Ghost In The Wild

Atmospheric Post-metal/Post-rock one man project from Brooklyn, New York.

Ghost In The Wild is a one-man atmospheric metal project by Chaomin Tang. The debut EP ‘The Cape Of Winter’ is out now.



Seasons | Ghost In The Wild (

1.Spring: As The Breeze Caressed My Ears 03:40
2.Spring: Sweet Return 05:27
3.Spring: Blossom 04:54
4.Summer: As The Rivers Intertwine 04:09
5.Summer: A Walk In The Forest 04:09
6.Summer: An Oceanic Wish 03:36
an ongoing twelve-track album that reflects the four seasons
released March 20, 2020

music and production by Chaomin Tang

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The Cape Of Winter

The Cape Of Winter | Ghost In The Wild (
1.The Wanderer 07:31
2.A Death And A Wedding 04:48
released February 3, 2020
music and production by Chaomin Tang

Music | Ghost In The Wild (

Beautiful multi instrumentalist and composer, her melodies are soft, atmospheric with textures and themes that reflect her origin and legends, with precise and sliding chords, flowing into an intense and vigorous cadence, full of details, which leads us to a floating immersion of feelings.

Excellent job.

Aryon Maiden

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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