Feather Child

Gdansk, Poland Post metal band.

Feather Child was formed by 4 guys from completely different music planets. We started playing with 3 words in our mind:… space, melody, beauty. Without any borders, without limitation and rules.


Konrad Piątkowski — Bass/keys/fx
Łukasz „Loki” Knapik — Guitars /keys/fx
Maciej Szymborski — Drums
Marcin “Majeran” Majrowski – Guitars/ keys/fx  


Inner Self Absence

Feather Child (bandcamp.com)

1.Past Reflection 05:19
2.Hollow Dreams 05:41
3.Egos 05:05
4.Outer Void 04:30
5.Sky Tearing 04:51
6.Megrims 05:12
7.Consciousness 04:13
8.Identity Disorder 05:14
Feather Child is:
Łukasz “Loki” Knapik
Maciek “Szymbor” Szymborski
Konrad “Cody” Piątkowski
Marcin “Majeran” Majrowski
released July 20, 2016

Production: Feather Child, Widek
Recorded, mixed and mastered: Widek at Nova Studio –

Feather Child – YouTube

Hi guys ! This time something new from our drummer ! Check out the new project that he is involved in !

Kazarus – Moon Landing (instrumental single 2020) [Polska wersja opisu poniżej] Single from the upcoming long play album by newly formed polish heavy progressive rock band Kazarus. This piece is a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the first human step on the Silver Globe. Maybe the event itself did not affect the everyday life of the average terrestrial, but it certainly became a monument of human determination to exceed one’s own limitations. This was the moment when the inhabitants of the Blue Dot learned of their true potential that was far beyond anyone had imagined before. In this piece you can also hear a fragment of a transmission broadcasted by Neil Armstrong during NASA Apollo 11 mission.
Follow us on Facebook ! https://www.facebook.com/Kazarus-1058…
Find us at BandCamp https://kazarus.bandcamp.com/releases
Listen to us on: Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/4UL4G…,
Tidal https://tidal.com/browse/artist/20215633
and Apple music https://music.apple.com/us/artist/kaz…
Band: Mateusz Sieńko – guitar, virtual instrument programming
Hubert Koczergo – guitar, virtual instrument programming
Maciek Szymborski – drums feat.
Marcin Katański – bass
Neil Armstrong – voice
Recorded, edited and produced by Hubert Koczergo, Mateusz Sieńko, Maciek Szymborski Mixed by Szymon Sieńko at River Studio, Warsaw, Poland Mastered by Gaetan G at Audiomaster, Ystad, Sweden
Video Design: Even Drop (www.evendrop.pl) Background image used: David Besh (www.pexels.com/pl-pl/@david-besh)
Utwór jest hołdem dla 50. rocznicy postawienia pierwszego ludzkiego kroku na Srebrnym Globie. Samo wydarzenie być może nie wpłynęło na codzienne życie przeciętnego Ziemianina, ale z pewnością stało się pomnikiem ludzkiej determinacji w przezwycięzaniu własnych ograniczeń i jednocześnie rozbudziło wyobraźnię o uśpionym potencjale mieszkańców Błękitnej Kropki.
W tym utworze można także usłyszeć słowa wypowiedziane przez Neila Armstronga w trakcie misji Apollo 11.


Feather Child – “Inner Self Absence” (2016)

19 September 2016 Joanna Pietrzak 

Something has been done that in recent years post-rock on the Polish music scene began to be extremely attractive. Meanwhile, the rash of bands playing music in the aesthetics of the so-called alternative rock with a reduction in the role of vocals unfortunately makes it difficult to pick out something really interesting or something really non-secondary. Let’s make an appointment – damn hard. Experimental music has it to itself that the audience is becoming more demanding and increasingly bored. However, in the sheer number of similar, often pathetic and tiring creations, I find a kind of hope. Feather Child – a formation from the Tricity – do not pretend anything and do not combine forcibly. On the album Inner Self Absence released in July this year, they play almost classic post-rock, and when you need it and a little harder.

First of all, the first thing that draws attention – the songs are finished. It sounds strange, butthat’s exactly what it is. Nothing here stretches indefinitely, every number isthought out, caressed, without unnecessary oddities, cosmic keys or boring (after a hundred interrogated similar eneeching gangs) przesterów. From the very first past reflection number you can get caught up in the material. The Outer Void deserves the distinction with interesting drums and nice guitar transitions and calmer Megrims with variable pace. There is absolutely no shortage of vocals here, and I can even say that it could interfere. Electronics are the background, it doesn’t come to the fore, and if it’s the intended grip, it’s hit as much as possible.

There is nothing to melt away – the whole thing just falls well, nice, solid post-rock playing. He also doesn’t want to get too much into comparisons, but if you like We Lost The Sea or Sounds Like The End of The World,you can safely reach for feather child’s offer. An interesting fact is that the Gentlemen of Feather Child every day give in completely different musical projects, m.in. Devil’s Note, Sinful Carrion, Circles, Silence of the Sheep. Do they themselves fund solace and instrumental avalanche in the form of post-rock? Recommend!

Feather Child – “Inner Self Absence” (2016) | Kvlt

Stupendous Polish band of atmospheric post metal, its members already have a renowned and consecrated tradition on the world stage, their melodies are very well structured from a harmonious and smooth cadence to a precise and incendiary vigor of the band, with sliding, howling, precise and distorted, prominent and vigorous bass, atmospheric keyboard and a vigorous guiding drum in the line of jazz fusion, highly technical and qualified band full of exquisite nuances and textures, with fantastic creativity. Aryon Maiden.

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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