Locomotora is an instrumental post-rock band from Tampere, Finland formed in 2006. Besides post-rock, Locomotora leans towards ambient, experimental and minimal music. There have made 3 LPs so far – S/T (November, 2009), This very holding back (Jan 2013) and Vuodet, vuoret (March 2018).

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Locomotora: Jussi Heino, Jussi Heinonen, Juha Pippola, Mikko Soukkala, Arttu Äikäs

Locomotora @ Depo
A imagem pode conter: uma ou mais pessoas, pessoas sentadas, noite e atividades ao ar livre, texto que diz "VALVONTA"


Vuodet, vuoret

Vuodet, vuoret | Locomotora (bandcamp.com)

1.Meidän jälkeemme hiljaisuus 13:06
2.Vuodet, vuoret 11:49
3.Me näimme unta silmänkantamattomiin 07:49
4.Saari saartaa toiset saaret 08:49
5.Antarktiksen kevät 05:13
6.Laulu laululta pois 12:29
released March 2, 2018

All music written & performed by Locomotora: Jussi Heino, Jussi Heinonen, Juha Pippola, Mikko Soukkala, Arttu Äikäs. Recorded and mixed by Locomotora at Astral Studios. Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde at Virtalähde Mastering. Cello on 1, 5 and 6: Johanna Tarkkanen. Violin on 1, 4, 5 and 6: Anri Tuohimäki. Bass trombone on 2: Jarkko Lehtola. Trumpet on 2: Lauri Karhi. Paintings by Kai Lavila. Photography by Kiira Lumijärvi. Layout by Joel Peltonen. Thank you: Lauri Heikkilä, Ilari Heikkilä, Antti Loponen.

(1) Vuodet, vuoret – YouTube

This very holding back

This very holding back | Locomotora (bandcamp.com)

1.The true way is along a rope 05:34
2.that is not spanned high in the air, 10:51
3.but only just above the ground. 06:41
4.It seems intended more to cause stumbling 09:44
5.than to be walked along. 12:44
6.Franz Kafka 04:13
released January 25, 2013

All music composed by Locomotora.
Locomotora on this recording was: Jussi Heinonen, Juha Pippola, Arttu Äikäs, Juho Piirto & Antti Ylä-Rotiala.
Recorded by Jaakko Pimperi at various locations between May 2011 and April 2012. Additional recording by Antti Loponen & Jussi Heinonen. Mixed by Jaakko Pimperi. Mastered by Antti Loponen.
Violin on 1 & 2: Veera Tapanainen. Cello on 1 & 2: Ilari Ryhänen. Additional guitar on 2 & 4: Jaakko Pimperi.
Front cover drawing & idea for inner sleeve by Ida Sofia Fleming. Photo by Kiira Lumijärvi. Layout by Tuomas Mikola.

(1) This very holding back – YouTube


Locomotora | Locomotora (bandcamp.com)

1.Shopping Music For Bloody Wallets 14:29
2.Anarchophobia 12:37
3.Teignmouth Electron 09:54
4.Minipax 06:48
5.Older Than Dreams 17:26
released November 15, 2009

(1) Locomotora – YouTube

Music | Locomotora (bandcamp.com)


Released on: 2017-06-18
(1) Despertar – YouTube
Video by Marjo Gre (https://vimeo.com/marjogre)
Follow Locomotora Bandcamp: https://locomotoraband.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Locomotoraband
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4ceXT…

(1) Locomotora – Tema – YouTube


Locomotora – Vuodet, vuoret

I love it when you can take a look at album art and pretty much know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Such is definitely the case with Finland’s Locomotora and their most recent effort Vuodet, vuoret. The cover art, though mostly a gritty, abstract splash of textures and color, is neatly contained within its symmetrical confines. As such, Vuodet, vuoret is a grimy, bass-heavy slab of post-metal chiefly concerned with wringing as much blackened texture from its glacial grooves and tempos as possible. Opener “Meidän jälkeemme hiljaisuus” is Locomotora’s ethos in perfect encapsulation, including the tear-jerking violin feature midway through. Understanding the highly emotional tools at their disposal, the band don’t seek to exploit your emotions with abusing the worst kinds of compositional tricks in the post-rock/metal book, but they do have a wonderful grasp of how time, musical layering, and compositional push and pull can be used to great effect when done properly. Each track here, in particular the three longest ones over 10 minutes, are more like miniature suites in themselves, all with a certain mood and idea at their heart but constantly evolving and drifting around that concept rather than simply restating it at different volumes. Shorter (at least comparatively) tracks like “Me näimme unta silmänkantamattomiin” and “Antarktiksen kevät,” meanwhile, take a different tack at establishing a straight-ahead groove or melodic theme early on and building up a single concept and nucleus to its logical conclusion to great effect. Vuodet, vuoret is a tour-de-force of emotive post-metal that employs the tools of darkness and light in a wonderful balance.

Post Rock Post – March 2018 – Heavy Blog Is Heavy


Stupendous Finnish band, their melodies are long and well structured, mixing textures in layers of post metal with doom, refining with string refinements, amid dense and dark, melodious and harmonious cinematic effects.

With a wonderfully vibrant bass, noisy, sliding, high and precise riffs and a vigorous drums, the band leads an epic journey of nuances and chords with mastery.

Realizing an increasing and oscillating cadence, we contemplate a wide view of the magnitude of his works, performed with a fantastic vigor of an evolutionary and fluctuating creativity.

My favorite melodies:

Shopping Music For Bloody Wallets; Older Than Dreams from the album Locomotora;

That is not spanned high in the air, It seems intended more to cause stumbling, Than to be walked along from the album This very holding back;

Meidän jälkeemme hiljaisuus, Vuodet, vuoret, Saari saartaa toiset saaret, and Laulu laululta pois from Vuodet, vuoret, great album.

Great band, it was a privilege to hear your work, success and creativity for you. Aryon Maiden

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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