Northway post-rock band from italy, members:

Antonio Tolomeo (guitar),

Luca Laboccetta (guitar),

Matteo Locatelli (bass),

Andrea Rodari (drums)

The band was born in 2014 and already during the first sessions experiments with new sounds. A sonic identity that evokes bands like Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, This will destroy you etc …;

Rockit webzine calls Northway “a band to be taken into consideration”

NORTHWAY was born in November 2014 in Bergamo, from the meeting of: Antonio Tolomeo, Andrea Rodari and Locatelli Matteo, core of the alternative rock rock band “The Snow’s Snow” and Giuseppe Procida, guitar and voice of the dark-wave “Pine Purple”.
This is how the NORTHWAY road begins, new sounds are heard, the voice is abandoned and a drifting head in the infinite post-rock world.
Thus a new sound, exclusively instrumental, schizophrenically POST-ROCK and nostalgically psychedelic, is born.
In 2016, it marks an intense study of composing the pieces of “small things, true love” on their first album.
Small things true love, it comes out on April 01, 2017 and receives a lot of appreciation especially from the critic of the industry.
May 2017 marks the exit from the group of Beppe Procida for his transfer to Puglia. Instead, Northway is buying Luca Labo, a highly experienced guitarist ex-Violaspinto.


The Hovering

Point Nemo 06:44
Kraken 06:47
Hope in the Storm 04:47
Interlude 02:45
Edinburgh of the Seven Seas 07:09
Deep Blue 09:51
released September 25, 2020
Produced by Northway
Recorded at TRAI Studio, Inzago (MI)
Engineered and mixed by Fabio Intraina
Mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà Studio, Tredozio (FC)
Artwork: Alessandro Adelio Rossi
IDDM 067 – ℗&© 2020 Northway

Small things, true love

Arrival 07:37
The King 06:55
The Martian 06:18
Jules Verne 06:13
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Small things 08:12
released April 1, 2017
Recorded at Trai Studio – Milan,IT by Fabio “Trai” Intraina
Mixed and Mastered by Beppe “Deckard” Massara
Drawings by Simona Schembri
Inlay photo by Antonio Tolomeo


First single from album “Small things, true love”
released March 11, 2017
Recorded at “Trai Studio” – Inzago (Milan – Italy) by Fabio “Trai” Intraina
Mixed and Mastered by Beppe “Deckard” Massara

Cardinal Points EP

Provided to YouTube by Base79 Northward (Original Mix) · Northway Cardinal Points EP ℗ Mac Da Knife Digital Released on: 2015-07-06 Auto-generated by YouTube



Mik Brigante SanseverinoOctober 23rd, 2020

DisksNo commentat Northway, The Hovering

Nemo. Nobody. A place where it is possible to isolate ourselves and listen to the echo of the countless worlds, whose reflections reach us, sometimes as harmless dreams, sometimes as terrible nightmares, as mystical visions, as absurd mirages or as those magical insights, which, in turn, stimulate our imagination and creativity.

Gigantic octopus, sudden storms, deep depths, dangerous dry, instrumental sound of post-rock matrix that sail well beyond the seven known seas, mixing and intertwining with vibrant shoegaze passages and those settings, slow and psychedelic, able to lead us further and further away from the polemical and homologating artificiality of modern times. Towards the unexplored meanderings of our self, towards that inaccessible and remote point where our very essence is hidden, constantly threatened by the rabid and malignant Lovecraftian creatures. Creatures of pure hatred who yearn to destroy our world, small or large, our ideals, our certainties, our passions and our feelings, but before which the music of the Bergamo band turns into an invable defense; “The Hovering” takes on the epic nuances of an instrumental, dramatic, horror and spatial soundtrack, thus preventing Azathoth from sucking and swallowing our humanity.

Yes, even among the fluid accelerations of “Point Nemo”, what we have left pending can come back to haunt us and make us gasp, because behind the calm and peaceful waves of “Hope in the Storm” can hide a painful hurricane and what we thought would be our idyllic corner of paradise could turn, in the blink of an eye, into a real cemetery. And so we would lose the painstakingly acquired lightness, we could no longer remain suspended on the horizon of events, but we would find ourselves having to fight and strive to stay afloat among the debris, waste and waste of our hyper-technological society, chaotic and perpetually hungry for time, for which what matters is only this static and formal present from the bottom too low to be able to move away.

About The Author

Mik Brigante Sanseverino

Michele Brigante Sanseverino, poet, writer, electronic engineer. He has published “The Lair of brigands” (poems), “Ultraviolet” (poems) and “Ummagumma” (fables of the time gone). The new collection of poems “For After the Storm” will be published shortly. He publishes in-depth articles on both “Paranoid Park” (, and “Indie For Bunnies” (

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“The Hovering”
the second NORTHWAY album is out

The Hovering, the second Northway album for the alternative label I Dischi del Minollo, will be released on 25 September 2020. Recorded at the Trai Studio in Inzago by Fabio Intraina and mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà Studio in Tredozio, the new Northway album surprises the listener through sound phenomena that reproduce all the sensations felt by the band when it is playing: “The feeling of remaining suspended in mid-air pervaded by a sense of profound harmony” The Hovering comes out three years after the previous full-length “Small Things, True Love” (2017) and is strongly characterized by intense studio work. The four musicians have sought a balance between tradition and experimentation. The hovering experience is defined by the band as “an instrumental alchemy, schizophrenically post-rock and nostalgically psychedelic.”
          Northway are : Antonio Tolomeo (guitar) Luca Laboccetta (guitar) Matteo Locatelli (bass) Andrea Rodari (drum) The band was born in 2014 and already during the first sessions experiments with new sounds. The voice is soon abandoned to reach the vast territory of post-rock. A sonic identity that evokes bands like Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, This will destroy you etc …; Rockit webzine calls Northway “a band to be taken into consideration”
    Album Streaming   Single Download “Hope in the Storm”   ALBUM DOWNLOAD   PHOTO DOWNLOAD   See the full concert of NORTHWAY at the “Bergamo Strange Music Fest 2020”                
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Impressive Italian band, very well-structured melodies, filled with precise chords and a stupendous virtuosity, with an odd, smooth creativity, with a growing nuance and involving harmony in all melodies. Congratulations for the beautiful work, Great Band without a doubt. Aryon Maiden

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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