Svemir is an instrumental DIY studio project from Rome, Italy. Composes atmospheric and cinematic songs featuring layers of delays, both powerful and graceful guitar riffs, melting post-rock with a pinch of post-punk sound.

Svemir is a self-produced studio project from Rome. Composes atmospheric instrumental pieces featuring layers of delays and reverbs, melting post-rock with a pinch of post-punk sound.The first self-titled EP released in September 2020 is available for streaming on Bandcamp and Spotify. All songs are written and recorded by Marcello Ligi.

The project was born recently and needs your support 💪…

Italian Post-rock Movement | Facebook

Super keen to announce the preview of Svemir second release “Vagabond EP” COMING OUT October 18th on Bandcamp and Spotify, in the meantime you can give a listen to the first track here on streaming:



1.Jelen 04:28
Mastered at Okinami Recording Studio in Rome
COMING OUT October 18th 2021
releases October 18, 2021

This is available for appreciation, “Jelen” from the next album of Marcello Ligi from his band Samvir, creative melody, multifaceted with alternative textures, indie, hardcore, melancholy on an atmospheric background.

With Belissimos fingering and very well structured arrangements, exploring a scenario that mixes softness with intent, exquisitely and with impeccable virtuosity, worth checking, great work Marcello.

Aryon maiden


Self-titled | Svemir (

1.Svemir 05:22
2.Sweven 02:57
3.Arion 02:10
4.Hemija 04:50
released September 24, 2020

Excellent debut album, promising Italian band, with instrumental atmospheric textures, smooth and harmonious melodies with sliding chords and riffs with beautiful fingering filled with feelings and emotions, their cadence is perfect and gradual that makes us slide smoothly on each note uttered, with creative and vigorous energetic clothes. Congratulations and thanks for the tribute, hug, success and creativity for you.

Aryon Maiden


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Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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