We are a space instrumental rock band from Ciudad Satelite in the State of Mexico.

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Gerbenny Goog – BASS
Gil Rangel – BATTERY
Paco Solaris – GUITAR
Mosh (labstrac) – SYNTHESIZER – SAMPLES

Pode ser uma imagem de 4 pessoas, pelo, pessoas sentadas, casacos e jaquetas e óculos de sol


La piel de la memoria

La piel de la memoria | MOONTAUK (
single June 2020
released June 16, 2020
Moontauk – La Piel de la Memoria – YouTube


Hierophante | MOONTAUK (
Los Siglos Obscuros de Noys 03:27
Venus Rain 05:24
Dornick Voyager 03:38
Sintesis Boreal 02:57
Kaleidoscopio 03:31
Centinelas de Orion 05:34
Lux 03:23
Revontulet 04:01
released June 16, 2017


LUX | Moontauk | MOONTAUK (
b-side track of upcoming album…
released March 16, 2016
feat. Gil Rangel (drums)
Moontauk – LUX (ft. Gil Rangel) – YouTube


Lost Forest 03:27
Leviathan 04:50
Humanoide 06:42
Digital Native 07:17
Humanoide feat. Brun 06:42
released February 10, 2014
Poducido por Gil Santiago Rangel

Digital Native

Digital Native | MOONTAUK (
released October 12, 2013


Moontauk – Hierophante


Review by: Guillermo Urdapilleta

Year: 2017
Produced: Moontauk
Label: Manjar Records


  1. Los Siglos Obscuros de Noys
  2. Venus Rain
  3. Dornick Voyager
  4. Sintesis Boreal
  5. Kaleidoscopio
  6. Centinelas de Orion
  7. Lux
  8. Revontulet

Gerbass / bass
Mosh / synths
JL Volpi / synths
Pakits / guitar
Alan / drums

Very beautiful cinematic music from Mexico!
Moontauk is a band I could discover a couple of years ago thanks to a radio show I used to run, the band contacted us via inbox and shared some music from their self-titled release, which I loved since the very first listen. Last year (2017) they released this wonderful album entitled Hierophante, which features 8 songs that range from 3 to 6 minutes each, where we can enjoy instrumental music with a very soft and delicate sound, that could be used easily for a film score.

It opens with “Los siglos obscuros de Noys”, since the first seconds, Moontauk let us know their tendency to spacey sci-fi related sounds and effects (you can also tell it by the album cover art). The use of synths is beautiful, creating so many textures that are wonderfully accompanied by drums, bass and guitar. “Venus Rain” is so relaxing, if you use good headphones, you will find yourself immerse into a deep spacey journey, a dream through the space admiring what surrounds you. As a matter of fact, the music could be very visual. It is up to you. After three minutes there is an amazing explosion, your senses will float away and there is nothing you can do but enjoy the trip. A post-rock feeling is also here, by the way. Beautiful!

“Dornick Voyager” has an addictive bass line all over it; the sound is more intense, a rockier side of Moontauk is released here, enchanted by a emotional passages here and there, along with some cool guitar riffs. “Sintesis boreal” starts with some electronic atmospheres and after a minute, the rock element explodes once again. The music actually tells us a story; it is in fact a soundtrack, of what? You decide it, but man, they have created something really wonderful here. “Kaleidoscopio” has a kind of Jarre-sque beginning; the synths are pretty cool and addictive here, but then, guitar, bass and drums appear and put a heavier feeling, moments with overdose of intensity.

“Centinelas de Orion” has a wonderful post-rock feeling all the time, with soft spacey nuances that make our souls float once again, enjoying the trip and taking a deep breath of consciousness. This has to be one of my favorite tracks here, without a doubt. “Lux” is like the climax of the story, I don’t know, but its bright sound makes me think the trip has been successful. It could be like the single for this album, it is very cool! And last but not least “Revontulet” finishes with this wonderful cinematic experience, made by a Mexican band whose talent is evident, a band I hope can reach soon more and more ears in Mexico and around the world.

Moontauk – Hierophante – The Rocktologist


Music | MOONTAUK (

Moontauk – YouTube

Moontauk (@Moontaukband) / Twitter

Stupendous Mexican band, their style is spatial, atmospheric, cinematic, with soft textures.
They have a perfect cadence between the two synthesizers, a striking and prominent bass, a guiding drums and a guitar with precise, sliding and twisted riffs and chords.

His melodies are very well structured that launch us into the frontiers of the cosmos in a playful and pleasurable journey full of details and feelings.

Today I received the material live at Stay in Air Studio and I was surprised by the technique and performance, congratulations on the work, it was a privilege to taste this masterpiece, I hope you enjoy this compilation, hug, success and creativity always.

Aryon Maiden.

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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