Vera Lingua

Kiev band / Ukraine – #PostRock #PostMetal #Instrumental #Electronic #ProgressiveRock #Experimental


Anton – Guitar + Samples, Bass
Jenya – Drums + Samples, Piano

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Farewell | Vera Lingua (

1.Ocean Way 04:55
2.Solitary Moorage 07:12
3.Ghost Patron 08:00
4.Completion 05:52
released June 13, 2019

(2) Anton Georgiev – YouTube


Lightwell | Vera Lingua (

Band: Vera Lingua
EP: Lightwell
Year: 2017
Release date: 12 July 2017
Official website:
Recording studio: pystelnukArt

01 Orb
02 Confusion
03 Fuga
04 Surface
05 Lightwell

Legally downloaded from
You can also support band buying this album or separate tracks at Bandcamp or Google Play Music service.

released July 12, 2017

(2) Vera Lingua – Lightwell (EP, 2017) – YouTube

Sounds of The Earth

Sounds of The Earth | Vera Lingua (

Band: Vera Lingua
Album: Sounds of the Earth
Year: 2014
Release date: 6 November 2014
Band members: Anton Georgiev – guitar, Eugene Zaporozhchenko — drums.
Official website:
Cover artwork by Kalenchenko Ira.
Recording studio: Pystelnuk ART
Special thanks Anna Viznyuk

01 Sunrise
02 TEA
03 Gebo
04 Lemuria
05 Wollemia
06 Stone Hearts
07 Nestworld
08 Stream
09… more
released November 6, 2014

(2) Vera Lingua – Sounds of The Earth – YouTube

Terra Movendi

Terra Movendi | Vera Lingua (

1.Up! 03:30
2.Accident 03:49
3.Pathology 03:05
4.Flow of Time 04:16
5.Trip to the Real 03:33
6.Wake Down 04:25
7.Atmosphere 03:24
8.Unexpected Spontaneity 03:54
9.Hazy Expectations 03:42
10.Terra Movendi 03:31
11.When People Become Machines 04:12
12.Dark and Scary 02:58
released January 7, 2013

(2) Vera Lingua – Terra Movendi (2013) – YouTube

Stupendous Ukrainian Duo, their melodies are very well structured, an odd richness in details, textures, tuning, cadence and an unrelenting virtuosity. My favorite album is Sounds of The Earth loaded with a soft, tenuous and vicious line of riffs and chords, guided by an impressive drums both in time and in misfortune, a masterpiece. Aryon Maiden

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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