Even Gods Can Die

Even Gods Can Die is a post-rock/post-metal instrumental band, created in June 2013, based out of San Jose, California.

Matt Smith – Bass
Scott Rufsvold – Guitar
Craig Tally – Guitar
Scott Thomas – Drums



UNIVERSUS | Even Gods Can Die (bandcamp.com)

1.Sky Burial
4.Forest of the Blind
6.Usque in Finem
7.Runes 07:39
8.Blood Eagle
9.Kodama // Ashes Along the River
10.Eternal Leaving
“For all of the ones that came before us,
For all of the ones who will come after us,
You are us,
For we are all,
UNIVERSUS” – Matt “Warchild” Smith
releases February 2, 2021

Recorded at Suspect Studios, San Jose, California
Mixed by Robert Kirby, The Noise Shop, Oakland, California
Mastered by Jessica Thompson Audio, Oakland, California
Artwork: Craig Tally

Scott Thomas would like to thank his bandmates and Engineer, Robert Kirby for making this happen. You are forever my family and I love you. All of my effort and emotions that I put into this project are dedicated to my Father, David Michael Thomas, 1948-2019: This album is because of you, this album is for you, and this album is you. I’ll see you out at SR1270 Pops. I cannot wait to shake the heavens and blast this album for you.

Matt: I would like to thank Rachel and all you bad mother fuckers, my Brothers for breathing some life back in to the Warchild and getting me back in the fray!

“The Craig” would like to thank past, present, and future galaxies, space dust, and voids .

Scott Rufsvold would like to thank Grond, The Hammer of the Underworld, Odin, and The Gakle.

Last Day of Aries

Last Day of Aries | Even Gods Can Die (bandcamp.com)

1.Death to the Goddess of Drought & Barren Land 03:26
2.Lost 07:47
3.Winter Has Taken Everything 03:15
4.One Billion Machines 08:24
5.Desert Flood 08:02
6.Evolve 03:34
7.’Til the Flag Falls 08:11
8.Ten Years to Get Home 03:48
released April 19, 2017

Produced by Even Gods Can Die & Robert Kirby
Recorded by Robert Kirby at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA
Mixed by Robert Kirby at Suspect Studios, San Jose, CA
Mastered by Robert Rich at Soundscape in Mountain View, CA

Last Day of Aries – YouTube

Collapsing // Ascending

Collapsing // Ascending | Even Gods Can Die (bandcamp.com)

1.Et Sic Incipit 05:45
2.Tragedy and Triumph 04:33
3.Lullaby of the Undaunted 01:55
4.Immortals 06:23
5.Drones High Overhead 02:42
6.Heaven Ends, Earth Begins 05:07
7.The Mercurial, The Meek 07:03
8.Dead Planet 03:51
9.Autumn Alder 06:06
10.Yugen 幽玄 06:24
This is the first full length album by Even Gods Can Die.
released July 1, 2015

Produced by Even Gods Can Die & Robert Kirby
Recorded by Dave Gakle & Robert Kirby at Suspect Studios, San Jose, CA
Mixed by Robert Kirby
Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx Studio, South San Francisco, CA

Collapsing / Ascending (2020 Remaster) – YouTube

Embrace The Static (Re​-​Mastered w​/​Bonus Tracks)

Embrace The Static (Re-Mastered w/Bonus Tracks) | Even Gods Can Die (bandcamp.com)

1.North By Memory 05:46
2.Massive Attack – Angel, Feat. Vonnie V 04:56
3.Death to the Goddess of Drought & Barren Land (Demo) 03:37
4.Keres 06:40
released March 27, 2016

North By Memory & Keres
Recorded by Dave Gakle & Robert Kirby at Suspect Studios, San Jose, CA
Mixed by Robert Kirby
Mastered by Jakob Þór Guðmundsson

Angel (cover) & Death To The Goddess of Drought & Barren Land
Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by Adam Reed at Reeds Recordings, Campbell, CA

EP: Embracing The Static (March 27, 2016) Country: California, USA
All credits go to Even Gods Can Die.


Demo | Even Gods Can Die (bandcamp.com)

1.Damascus 05:02
2.Pillar of Echoes 05:43
This was our first studio recording together as a 4 piece. Craig Tally had just joined Even Gods Can Die about 2 weeks prior to recording this with us and the rest is history.
released January 14, 2014

Thanks to Forest and Brian at Tool Shed Studios out of Morgan Hill, California for recording this one for us.

Even Gods Can Die: The New Damascus – Live @ Blank Club 05.28.14 – YouTube


Scott Thomas – YouTube

Even Gods Can Die – Tema – YouTube

(3) Even Gods Can Die | Facebook

@evengodscandie • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram

Even Gods Can Die | Ouça grátis na SoundCloud

Even Gods Can Die (@EvenGodsCanDie) / Twitter


Yesterday I received a material for appreciation from Scott Thomas of the band Even Gods Can Die and I was impressed by the quality and creation.

Stupendous Californian post rock / post metal band that will be releasing their new album Universus on 02/02/21, available for listening to the Runes melody.

UNIVERSUS | Even Gods Can Die (bandcamp.com)

Very good, with layered texture, noisy, sliding, high and precise riffs, low protruding style doom and a vigorous battery. Very well structured, vigorous, foreshadowing an excellent album.

Its collection is fantastic, it presents an increasing cadence with cinematographic environmental details full of feelings and euphoria in perfect harmony, and with an admirable performance of its members.

His long melodies are great, complex, with an unparalleled creativity expelling all the potential of this magnificent band, my favorites: Runes; Lost; One Billion Machines; Desert Flood; ‘Til the Flag Falls; The Mercurial, The Meek; Immortals; Yugen 幽 玄; Keres; North By Memory; Pillar of Echoes and Damascus.

Thank you for making this beautiful collection available, it was a privilege to meet them, success and creativity.

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