Six Days Of Calm

Six Days Of Calm is a cinematic Post-Rock Band from Würzburg (Germany) without words.

– Music by Marc Fischer

– Debut-Album „The Ocean’s Lullaby“ out now! (Midsummer Records/Cargo)

Back in 2018, the german Metalcore Band Watch Them Fade broke up and the main songwriter Marc Fischer starts his own projekt SIX DAYS OF CALM.

His passion for Post-Rock was clearly heard on the last Watch Them Fade record, with SIX DAYS OF CALM he could realise his affection.

Songwriting and pre-production for the debut-album „The Ocean´s Lullaby“ happened in the most emotional and at the same time hardest year of his life – this is clearly hearable in this 7 songs.
You can hear all of his emotions, heart and soul in this deeply songs and they send you on a intensive and touching journey of 50 minutes melancholic Post Rock.

In the beginning of 2020 „The Ocean´s Lullaby“ was recorded at Ghost City Recordings together with Producer Nikita Kamprad (Der Weg einer Freiheit). Philipp Welsing (Ef, Mutiny Of The Bounty, Lantlos, Der Weg einer Freiheit, Callejon) from Original Mastering Studios Hamburg is in charge of the mastering.

Artwork and graphic design was done by… Oliver Hummel (Hummelgrafik).

The Video of „Breathe“ (Released September 13, 2020) was recorded by Jan Kerscher and Melanie Schösser at Ghost City Recordings. Beside his works as a produrcer, Jan Kerscher is also widely known for video-shoots of Karnivool, The Ocean, Sleepmakeswaves, Ef, Northlane etc.

„The Ocean´s Lullaby“ was released on 6th November 2020 as a limited double-vinyl in two versions (blue marbled transparent = 100 copies/opaque bluish grey = 200 copies) and digital via Midsummer Records. 


The Ocean’s Lullaby

Breathe 07:15
Light 04:55
Loss 12:08
Reflections 05:27
Obscure 10:55
Gloom 05:19
The Final Notes 05:37
Watch here the video for “Breathe”:
Produced, recorded and mixed by Nikita Kamprad @ Ghost City Recordings.
Mastered by Philipp Welsing @ Original Mastering.
Artwork & Graphic Design by Oliver Hummel @ Hummelgrafik. less
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Streaming and
Download helpfrom The Ocean’s Lullaby, released November 6, 2020
Album Review: Six Days of Calm – The Ocean’s Lullaby (2020)

Six Days of Calm – The Ocean’s Lullaby
Release Date: November 06, 2020
Label: Midsummer Records / Cargo Records
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Length: 51:41
Genre: Cinematic Post Rock
Origin: WürzburgGermany

There once was a Metalcore band called Watch Them Fade. The group from my hometown Würzburg disbanded in 2018 and their bass player and songwriter Marc Fischer decided on going after his passion Post Rock. And those who knew their music will know that in the later phase Watch Them Fade have played a very atmospheric version of Metalcore. Therefore, Fischers transition was not as big as it may sound in the first place.
Hence, Six Days of Calm was born. The one-person band from Lower Franconia that is very likely to become a new star in the tranquil univerese of melancholic instrumental

“The Ocean’s Lullaby”is aseven-track release defined by spheric sounds and the soulful musical rendering of moods, feelings and emotions. And the title of Six Days of Calms release could not have been chosen better. Each of the seven songs perfectly musicks the hypnotizing power of the ocean. The musical themes and motifs move like cold streams of water beneath the surface of the waves. Every note on the album invites you to close your eyes and figuratively dive into the everlasting melancholy of the ocean.

Deep in this soulful journey there is another dominant feature that creates the air of “The Ocean’s Lullaby”. Like a lonesome diver discovering the peaceful depths of the sea, the feeling of isolation is being created. Far away from human contact the sounds make you look into yourselves while gentle waves placidly caress rocks, plants and maybe a shipwreck.

Six Days of Calms debut is a fantastic journey with a salutogenetic effect. Not only can you relax and undertake a mental trip to the soothing powers of the sea. “The Ocean’s Lullaby” is furthermore a gateway for a healing journey into your own mind and body. And, of course, it is beautiful atmospheric Post Rock album for those who focus on the music predominantly. This is a hot tip, not only for fans of Action & Tension & Space.

Six Days of Calm Online:

Album Review: Six Days of Calm – The Ocean’s Lullaby (2020) (

Six Days Of Calm – The Ocean’s Lullaby – Album Review

Published on  by Frank

Six Days Of Calm – The Ocean’s Lullaby – Album Review

Würzburg / Germany


Label: Midsummer Records


Post Rock, Instrumental, Ambient

Photo Credit: Tony Wehnert

Marc Fischer, known as the main songwriter of the metalcore band Watch Them Fade, who disbanded in 2018, has now devoted himself to his passion for instrumental post-rock and has launched a solo project.

Already at Watch Them Fade it was evident in the song structures that Post Rock is one of his favorite styles. With Nikita Kamprad, frontman of The Wayof Freedom , he has brought an accomplished producer on board, whose influence can already be heard in the first sounds of the album.

Emotional journey across the world’s oceans

If you take the title of the album The Ocean’s Lullaby, you will notice that it extends over all songs. These represent the endless expanse of the ocean, the feeling and feeling of the wind that glides over the waves. The Würzburger has expressed his true feelings musically seven times and reproduced them for the listener in an inimitable presence.

Starting with the cinematic Breathe, link to the video HERE, which in its gentle way inevitably reminds of the soundtrack of the great David Lynch mystery series Twin Peaks. Follows an attack on my tear gland with the next song Light. This song just touched me with its positive nature and its dreamlike melody, the spherical guitar playing. A different level of emotion strikes Loss at the beginning. Relaxed guitars and light electronic samples invite you to come down. An increase towards the end allows the melancholy to run free.

Soundtrack of Life

With Reflections, the synth sounds immediately bring back memories of old Lynch movies. And when iurge the guitar, one slips out of my lips, wow. Does Marcknow what a brilliant soundtrack he wrote here? The most powerful and aggressive song, but also the most varied, is Obscure. This gets a real industrial sound due to the distorted guitars and gets a heavenly melody at the top of the final chord.

Endless sound worlds

The penultimate track Gloomexudes a touch of ambient touch. Accompanied by rich bass beats and quiet synth sounds, the track floats hypnotically through the ear canal. One highlight after another and you’re already at the end. The Final Notes concludes the chapter with a picturesque guitar melody that immediately lets the sea shoot into the mindset again. Light sounds from the banjo can be heard in the background and the Elysian sound sequences provide a great emotional moment.


Six Days of Calm
 have provided an annual highlight in the post-rock genre with their debut album. Together with Nikita Kamprad, Marc Fischer has created something very big for the mind. The Ocean’s Lullaby impresses with its outstanding melodies and despite a lot of melancholy the songs create a positive basic tone. This album I can recommend for all lovers and non-lovers of post rock as a crawl. True to the motto, music is for the heart, the solo project receives from me a masterful 9 / 10.

Six Days Of Calm – The Ocean´s Lullaby – Album Review – Soundmagnet

Stunning debut album by Marc and Nikita, full of very well-structured melodies and precise chords that elevate and flow with extreme naturalness, bringing out and awakening our sensitivity in perfect harmony.

An amazing work that will reach notoriety for sure.

Congratulations on the great work and I look forward to the next album,

Aryon Maiden

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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