Carved Into the Sun

Post-rock band from San Luis Obispo, CA

Carved Into The Sun – Carved Into The Sun (post-rock, post-metal)

The work of multi-instrumentalist Eric Reifinger, Carved Into The Sun’s second release over the past year or so features a strong quartet of post-metal/post-rock crossbreed tracks that will undoubtedly appeal to fans of If These Trees Could Talk, as well as people who love Mouth of the Architect’s more subdued work. It acquits itself well as a one-man project, with an impressively full sound that has the ability to pass as a full-band affair. It doesn’t necessarily establish a fresh template for this style, but it’s worth digging into if you dig that blend of contemplative melodies and towering riffs. The back half of the track “Across A Paper Skyline” is proof enough that this is a name to keep an eye on.

Post Rock Post // September 2020 – Heavy Blog Is Heavy


Carved Into the Sun

Carved Into the Sun | Carved Into the Sun (

1.Night Without Name 07:29
2.A Taste For Mindless Violence 07:47
3.Across A Paper Skyline 06:42
4.He Says That He Will Never Die 13:53
All songs written & performed by Eric Reifinger
Produced by Eric Reifinger
Mixed by Beau Burchell
Mastered by Mike Kalajian
Artwork by Leanna White
released August 28, 2020

Carved Into the Sun (USA) Carved Into the Sun (2020) Post-rock, post-metal, instrumental
Carved Into the Sun 🎶 Bandcamp:…


One | Carved Into the Sun (

1.Caleb 07:12
2.The Sea Flowed Through Our Veins 09:12
released December 20, 2019

(1) Carved Into the Sun – Caleb [Official Audio] – YouTube
(1) Carved Into the Sun – The Sea Flowed Through Our Veins [Official Audio] – YouTube

(1) Carved Into the Sun – YouTube

Stupendous Californian multi-instrumentalist, his melodies are very well structured, long and complex, with an exquisite texture and refinement and a perfect cadence between melodious environmental chords full of sentiments for vigorous and imposing riffs, his dexterity is fantastic and his exquisite work. Congratulations Eric for the great job. Aryon Maiden.

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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