SIOM is an instrumental project from Kirov.

We write atmospheric music, in style close to the genres of post-rock/post-metal.

For us, music is more valuable than words.


The band was created in 2012 in Kirov, Russia.

From 2014 to 2016 the band played several concerts on the stages of Kirov and released the firs EP “Out of Memories ” consisted of 4 tracks

During the next 3 years the band released a studio live album “Tribute to the Trees” and a single “Not Sorry”. Also the band had the first small tour and played the first big solo concert in Kirov.


After Earth

After Earth | SIOM (

1.After Earth 05:35
2.Crater 05:22
3.Solitude 04:39
4.HAAR 04:54
5.Ready 03:54
6.Lifelines 04:21
7.Running 04:54
8.Forecast 06:26
9.Fate 04:55
released February 21, 2021

Genre: post-rock / post-metal / instrumental
Artist: SIOM
Album: After Earth [LP]
Country: Kirov, Russia
After Earth 00:00​
Сrater 05:34​
Solitude 10:59​
Haar 15:38​
Ready 20:32​
Lifelines 24:27​
Running 28:48​
Forecast 33:45​
Fate 40:09​
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siom​ #postrock​ #postmetal​ #betterwithheadphones

HAAR (single)

HAAR (single) | SIOM (
released January 11, 2021
(6) SIOM — Haar [single] (2021) – YouTube

No, I’m Not Sorry (single)

No, I’m Not Sorry (single) | SIOM (
(6) SIOM – No, I’m not sorry [single] (2018) – YouTube

Tribute to the Trees

Tribute to the Trees | SIOM (

1.From Roots To Needles (ITTCT cover) 06:40
2.Barren Lands of a Modern Dinosaur (ITTCT cover) 05:42
3.What’s in the ground belongs to you (ITTCT cover) 04:16
4.The Giving Tree (ITTCT cover) 05:47
5.The First Fire (ITTCT cover) 05:54
This is a live cover album, our tribute to a band If These Trees Could Talk. Thanks for an inspiration you gave to us!
released February 15, 2018

(6) SIOM – Tribute to the Trees [live] (2018) (Full Album) – YouTube

Out of memories

Out of memories | SIOM (

1.Not Today 03:56
2.Running 04:43
3.Ready 03:56
4.Out of Memories 04:57
released October 15, 2015

(6) SIOM – Out of memories [EP] (2015) (Full Album) – YouTube


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(6) SIOM – YouTube


Stupendous Russian post rock / metal band, their work on Tribute to the Trees is impressive, both in precision and performance.

His creations are well structured, sliding riffs, noisy and precise, low and prominent bass, and vigorous guiding drums.

Its cadence is smooth, growing, full of energy and enveloping, with impeccable and technical virtuosity, full of harmonious nuances contrasting with eruptive chords and arpeggios of extreme creativity.

Guaranteed success, cheers.

Aryon Maiden.

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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