The Abyss Inside Us

One man’s instrumental project of Nikos Togaridis.ambient/post rock….

Thank you for visiting my page and the support!Working on new tracks since release of Aerialist…

Origin:  Athens,Greece

Genres:  Post Rock, Ambient,Instrumental

Years Active:  2019 to present

Label:  independent/self-released

Website: the abyss inside us

Short Bio
Born in 1982 in Piraeus.(2000)He experiments with music production and started writing his own music,electronic and cinematic music. (2019) -Started making music under the name “the abyss inside us”.allready counting 3 releases (2 ep and 1 album) -(2020) working on new material for his 2nd full length album,titled “aerialist”…


What Words Can’t Say

▶︎ What Words Can’t Say | The Abyss Inside Us | Ripcord Records (

1.Stargaze 07:27
2.Parachute 05:57
3.What Words Can’t Say 06:51
4.Internal Error
5.Love & Hate
6.War Freaks
All music composed/arranged by Nikos Togaridis.
Discordances/voc Nikos Togaridis recorded in random places with a Zoom H1.
Cello by Tom McCluskey (Internal Error).
Bass by Spyros Olivotos (Sidus).

Mixed, mastered at “21” Studio, Athens, January 2021.

Artwork by Anto Tantowi.
releases May 7, 2021

aerialist (Lp)

aerialist (Lp) | the abyss inside us (

1.summer in her heart (Prelude in C Minor) 03:59
2.whale song 06:35
3.lullaby 06:06
4.aerialist 06:03
5.from zero to infinity 07:03
6.autumn leaves 07:03
7.aerialist (instrumental) 06:03
8.winter flower 08:48
All music and lyrics composed/arranged by Nikos Togaridis

Violin and Viola by Jess Townsend (aerialist,summer in her heart)
Cello by Tom Mccluskey (whale song,summer in her heart)
Vocals by Panos Togaridis

Artwork (spotify) by Lawrence Yang titled “heart” ,visit his site here:

“Summer in her heart” is dedicated in loving memory of my grandmother,Irini.(Βased on Prelude in C Minor – Agustin Barrios)

Mixed,mastered at “21” studio,Athens

Special thanks to Marco Rizo and Cun Tuncel.

Photo by Sasha Freemind,edited by Nikos.

Available on Spotify and all streaming platforms September 1st 2020.
released September 1, 2020

the abyss inside us 🎶…

stargaze (single)

stargaze (single) | the abyss inside us (
released August 10, 2020

waltz of grievance (Ep)

waltz of grievance (Ep) | the abyss inside us (

1.i don’t mind if you leave 06:40
2.waltz of grievance 07:13
3.blossoms in autumn 10:13
4.say what you want 04:41
5.a ghost under my bed 07:13
Music/prgogramming by Nikos Togaridis
Vocals by Panos Togaridis
Violin and Viola by Jess Townsend

artwork by: @AnnaliseArtDesign

Voice/words in “Blossoms in Autumn” ameangelofsin/fressound
intro: mary’s letter from silent hill 2
released August 1, 2020

the road that leads to another (Ep)

the road that leads to another (Ep) | the abyss inside us (

1.transparent 04:40
2.time to say goodbye 07:57
3.the road that leads to another 05:30
4.rain 04:40
5.every end has a new beginning 07:39
“Difficult roads often lead to beatiful destinations”
released January 20, 2020

Nikos Togaridis drums/programming-guitars/keys
Composed,mixed,mastered by N.Togaridis January-February 2020
“21” studio,Athens.Artwork by Nikos

the passage (Lp)

the passage (Lp) | the abyss inside us (

1.a dream within a dream 01:14
2.prelude of lost souls 02:42
3.the passage 07:01
4.charon’s boat 06:10
5.for those who love eternally 05:38
6.dreamwalker 07:03
7.tenebrae 05:45
8.oblivion 05:42
released December 6, 2019

All tracks composed,mixed-mastered by Nikos Togaridis,painting by Henry Fuseli
The Shepherd’s Dream, from ‘Paradise Lost’
Spoken Words by Mike Kerry
A Dream Within a Dream
By Edgar Allan Poe

earth two (Ep)

earth two (Ep) | the abyss inside us ( two 04:16
2.floating among the stars 05:24
3.nebula 06:46 orbit 04:42
5.hibernation 04:46
6.circuits 07:40
Planet Earth,Future.We are so technologically advanced that we have developed flying saucers (from N.Tesla’s plans) and A.I. robots to help us build and produce everything we want…but climate change of the planet is Irréversible,90% of Earth is covered by sea.Humans have discovered a new place to live,a planet like Earth…Earth 2.
released June 15, 2019

Digital Artwork by Lance Reed
Nikos Togaridis drums/programming-guitars/keys
Big thanks to Kwstas Voutzoulids for guitars (In orbit)
Composed,mixed,mastered by N.Togaridis January-February 2019
“21” studio,Athens.

the abyss inside us – Tema – YouTube

Music | the abyss inside us (

HOME | Mysite 1 (

the abyss inside us – | BandLink

Brilliant multi-instrumentalist from Greece, his fusion of neo classical with post rock brings us beautiful melodies, very well structured with a cadence, texture and perfect tune, filled with diverse instruments, arrangements and perfect and perfect riffs. A delight for the ears where we completely express the sensitivity and musical fluency in each note covered, stupendous collection. I hope you like this Nikos compilation, hug and success.

Aryon Maiden.

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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