Fuchsen is a post-rock instrumental solo act from Augsburg, Germany.

cinematic, neoclassical post-rock.
New video “Hell, yeah!” out now on YouTube!


Long time, no see. I’m back with a new EP called “Wohnzimmer EP 2020”. It will be released on the 1st of June. The whole thing was written and recorded during Covid-19. Throughout quarantine I had the time to finally write new stuff, crazy stuff and in my opinion much more grown up stuff. This is a dedication to all kinds of music I’m listening to, interpreted in a mainly post-rock way as I like it: no boundaries, no rules, no musical borders, just the musical interpretation of situations I witnessed during quarantine. Stay home and wash your hands.Greets, Fuchsen.



Wohnzimmer EP 2020

▶︎ Wohnzimmer EP 2020 | Fuchsen (bandcamp.com)

1.Pelham Blue 02:52
2.Hell, yeah! 04:16
3.Gotham muss fallen. 05:58
4.Der Schnitt von Kugel und Ebene ist ein Kreis. 05:02
5.Der, den sie Maschine nannten. 06:45
6.Die Bell’sche Ungleichung 06:26
This EP was completely written and recorded during quarantine. It contains the musical interpretation of different experiences during this time.
released June 1, 2020

Wohnzimmer EP 2020 – YouTube


Flausen | Fuchsen (bandcamp.com)

Flau­se, die

Wortart: Substantiv, feminin
Gebrauch: umgangssprachlich
Häufigkeit: ▒▒░░░

Worttrennung: Flau|se

Bedeutungen (2):

  1. dummer oder lustiger Einfall; Unsinn, Spinnerei
  2. Ausflucht, Ausrede
    -mach keine Flausen!
    silly ideas
    pie in the sky (fig.)
    fancy ideas {pl}
    released August 19, 2019
Flausen – YouTube


Seefahrerromantik | Fuchsen (bandcamp.com)

1.Empfindsamkeit I 02:13
2.Empfindsamkeit II 09:16
3.Endrunde 07:50
4.Gegenwelt 11:15
5.Lobrede 04:02
Die Vernunft ist eine Tugend
Und tugendlos hinweggeschaut
Den Blick die See hinauf
Der Himmel meinen falschen Mut kennt
Und am Ende stand ich da
Ganz brach und ungeseh’n
Einer Welt entgegen, karg
Die vernuenftig schien zu leb’n
Erfroren an meinen Metaphoren
Unbeliebt und zu nichts geboren
Seh ich nun das Himmelszelt
Blickend auf mein eigen Gegenwelt
released February 18, 2019

Song I II and III originally written and played by Bell’sche Parese
Song IV and V by Fuchsen
Recorded and mixed by Fuchsen
Artwork by Marco Black
Special thanks to Benny, Ricky, Tino and Hagen for letting me rearrange these old Bell’sche tracks.

Seefahrerromantik – YouTube


Invenustus | Fuchsen (bandcamp.com)

1.Katzenauge 06:50
2.schätzen 05:49
3.Schnittstelle 05:34
4.Oodal 14:04

Für alles.
released April 3, 2016



Fuchsen – Tema – YouTube

Music | Fuchsen (bandcamp.com)

(2) Fuchsen | Facebook


Brilliant multi-instrumentalist and German composer, his melodies are very well structured, smooth, refined, mixing cinematographic, neo classical and post rock in a complex texture full of details, and a growing harmonious cadence of feelings and emotions shining in an impeccable technical vigor, playing all instruments with mastery, it really is a sweet treat for fans of good music. Aryon Maiden

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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