Besides was established in 2011 in Brzeszcze, Poland. In just 3 years it became one of the most popular bands on the Polish post-rock scene. The quartet playing a niche genre of music has conquered millions of people’s hearts during the Polish TV talent show – Must Be The Music, winning the main prize in the 8th edition of the program.

The band has played over 200 concerts in Poland and abroad (including France, Spain, Benelux, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States). So far Besides has released two albums ‘We were so wrong’ and ‘Everything is’, both well received by fans and critics. In 2020 Besides returns with a new album entitled “Bystanders”. It is a concept album, containing eight instrumental pieces inspired by the stories of Auschwitz prisoners and local inhabitants, who lived in the camp’s shadow during the World War II.

About Us – Besides

Band’s composition:

Piotr Świąder – Kruszyński: guitar
Janusz Binkowski: guitar
Paweł Kazimierczak: guitar
Artur Łebecki: bass
Bartłomiej Urbańczyk: drums

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Bystanders Live – Concert in Canteen by Besides
Bystanders Live – Concert in Canteen | Besides (

1.Intro 03:44
2.Ich Bin Wieder Da! 08:10
3.For Hanna 05:44
4.Miners 06:22
5.Touch of Red Widow 04:41
6.Kids 05:24
7.Last Lullaby 07:19
8.Simon’s Ohel 07:31
9.Christmas Tree 08:11
On the day of 80th anniversary of the first mass transport from Tarnów to Auschwitz, we dedicate it to the memory of all the victims and prisoners of German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp KL Auschwitz.

Record of the concert broadcast –

The B Side Foundation and Foundation of Memory Sites near Auschwitz – Birkenau in partnership with The Falstad Center

Band’s composition:

Piotr Świąder – Kruszyński: guitar
Janusz Binkowski: guitar
Paweł Kazimierczak – guitar
Artur Łebecki: bass
Bartłomiej Urbańczyk: drums

Guests: String Quartet

Daria Pacuda (first violin),
Zuzana Lipka (second violin),
Weronika Pisarek (viola),
Julia Rzazonka (cello).
released June 19, 2020

(2) Besides – concert online – Bystanders – YouTube

Bystanders – Besides


2Ich Bin Wieder Da!
3For Hanna
5Touch Of Red Widow
7Last Lullaby
8Simon’s Ohel
9Christmas Tree

Music composed by Besides: Piotr Świąder-Kruszyński, Janusz Binkowski, Artur Łebecki, Bartłomiej Urbańczyk, except “Simon’s Ohel” third part – Daria Pacuda.
String arrangement – Daria Pacuda.
String Quartet – Daria Pacuda (first violin), Zuzana Lipka (second violin), Weronika Pisarek (viola), Julia Rzazonka (viola).
Piano- Bartosz Słatyński.

Music by Besides, except Simon’s Ohel third part

(2) Bystanders – YouTube
Last lullaby by Besides
Last lullaby | Besides (

The second single from the new album „Bystanders”

Like many others, she helped prisoners.
Like many others, she was punished for it.
She passed away as a number 65492, in agony of typhus fever on a bunk bed in Birkenau.
She wasn’t given a chance to sing to her kids the last lullaby.
released January 2, 2020

(2) Besides – Last Lullaby (Official Audio) – YouTube
Ich bin wieder da! by Besides
Ich bin wieder da! | Besides (

The first single „Ich bin wieder da!” from the new album „Bystanders”
The album will be released in January 2020
On June 14th 1940, at 10:13, a train with 728 people departed from the Tarnów station.
The same day, the train arrived at Auschwitz and people became numbers.
From that moment on thousands of trains were bringing victims.
The 20th century’s APOCALIPSE was accomplished.
They went away, they go away …
What’s left are the tracks, testimonies, their ashes …
There is no escape from history.
Stuck in memory
released December 2, 2019

(2) Besides – Ich bin wieder da! (Official Video) – YouTube
Skylight by Besides
Skylight | Besides (

We’re happy to share with you our first piece promoting new material, titled Skylight. Recorded at Vintage Records, produced by Besides with support of Szymon Swoboda.
released October 17, 2018

(2) Besides – Skylight – YouTube

Everything Is – Besides


1Of Joy
4And So Am I
6A Threnody
8Of Sorrow

Music composed by Besides: Piotr Świąder-Kruszyński, Paweł Kazimierczak, Artur Łebecki, Bartłomiej Urbańczyk.

(2) Everything Is – YouTube

We Were So Wrong – Besides


1At night
4Linnets Flight
6We Were So Wrong
8May I Take You Home
9Deprived Of

Music composed by Besides: Piotr Świąder-Kruszyński, Paweł Kazimierczak, Artur Łebecki, Bartłomiej Urbańczyk.

(2) We Were So Wrong – YouTube

(2) Besides – YouTube

Music | Besides (

(2) Besides | Facebook

News – Besides


Besides – Bystanders (Recommendation)

Posted by Patrik Transcended on 24/02/2020

Artist: Besides
Album: Bystanders
Genre: Post-Rock
Country: Poland
Release date: January 27, 2020
Cover Artwork © Besides, 2020

Roman asked me two weeks ago if I wanted to do a review of the new album by Polish Post-Rock band Besides. As he mentioned that the thematic framework of the album is constructed by the stories and fates of the prisoners of Auschwitz and the people who lived in the shadow of the concentration camp – I hesitated. Am I able to do a review about a topic as sensitive and important as this one? In the end, I decided to do so – not only because of the framework, which still is of utmost importance, but also because the album is an outstanding Post-Rock release overall.

Every single song has a special topic about the time when the concentration camp in Auschwitz existed. After an atmospheric intro that tonally introduces you to the album in a perfect manner, the first song “Ich bin wieder da!” starts quite peacefully and friendly, but gradually proceeds into a darker and more depressing atmosphere. After a radio news about the fall of France, you as a listener know that the story of the fate of so many human lives will change dramatically – and the album enters their history.

The whole album showcases very sensitive, sonorous music that I liked a lot. For every song and its corresponding specific topic, Besides achieve a special sound which connects to the story. For example, the song “For Hanna” has a sensitive beginning with parallel sound structures – dramatic – it drags you down, because you feel how something with so much hope is torn away. The song “Miners” achieves a sound in your ear that lets you recognize a mining tunnel, it combines different tones merging into one – a sign that these people trying to act as a whole help each other out as good as they can, a little ray of hope in all the darkness. With their sixth song “Kids,” the soud starts to differ. Besides add the sound of kids’ toys at the beginning and voices of kids at the end – and in between they play a dangerous but innocent sound. Kids – their whole life still in front of them – imprisoned in a death camp – maybe they don’t actually know what is going on, but they will never forget.

My favourite track is “Simon’s Ohel”, which showcases strong symphonic elements. Szymon Kluger was the last Jewish survivor of his hometown – Oswiecim – a town with a large Jewish community having a tradition of three centuries before World War 2. His death in the year 2000 marked the end of this Jewish community and its culture in this town. Everyone else, 7.000 people, died and the few survivors emigrated – only Szymon Kluger stayed. Besides can tell this story very impressively, Post-Rock elements change to symphonic elements, Neoclassical music meets Post-Rock – I liked it a much. I don’t want to explain every single element of the songs, first of all because you should listen to it by yourselves. Besides – Bystanders is a highlight of Post-Rock in the year 2020.

In the end, I don’t want to give this album a rating, Instead, I would like you to give some minutes for the Twitter account of the Auschwitz Museum:

Auschwitz Memorial on Twitter: “29 December 1895 | Czech Jewish woman Greta Ungarová was born in Ústí nad Labem. She was deported to #Auschwitz from #Theresienstadt ghetto on 19 October 1944. She was murdered in a gas chamber after the selection.” / Twitter

They are doing a great job not only to tell us the story about the camp itself, but they also do their best to give these millions of dead people who were murdered a face and a name. We must never forget this.

Besides – Bystanders (Recommendation) – Transcended Music Blog


Por Lucas Santos

O álbum é baseado e funciona como um trabalho conceitual construído pelas histórias e destinos dos prisioneiros de Auschwitz e das pessoas que viviam na sombra do campo de concentração

Lucas Santos

Gravadora: Fundacja B-Side
Data de lançamento: 27/01/2020

Gênero: Pós Rock/Instrumental
País: Polônia

Quem me conhece sabe que eu não sou muito fã de álbuns instrumentais. A voz sempre foi uma parte essencial na música para mim, a falta dela me deixe com uma sensação de vazio e incompleto. As verdadeiras músicas instrumentais de valor são aquelas que através dos instrumentos conseguem suprir a ausência do vocal, e quando isso acontece, é de fato algo que me prende bastante a atenção. Ainda tenho uma memória vívida da primeira vez que escutei YYZ do Rush e pensei que nada poderia ser tão incrível quanto aquilo.

Pesquisando amplamente sobre alguns álbuns, que deixei escapar já nesse começo de 2020, me deparei – diversas vezes – com o terceiro trabalho de estúdio da banda polonesa de post-rock Besides, o Bystanders. Ele seria facilmente ignorado se não fosse por um motivo, o álbum é baseado e funciona como um trabalho conceitual construído pelas histórias e destinos dos prisioneiros de Auschwitz, e das pessoas que viviam na sombra do campo de concentração – Auschwitz foi uma rede de campos de concentração localizados no sul da Polônia operados pela Alemanha Nazista. O maior símbolo do Holocausto perpetrado pelo nazismo durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial. – Sou completamente fascinado pela história da Segunda Guerra e também um consumidor assíduo de todo tipo de informação e entretenimento do assunto – livros, séries, games etc…

A audição de Bystanders calhou também de a minha leitura atual ser o livro Irmãs em Auschwitz, de Rena Kornreich Gelissen, e eu não poderia ficar mais envolvido. Cada música tem um tópico especial sobre a época em que o campo de concentração existia. Depois de uma introdução atmosférica, a primeira música Ich bin wieder da! começa bastante pacificamente e é amigável, mas gradualmente passa para uma atmosfera mais sombria e deprimente. Ela tem uma passagem de uma notícia de rádio sobre a queda da França, e assim como a vida de diversas pessoas, o tom sinistro do disco, muda também.

Para cada música existe um tópico específico correspondente, além de obter um som especial que se conecta à história, alinhados à cordas, piano e sons orquestrais, o triunfo são simples porém intensos. Por exemplo, a música For Hanna, tem um começo sensível com estruturas sonoras paralelas – dramáticas – que o arrastam para baixo, porque você sente algo que exala esperança. Miners produz um som que permite reconhecer um túnel de mineração, combina tons diferentes que se fundem em sinal esperançoso dentro da escuridão. Na faixa Kids, o som começa a diferir. Além disso, eles adicionam o som de brinquedos infantis no início e as vozes de crianças no final. Se pararmos pra pensar em todas as crianças presas nesses campos de extermínio, essa é uma das músicas mais tocantes do álbum.

Bystanders é uma jornada emocional, profunda que transcende emoções primárias. A instrumentação leve e ao mesmo tempo densa, juntos da criatividade e equipagem sonora criam momentos marcantes e fascinantes. Feche os olhos e se imagine, nem que por um instante, nos locais em que o Besides se esforça à te levar. Embarque nessa viagem à um dos lugares mais macabros que já existiram.

Review: Besides – Bystanders – The Rock Life

Stupendous Polish band that mixes the gloomy ambience of post-rock with neo classical, with very well structured, creative melodies, in a conceptual way including arrangements of violins, cellos and violas, their guitars are sliding and alternating, with precise, distorted and vigorous chords, with a prominent groove-style bass, and a very dark jazz fusion drums.

The cadence brings up all the variation of melancholy to the fulminating vigor of the feelings listed in its melodies, with pauses that lead us to appreciate the next act in a full and pleasant way full of energy.

I was delighted with your works, I hope you like my compilation, happy holidays, success, creativity and competence always,

Aryon Maiden.

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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