count the days you’ve spent without seeing them because it is that rare. You’d figure they would be there with you till the end. But the next day they are gone, just like that, without any sign or notice.

You stand alone, full of disbelief, grief and heartbreak, as you watch the traffic buzzing by and distant faces fading away, or maybe you gaze across the distant horizon. It feels like just yesterday that you were all together and happy and now you’re missing yesterday. You feel like you’re stuck in some bad dream as the silence seems to suffocate and you just wish to wash it all away and wait for the dream to end. You wish to see them just once more, just for a little while, so you can get a chance to say goodbye.

People say that sometimes you need sorrow to better appreciate the world around you. But this sorrow makes no sense. Though they have left and are no longer here, and though you miss their hugs and their laughter, as they brightened up the place, you will remember their smiling face and always feel them near.

The important people in our lives leave imprints. They may not stay in the physical realm, but they are always there in your heart. All you can do is try to remember not to forget the light they gave you, the light that still carries on even after they are gone. And life goes on and it’s hard at first, but our loved ones, even though they’re gone, they stay with us through the moments we’ve shared together and we cherish their memories for as long as we are around.
Tracklist: 01. Lonesome Night 00:00 02. Grace Of Solitude 02:17 03. Asunder 06:34 04. Look Around And You’ll Find Your Way Home 09:55 05. Endless Loop Of Hope And Despair 13:39 06. Forever Asleep 18:00 07. Serenity 22:55 08. Synchronized Heartbeats 27:13 09. Silent Landscapes 31:50 10. Daydreams Of A Lost Man 35:07 11. The Courage Of Stars 41:18 12. Snowstorm 46:02 13. For The Days Gone Without You By My Side 48:56 14. Disappear Into Something Beautiful 52:20 15. Requiem For A Dream 56:19 All rights reserved by Shores of Orion.

This is for you, Prarthana. 
released March 28, 2018


Back in 2015, I was going through a lot of stuff, good and bad, mostly bad. Anyway, I thought it’d a good idea to pick up and learn an instrument to keep my mind off things. So, I started learning the piano. But, that wasn’t enough. I wanted to do more, mostly write some music. And without much practice it gradually turned into an instrumental project. I spent the last two years composing this album and it turned out not as bad as i expected. Now I’m finally sharing this album with the world. That’s something, I guess.

This album tries to explore the different aspects of life, such as despair, loss, loneliness and acceptance and at the same time tries to be the consciousness of the dreamers who are stuck in the past and can’t seem to move on. In Portuguese, Saudade means a feeling of longing for an absent something or someone that one loves. The composer attempts to give meaning to that search of something or someone through 13 songs that make up this album.
Track Listing: 01. Silver Lining 0:00 02. Too Bright For Tired Eyes 0:38 03. Clarity 1:08 04. Glimpse of Hope (Reprise) 1:41 05. Clouds Cover The Stars 2:11 06. Wild Eyed Dreamers 2:37 07. Memories 3:07 08. Closure 3:35 09. Like Kites Without Strings 3:56 10. Saudade 4:21 11. Chasing Dreams 4:51 12. I can almost hear your voice 5:17 13. Rain 5:53 Soundcloud:

Official stream for album preview:
released February 24, 2017

Beautiful band, very well recorded, great arrangements and neo classical chords with Indian touches, a magnificent piano. Melodies of extreme sensitivity and very well elaborated, always in perfect harmony with a growing harmony. Congratulations to the band. Aryon Maiden.

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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