Mekong Airlines

Mekong Airlines from Leipzig, Germany make post rock: the confine of silence perforated by a pilulous hum, continually erupting into perpetuation. Vast walls and wide plains interfused by life-affirming 80ties synthesizers.
Transformation, the continuous motif.


Gran Telescopio

Gran Telescopio | Mekong Airlines (

1.Golden Delicious 05:49
2.Erika 05:50
3.Universo de Frutas 05:52
4.Gran Telescopio 05:32
5.Granny Smith 06:55
6.Baikonur 06:00
7.Thaisat 05:27
8.Finger 05:58
released January 1, 2021

Mekong Airlines

Mekong Airlines | Mekong Airlines (

1.Obi Wan 05:29
2.Für Hannah 06:43
3.Hirn 06:41
4.Nierchen 05:44
5.Lunge 06:23
6.Hüfte 05:12
7.Hoden 05:58
8.Rippe 07:39
released October 4, 2018

(1) Mekong Airlines – YouTube

Music | Mekong Airlines (

(4) Mekong Airlines | Facebook

Stupendous Germanica band, their melodies are very well structured with a polyphonic texture, mixing the melancholy with a vigorous group performance, the guitars are distorted, noisy, sliding, high and precise, the bass is prominent and rhythmic and the drums are precise and balanced . The cadence is harmonious and progressive, exposing the senses exponentially, in the style of Long Distance Calling. Congratulations, success and creativity to all, this last album was very good. Aryon Maiden

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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