First Came The Shadow

Formed in december 2016, Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France

The French band, from Nice, debuted in 2018 with the edition of the EP “Premonition”, a set of 5 absolutely devastating themes. A mini album of exquisite and delicate charm with strong points in the environmental line with the ingredients of a Mono and with the tactical weapons with the quality of a Caspian.


Gaëtan Zampa [aka Brume],

Adriano Dalpane,

Aurélien Regert,

Franklin Dansac.



Aridity | First Came The Shadow (

1.Anthropocene 08:30
2.Dreams of a Prisoner 07:29
3.Hopeless 08:58
4.Psyche of Autumn 09:41
5.Walls Instead of Bridges 08:05
6.Locked-in Syndrome 10:32
That new opus was meant to be longer, darker, more violent and more conceptual than the previous one. It takes as its central theme the unavoidable collapse of the post-modern world impacted by man’s vicissitudes and deals with some consequences (both collective and individual) of human activities or productions.

The theme of anthropocene is put forward from the very beginnng, through the first track, closely followed by the themes of the insatiable thirst for the absolute, of broken, unreachable, excessive or just crazy dreams of humans, prisoners of their destiny (« Dreams of a prisoner »). The piece « Hopeless » puts the finishing touch to this idea.

The second part of the album opens up on « Psyche of autumn » that brings a poetic and ethereal outburst comparable with the melodious tones existing on « Premonition ». This piece of music that implicitly calls to mind the seasons’ disturbance and their essences being progressively disappearing is also one of the most rhythmic tracks of the album and underlines some « math-rock » elements through a rich use of marked delay.

The next track, called « Walls instead of bridges » refers to the item of migrants and the way people welcome them in some places of the globe. It aims at making people being aware of the tragic situation in which these people are and puts a finger on authoritarian answers set up to respond to their calls.

The album closes on the track « Locked-in syndrome », a heavy and rare neurological disorder concerning people having their mental or inner life trapped in their body that does not respond any more. This title is a metaphor for isolation, withdrawal, distorted communication, life by proxy and loneliness generated by our society and some of its technological products.
released March 27, 2020

Music by First Came The Shadow
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Old Tree Studio (Salon-de-Provence, France) by Thomas Palmade
Artworks by Clément Blum –

(3) First Came The Shadow – YouTube


Premonition | First Came The Shadow (

1.Premonition 07:12
2.Quiet victory 05:56
3.What keeps us apart is only spacetime 06:02
4.How do you want to be reminded? 05:48
5.Escaping causality 10:57
released May 27, 2018

Music by First Came The Shadow
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Old Tree Studio (Salon-de-Provence, France) by Thomas Palmade
Artwork by Clément Blum

(3) First Came The Shadow – Premonition [Full Album] – YouTube



First Came The Shadow – Premonition


Premonition is an album released on May 27 by French post rock act First Came The Shadow. A relatively concise album, the record has five tracks: the title track, Premonition, Quiet victory, What keeps us apart is only spacetime, How do you want to be reminded? and Escaping causality. A gracious, pungent and beautiful album — enthralled with a sensibility that brings back the simplicity of harmonies within the genre —, Premonition is a vigorous and vivid musical symphony, with peaceful melodies that corresponds directly to the soul of the audience, in an ambient mood that subsidizes a clear resurgence of delicacy, that wanders around the spirit of the universe that sleeps in our emotional sensitivity. 

The tranquility and the modesty that circulates within these simple melodies reveal a lucid grace that cradles the loneliness of the soul. Perfect for solitary moments, the ludic arrangements and the overall melodies — that somewhat manages to be as extravagant on the range of its consistency as direct and simple as possible on the verge of its sonorous anatomy — present in Premonition are quite elegant and vibrant, sensational and sensible, in the context of its elemental nature, as well as in the virtues of its monumental expansion, intelligently playing with the emotional balance of our soul seeds, building on the placidity of its light a fundamental antagonism that filters on the rhythm the twilight of its own creative axis.  

A very good album that masterly comprehends and vividly exposes the real consistence of the genre without being redundant, Premonition elucidates the predisposition and the objectives of its own sense of artistry, revealing in the process the sincerity of its musical nature, where the basic harmonies guide general sensibilities, until they disperse in a surreal ocean of melodies, that dilates in the axis of its stupor the majestic splendor of a constrained, but conscious rapture.    

Despite the fact that the record has its share of predictability, the style of the group sounds genuine and independently creative. Although exceedingly rooted in the basic premises of the genre, Premonition has revealed itself a vigorous musical coalition, that certainly deserves appreciation. With a lot of interesting elements to aggregate, as well as enough strength to showcase a vast degree of innovation and authenticity, First Came The Shadow is an interesting act, with enough fuel to display its graceful artistry. 


First Came The Shadow – Premonition (

Music | First Came The Shadow (

firstcametheshadow / post rock (@firstcametheshadow) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram

(3) First Came The Shadow – YouTube

Brilliant French band, their melodies are long, very well structured and gloomy, sliding riffs and precise chords, a prominent bass and a fusion-style guiding drums, with fantastic senility in tune with an impressive vigor.

His two albums are excellent, with an intense creativity with nuances and atmospheric textures refining and brightening each melody with the performance of the group, congratulations on the great work.

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