The Outsider

The Outsider is a solo project born in 2009 in Palermo, Italy.

I’m Andrea Cicala and I produce music since I was 14. Throughout the years I discovered genres such as Post Rock, Progressive and Ambient.

I released a few records but Beauty Awakens The Soul to Act can be considered my very first mature work.
Now I’ve released my latest one’s called Hyeon and I’m starting to write again. Stay tuned. 


Her Majesty

Her Majesty | The Outsider (
This is my latest single off of my upcoming “Yūgen”.

Hope you like it.
released January 13, 2021
Hello everyone.
This is another single of my upcoming album “Yūgen” which will be out in a few months.
Hope you’ll enjoy this.


Yggr | The Outsider (
releases May 21, 2021
Thanks to Adriana Pellegrino for the beautiful art.


Amasia | The Outsider (

1.Intro 02:18
2.Grand Adria 04:25
3.Archean 05:42
4.Terra Australis 03:59
5.Mirovia 04:24
6.From One Hand to Another 07:45
7.Monolith 04:00
8.Inheritance 05:33
9.Devils Tower 03:20
10.We won’t be here to see 02:41
11.Once in a Lifetime 04:25
released November 8, 2019

Special thanks to Daniele Caviglia for the Artwork.

(11) The Outsider – Amasia (Full Album 2019) – YouTube


Demesne | The Outsider (

1.Intro 04:02
2.Avos 03:39
3.Shoganai 01:43
4.Woden 08:00
5.Demesne 05:52
6.Vàr 03:22
7.Everything is bound to end 01:50
released December 3, 2018

Genre: post rock/metal, instrumental Artist: The Outsider EP: Demesne (December 3, 2018) Country: Sicily, Italy………


Hyeon | The Outsider (

1.Intro 02:07
2.Over 02:23
3.Sine Ira 04:52
4.Yearning Tides 07:53
5.Polaris 04:00
6.Oceans Have No Memory 07:34
7.Materia 02:27
8.Jötunn 08:54
9.he Deep Roar of the Breaking Waves 05:46
released June 7, 2018

(11) The Outsider – Hyeon (Full Album 2018) – YouTube

Beauty Awakens the Soul to Act

Beauty Awakens the Soul to Act | The Outsider (

1.Elysia 00:48
2.Yrmidion 03:37
3.Moksha 04:32
4.Sathya 01:11
5.Heikhalot (free) 03:42
6.Arătare 03:32
7.The Universe Divide 06:42
8.Zion 01:16
9.Ajraeel 02:08
10.Hearts Aren’t Always Red 04:23
This is the first full album I’ve done that I upload here on Bandcamp. It is entirely a home-made work made by one person, so please forgive any mistakes or some lack of quality. I did all the best I could and I hope you can appreciate it.
released September 21, 2017

Thanks to Daniele Caviglia for the Artwork:

Hello everyone. This is the first full album I’ve done that I upload here on YT.
It is entirely a home-made work made by one person, so please forgive any mistakes or some lack of quality. I did all the best I could and I hope you can appreciate it. Many thanks to Daniele Caviglia for the album Artwork. Here’s where you can find his works on Facebook:…


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The Outsider is a post-rock project from Italian multi-instrumentalist and producer Andrea Cicala, he released his first album in November 2017, it’s called “Beauty Awakens The Soul to Act” and a few weeks ago, came up with his somophore album called “Hyeon”.

“Hyeon” is composed by 9-Tracks and has absolutely an excellent composition and performance, has an incommensurable beauty from the beginning to the end, since “Intro” to “The Deep Roar of The Breaking Waves”, which is an astonishing piece on the album.

The album has different colors and shades, there are darkest parts, there are happy ones too, there are passages with an intense rhythm, parts that are euphoric and parts that definitely are much melancholic, everything sounds perfect, like every instrument recorded it’s in his right place, at the right moment.
The atmosphere, wow, what can I say about that? It makes a lot of thoughts come alive, a lot of emotions, it gave me chills, I think there’s no need of saying more, definitely, this is a record you have to listen to and experiment by yourself what I’m saying.

The picture that reflects in my head while listening to it, is the place where I want to be, the album cover reflects somehow the concept of the album, it’s kinda hard for me to explain it, but hope you get it.
For albums like this, is hard to choose a favorite song but I think “Materia” gets the first place.
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The Outsider – Hyeon

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The Outsider – Hyeon
7 juni 2018
Vasto records

The Outsider is het solowerk van Andrea Cicala uit PalermoItalië. Deze muzikale duizendpoot schrijft en produceert al zijn eigen muziek sinds zijn 14e. Door de jaren heen is hij bekend geraakt met de postrock, progressieve rock en ambient. Zijn echte eerste serieuze  wapenfeit was het album Beauty Awakens The Soul To Act, een album dat in de herfst van 2017 verscheen. Sinds begin deze zomer heeft hij een nieuw volwaardig album uit, Hyeon genaamd. Hierop vinden we inderdaad de combinatie van de drie stijlen terug, zonder dat het allemaal te zweverig wordt.

Na het intro, waarin met name de piano te horen is, volgt het nummer Over. Doordat het nummer slecht 2:23 duurt, is het geen lang nummer en komt redelijk snel to the point. Jammer, want het mist daardoor ook een opgaande lijn richting een climax. Sine Era daarentegen bevat een geleidelijkere opbouw en daarmee een stuk interessanter. Hier gebeurt duidelijk meer. De laagjes in de muziek worden lekker opgebouwd. Opvallend is dat de verschillende lagen wel duidelijk van elkaar te onderscheiden zijn. Een pluspunt voor de productie dus. Zo rond de drie minuten ebt alles wat weg, hetgeen de stilte voor de storm doet inleiden.

De muziek van The Outsider heeft een fijn helder geluid en doet daarmee wat zomers aan. In Yearning Tides komt dat ook goed uit de verf. Zeker dankzij de progressieve invloeden, klinkt het geheel lekker opgewekt. Andrea geeft in dit nummer echt zijn visitekaartje af voor zijn gitaarspel.

Dat opgewekte trekt hij ook door middels de handclaps in Polaris. Ondanks de iets duisterdere klanken, blijft het geheel toch organisch en positief. Het ingetogen, maar fraaie Ocean Have No Memory bevestigt dat de langere nummers toch het mooist in elkaar zitten en dus het meest interessant zijn op dit album. Hetzelfde geldt voor het bijna 9 minuten durende Jötunn en de afsluiter The Deep Roar Of The Breaking Waves (5:46).

In augustus bracht het The Outsider nog een nakomertje uit, het nummer Hel. Deze stamt uit dezelfde opnamesessie, maar is van een totaal ander aanpak en daarom niet op Hyeon verschenen. Hierin laat Andrea horen ook muziek te kunnen maken dat meer richting de progressieve metal neigt. Geen schande, zeker niet, en ook begrijpelijk dat dit nummer niet op het album is gezet.

1. Intro 02:07
2. Over 02:23
3. Sine Ira 04:52
4. Yearning Tides 07:53
5. Polaris 04:00
6. Oceans Have No Memory 07:34
7. Materia 02:27
8. Jötunn 08:54
9. The Deep Roar of the Breaking Waves

The Outsider is the solo work by Andrea Cicala from PalermoItaly. This musical genius has been writing and producing his own music since he was 14 years old. Over the years he has become familiar with post-rock, progressive rock and ambient. His first serious achievement was the album Beauty Awakens The Soul To Act, an album that he released in the fall of 2017. Since the beginning of this summer he has released a new full-length album called Hyeon. On this we indeed find the combination of the three styles, without it becoming too vague.

After the intro, in which the piano has an important role, the song Over follows. Because the song lasts only 2:23, it is not a long song and it comes to the point fairly quickly. Too bad, because it therefore misses an ascending line towards a climax. Sine Era, on the other hand, has a more gradual build-up and is therefore much more interesting. Clearly more is happening here. The layers in the music are nicely built up. It is striking that the different layers can be clearly distinguished from each other. A plus for the production. Around three minutes everything fades away, which becomes the silence before the storm.

The music of The Outsider has a nice clear sound and does create a summerly vibe. This vibe is also present in Yearning Tides. Especially through to the progressive rock influences, that make it sound cheerful. Andrea really proves his skills on the guitar in this song.

He continues the mentioned vibe by adding the handclaps in the beginning of Polaris. Despite the somewhat darker sounds, the song remains organic and positive. The sedated but beautiful Ocean Have No Memory confirms that the longer songs are the most beautiful and therefore the most interesting on this album. The same goes for the almost 9-minute Jötunn and the closing track The Deep Roar Of The Breaking Waves (5:46).

In August, The Outsider released a track he left out initialy, the song Hel. This comes from the same recording session, but is totally different compared to the other songs and therefore did not appear on Hyeon. Here Andrea created a song that tends towards progressive metal. No shame, certainly not, and also fully understandable that this song is not put on the album.

The Outsider – Hyeon – Post-rock radioshow (


Stupendous Italian composer and multi instrumentalist, of post rock, neo classical, atmospheres with flamenco and Indian influences.

His melodies have layered textures, complex, very well structured, melancholy, somber, ambient in a smooth way full of details and instruments.

Its cadence and crescent with chords and arpeggios played with mastery full of feelings and explosions of euphoria in perfect harmony.

The gradual evolution in each album is visible and notorious, emerging from an impressive brilliance, both in creation and in virtuosity.

Her latest work Her Majesty, reached apotheosis in every way, a delight for the most demanding connoisseurs of good music.

Congratulations Andrea,

great collection.

Aryon Maiden.

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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