The Metaphor

The Metaphor is an instrumental post-rock band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Most of their songs aren’t available on streaming services (except Spotify, link below), but we highly recommend you to check out the entire album. Consistently good.

(3) The Metaphor – Tema – YouTube


(3) A, b, c, d, e & f – YouTube
(3) The Metaphor – YouTube


The Metaphor LIVE @ TAICHUNG, TAIWAN 2015

Spectacular band from Malaysia, with layered textures use the post rock, environmental, neo classical genres.

With long, well-structured, smooth melodies, wonderful keyboard, sliding, distorted, high-pitched, noisy and precise riffs, a prominent bass and a guiding percussion in time and against time, full of feelings, emotions, a wealth of details with a performance impressive.

Its cadence is increasing, oscillating, enveloping that lead us to slide in its chords and arpeggios in a journey full of melodious nuances of extreme creativity and in perfect harmony.

The hypnotic performance in The Metaphor LIVE @ TAICHUNG, TAIWAN 2015 is epic, I was amazed by the performance and resourcefulness of the band.

His debut album in 2014 is smooth, intense, euphoric with eight exquisite melodies of quality that will creep the soul through the exposed sublimity.

His last album, more vigorous, metallized, maintaining its roots, the percussion explores its potential to the maximum in detail, the riffs attack in a growing and staggered way with an unprecedented vigor, and the keyboards soften with the strings in an engaging duel with bass snatching all the energy in a first-rate, surprising melodic sequence.

I was honored and delighted with your work, success and creativity always.

Aryon Maiden.

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Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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