Progressive instrumental rock/metal from Athens, Greece.


we.own.the.sky is:

-Alex Stouraitis: guitar
-Ilias Kokkotos – Andreou: guitar
-Manolis Giannikios: drums
-Dimitris Konstantakopoulos: bass
-Kostas Diakakis: guitar


Athenian instrumental rockers we.own.the.sky return with their long-awaited 2nd full-length album, “Home”. Over a year in the making and recorded in a largely DIY fashion, “Home” is a labor of love and camaraderie; the quintet self-produced the record, with their very own Dimitris Radis handling engineering and mixing duties, while mastering was done by long-time collaborator and friend Alex Ketenjian (Planet of Zeus, Vodka Juniors etc.).

Albeit primarily instrumental in nature, there is an underlying theme that runs through the album, tying all the songs together, as is boldly suggested by the title. In the troubling times we live in, “Home” stands for the things we hold dear to our heart, that we consider a safe haven.

Whether it be another human being, an actual place or even an object of personal significance, we are in a perpetual chase of that constant, that feeling of familiarity and warmth. Through each individual’s pursuit of happiness, it is the ties we make with each other that shape us, some of which are like threads that cannot be broken.

“Home” is an effort to channel into this human need, symbolizing the journey from darkness towards the light. With that in mind the band crafted what is, in their own words, their most ambitious and diverse album to date.

The nine songs that comprise the record cover enormous ground between genres and atmospheres. From the uplifting spirit of lead-single “We Align” to the pummeling riffs of “Heavy Heart” and from the nostalgia-filled centerpiece “Youth” to the haunting ending of album closer “Akai Ito”, we.own.the.sky are showcasing here their multi-faceted character, defying labels and introducing brand-new elements in their music.

Heavy guitar riffs, electronic beats, ethereal ambient passages, lush delay soundscapes, piano, orchestra and choir vocals all blend in seamlessly in a genre-bending album that is meant to be experienced as a whole, an entity of its own.



First Breath 02:36
Ikigai 05:10
We Align 05:32
Of New Beginnings 07:09
Youth 05:05
Coexist 01:48
Heavy Heart 05:51
This Space Between Us 06:14
Akai Ito 05:02
released November 1, 2019
Recorded December 2018 – May 2019 in Athens, Greece
Produced by we.own.the.sky
Engineered and mixed by Dimitris Radis
Mastered by Alex Ketenjian at Unreal Studioz
Drums were recorded at Unreal Studioz
Engineered by Alex Ketenjian, Nick Dimitrakakos and John Nikolakopoulos
Guitars and bass were recorded at Dimitris’ bedroom
Vocals were recorded at Home Studio
Cover/Layout by Manthos Stergiou (Manster Design)
All music written, arranged and performed by we.own.the.sky:
Ilias Kokkotos-Andreou – Guitars
Kostas Diakakis – Guitars
Dimitris Radis – Guitars, Programming
Chris Ladas – Bass
Stefanos Petridis – Drums
Choir: Anastasia Papadopoulou, Maria Tseva, Chrysanthi Provata, Iliana Mpoutsi, Anastasia Megalokonomou, Sofia Vergini, George Karayiannis, Alex Tsigkourakos, Dimitris Radis, Kostas Diakakis and Ilias Kokkotos-Andreou.
A huge shout out and thanks to these amazing people for sticking by us during the creation of this record and beyond: Argiris Liosis, Stavroula Michalakopoulou, Amalia Farfara, Xenia Balogianni, Rena Konstantinidi, George Karayiannis, Nikos Chatzifotis, Thanasis Chrisovergis, Nikos Kastritis, Stavros Tsiloglou, Lampros Syliogkas, Alex Ketenjian, Theologos Andronikos, Kostas Gkanos, Konstantinos Katsougiannis, Klearchos Sakleos, Iro Radi, Vangelis Spanakakis and Efi Boudali.
Special thanks to our moms and dads, without whom neither us nor this record would exist.
Finally, we want to thank every single person who has ever supported us and our music in any way. You are a part of us. Thanks for listening.
“Home” is dedicated in loving memory of Makis Tsamkosoglou. Rise – Evolve, brother
all rights reserved
we.own.the.sky are a 5 piece instrumental post-progressive band from Athens, Greece.
Purchase the album: https://weownthesky.bandcamp.com/albu…
Follow we.own.the.sky:
Logo by Manthos Stergiou / Manster Design
Created by Nikos Kastritis – Senior CGI Artist
All music written and performed by we.own.the.sky:
Ilias Kokkotos-Andreou – Guitars
Kostas Diakakis – Guitars
Dimitris Radis – Guitars, Programming
Chris Ladas – Bass
Stefanos Petridis – Drums

Earths Collide

УВБ-76 00:58
Transmissions Of Static 07:59
Muzzle 06:26
Penny For Your Thoughts 06:04
22 Halo 07:51
Parasitic 08:46
yodatrainschewbacca 07:23
Retrospect 09:13
Earths Collide, the debut full-length album by greek post-rockers we.own.the.sky
Available on CD/Digital via the band’s Bandcamp page
Also available on vinyl LP by Labyrinth of Thoughts Records and Ikaros Records at bit.ly/1To1Tns
released November 6, 2015
Recorded at Unreal Studioz, Athens, Greece in November 2014
Produced by Alex Ketenjian and we.own.the.sky
Engineered and mixed by Alex Ketenjian at Unreal Studioz, Athens, Greece
Assistant engineer: Kostas Ragiadakos
Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, Örebro, Sweden
Artwork and layout by Christina Charistou
All music written and performed by we.own.the.sky
Ilias Kokkotos – Andreou: guitars
Kostas Diakakis: guitars
Alex Stouraitis: guitars
Dimitris Konstantakopoulos: bass
Manolis Giannikios: drums, samples/programming
We would like to extend our love and gratitude to our friends and families, all the bands we have shared the stage with, as well as everyone who has supported our music in any way these past few years.
Earths Collide is also available on limited 150gr vinyl LP, by Labyrinth of Thoughts Records and Ikaros Records. Get your copy at bit.ly/1To1Tns
all rights reserved

The Glass​/​Nails EP

Raindrops And Oceans 07:37
Alterecho 06:29
Blue 88 06:53
A Stain Of Ink – Part I 03:03
A Stain Of Ink – Part II 05:50
A Stain Of Ink – Part III 03:02
released January 31, 2013
Recorded at Unreal Studios in May 2012
Engineered/Mixed by Alex Ketenjian
Mastered by Yiannis Christodoulatos at Sweetspot Studio
Cover Art by Haroula Konstantakopoulou
we.own.the.sky is:
-Alex Stouraitis: guitar
-Ilias Kokkotos – Andreou: guitar
-Manolis Giannikios: drums
-Dimitris Konstantakopoulos: bass
-Kostas Diakakis: guitar

Demo 2011

Blue 88 06:56
The Great Unseen 06:19
These songs were recorded as part of our Demo sessions in March 2011. It’s a first glimpse into our vision for our music. Thanks for listening.
released June 20, 2011
All music written and performed by we.own.the.sky:
Alex: guitar
Ilias: guitar
Kostas: bass
Manolis: drums
Gas: guitar
Demo produced, mixed and mastered by George “Mufatsa” Athanasiou.
Drum tracking took place in Unreal Studios.
Recorded in March 2011 in a basement.
Cover art by Stu.
all rights reserved

(5) Raindrops and Oceans – YouTube

(5) weowntheskygr – YouTube

An outing that sits snugly on the punchier side of post-rock, Home is a strong sophomore album that bodes well for the future of forward-looking five-piece we.own.the.sky.

Release date: November 1, 2019 | Independent | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp

Greece – a place of beauty, cultural progression, and historical significance. For centuries, it has found itself intrinsically tied to humanity and its development. This, then, is the perfect birthplace for a group seeking to craft significant, beautiful music that equally challenges the status quo, driving genres forward, and subsequently further from their basic nature. This brings us to we.own.the.sky, a post-rock musical venture from Athens founded in 2010. Relatively new to me, their latest album Home comes out on November 1 via their own hands. That’s right: Home is 100% a DIY effort, but you wouldn’t know from its shine and polish. Although we.own.the.sky have had associations with both Labyrinth of Thoughts and Ikaros Records, these were primarily for vinyl releases; something not yet confirmed for Home, with initial release options of CD or digital available for pre-order. But enough talk of details – to the music.

Instantly, “First Breath” settles you in. It’s a brief track, but sets a calming tone with its wash of synth and celestial stylings. Truly though, “Ikigai” (‘reason for being‘, a translation helpfully provided by band member Ilias) is our first true taste of what the quintet are capable of. Stuttered guitar with layered delay and distortion begins to hint at what might be another standard fare for the genre. However, for a band whose back catalogue is relatively modest – The Glass/Nails EP in 2013 and debut full-length Earths Collide in 2016 – they hold their own among far more established acts. There’s a palpable Skyharbor vibe to the composition on “Ikigai”, which is absolutely fine by me.

Lead single “We Align” kicks hard with its lumbering build-up, belying the upbeat, melody-driven assault that soon follows. Afterwards, serenity seeps from the opening bars in “Of New Beginnings”. Calming keys precede a drum pattern not unlike those favoured by the drum’n’bass faithful. Like most of the tracks on “Home”, this is then catapulted headlong into a frenzy: soaring leads, competently emotive drum work, layered guitar parts, and general rhythmic riffery that arguably deems itself post-rock with a capital rock.

“Youth” is a chirpy, straight-up radio-rock number, merely missing the can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head vocals. It oozes nostalgia and reflection on the past self (something aptly hinted at in the band’s image above, courtesy of Mariza Kapsabeli). Half of the song is reminiscent of Cavalier Youth-era You Me At Six, the other half a touch closer to This Will Destroy You, with the last minute ringing out a chorus of voice and delayed lead guitar for that (largely expected) final crescendo. After such excitement, “Coexist” drifts into view like the welcome port in a storm that you never knew existed until you were already waist-deep in water. Beautiful orchestral sounds remind us that there is always a place for peace, however fleeting, even on an album as wilfully raucous in places as Home.

Speaking of raucous, our shelter is short-lived. The rumbling low tunings and driving punch of second single “Heavy Heart” provide just the right dose of heavy to hit just the right spot – leaving you with the same condition as its name suggests but in a wholly positive way. The orchestral accompaniment remains, but is very much subordinate to the wall of distortion greeting the peaks that intersperse the song’s brooding valleys. It’s incredibly deliberate in its tone, striking a distinction from the other eight

Penultimate track “This Space Between Us” utilises more cleverly-structured guitar flourishes. Nothing excessive, mind you; if anything, the song’s modest complexity is supported well by a calculated use of delay that works hard to fill out the broader soundscape of the track. Final song “Akai Ito” (‘The Red Thread‘) is another deceptively calm number, blossoming for one final choral crescendo in the dying minute of its duration. Such a thunderous ending is befitting, indicating a palpable musical energy that suggests the band’s creative well is far from empty, despite ringing the record’s end.

Home is an album that could so easily have flown under my radar. As it stands, I’m glad it didn’t, as I’d have missed out on a tremendous record that puts we.own.the.sky firmly on my watchlist. It proves that you don’t have to be flush with money and label backing. The right attitude, boundless passion, determination, and many helping hands can – and have – led we.own.the.sky to great things. Home is truly where their heart is.

we.own.the.sky – “Home” – Everything Is Noise

we.own.the.sky (facebook.com)

Music | we.own.the.sky (bandcamp.com)

Brilliant Greek band, their melodies are very well structured, creative arrangements with precise and vigorous chords, and a guiding battery both in time and in misfortune, with a growing and involving tuning going on with a stupendous resource fulness of all members. Excellent job. Aryon Maiden

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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