Undercover Rabbis

Undercover Rabbis are a three-piece heavy rock band influenced by post-rock and doom, from Clifton, New Jersey.


Sam – Drums
Steve Captain Explosion – Guitar/Vocals
EvilJekyll – Bass

About Us

Originally founded by guitarist Steve and drummer Umar (Binary Code) circa 2006, the band soon added Matt on bass. The Rabbis thereafter recorded their First album, Empires, in 2012 with Lou (A Major Triad). Lou departed to Philly on good terms and a few lineup changes later Sam “The Drum Gremlin” joined and the Rabbis recorded their next two studio albums, Electric Sand (2015), and Andromeda (2018). The band continues to record and release new music and videos; their most recent video, a live take of “Silvertruckin” was released in Jan. 2020.

The Official Website for Undercover Rabbis (paintmash.com)


Relics from a Lost Future

Relics from a Lost Future | Undercover Rabbis (bandcamp.com)

1.Olympus by Dusk 15:16
2.Beta Orionis 43:40
3.冬の月 (Winter Moon) 16:02
4.In the Pie 11:46
Take a journey with 4 new atmospheric instrumental tracks!
released January 29, 2021

Steve – Guitars, Vox
Sam the “Drum Gremlin” – Drums
EvilJekyll – Bass, Mxing, Production

(2) Relics from a Lost Future (Full Album 2021) [INSTRUMENTAL POST ROCK] – YouTube

Interstellar Prismatic Engine Jam

Interstellar Prismatic Engine Jam | Undercover Rabbis (bandcamp.com)

An Improvisational piece performed on Dec. 03, 2018.

Recorded at Factory Studios in Clifton, NJ.
released January 18, 2019
Drums – Sam
Guitar – Captain Explosion
Bass + Recording/Production – EvilJekyll

(2) Interstellar Prismatic Engine Jam – YouTube


Andromeda | Undercover Rabbis (bandcamp.com)

1.Follow the Wind 07:22
2.Guns 05:25
3.Silvertruckin’ 07:55
4.Andromeda 06:31
5.ethe 05:33
6.Be the Moth 07:42
Recorded at Jam Room in Howell, NJ.
Special thanks to Arnie!
released January 1, 2018

Steve – Guitars, Vox, Keys
Sam “Drum Gremlin” – Drums
Eviljekyll – Bass

Carlos Guillen – Recording, Mixing
Arnie – Awesomesauce

(2) Andromeda – YouTube

Electric Sand

Electric Sand | Undercover Rabbis (bandcamp.com)

1.Rocket to Space 09:21
2.Winter Sun 07:43
3.Hawkwon 09:18
4.Aurora Borealis 08:30
5.Atillah 09:49
6.Goodbye Sky Captain 11:31
released September 15, 2015

Captain Explosion – Vocals, Guitar
EvilJekyll – Bass
Sam – Keyboards, Percussion

Recorded by Michael DeMaglie at The Jam Room in Howell, NJ
Mixed and Mastered by Tim Shann

(2) Electric Sand – YouTube


Empires | Undercover Rabbis (bandcamp.com)

1.An Empire Has Fallen 05:44
2.Moving Mountains 05:22
3.Ruins 11:24
4.Turbulence of the Sun 06:38
5.Light on the Horizon 10:43
released September 10, 2012

Bass/keys/singing bowls – EvilJekyll
Drums/keys/trombone – AngstyLou
Guitar/Vocals/Lyrics – Captain Explosion

Recorded by Brian Speaker at Speakersonic Studios. speakersonic.bandcamp.com

Mixing and Mastering by Michael De Maglie.

(2) Empires – YouTube

Light on the Horizon

Light on the Horizon | Undercover Rabbis (bandcamp.com)

1.Light on the Horizon (Demo Version) 06:03
2.Light on the Horizon (EvilJekyll’s Bowls of Doom mix) (free) 06:33
3.Light on the Horizon (EvilJekyll’s Electro mix) 07:54
4.Light on the Horizon (Captain X’s Industrial remix) 08:54
released March 13, 2012

Light on the Horizon (Single Version)
Angsty Lou – Drums
Captain X – Guitar, Vocals
EvilJekyll – Bass

Light on the Horizon (EvilJekyll’s Bowls of Doom mix)
EvilJekyll – Singing Bowls

Light on the Horizon (EvilJekyll’s Electro mix)
EvilJekyll – guitars, keys, drum programming

Light on the Horizon (Industrial remix)
Captain X – Guitar, Vocals

EvilJekyll – Photo
Design – Bubbles

3 Ambient [EP]
▶︎ 3 Ambient [EP] | Undercover Rabbis (bandcamp.com)

1.Awakening to a World of Hope and Uncertainty 09:48
2.An Airplane Taking Off 08:12
3.In the Sky Looking Underground 11:47
A collection of ambient tracks, featuring 3 simlar, but different lineups of Undercover Rabbis.
released September 30, 2011

The Official Website for Undercover Rabbis (paintmash.com)

(2) Undercover Rabbis – Tema – YouTube

(1) Undercover Rabbis | Facebook

Music | Undercover Rabbis (bandcamp.com)


Undercover Rabbis Empires CD Review

Posted on: April 29, 2014 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 1

An Empire Has Fallen is the opening track on Empires, and it comes forth with some sludgy and dark metal. The act is able to create a narrative using only instruments, and the resulting composition is enough to keep listeners amped up through a six-minute block. The production allows each element of the band to shine, even as the resulting contributions combine into something much more expansive.

Undercover Rabbis are able to tie together Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Venom, and even Black Sabbath. Bold guitar work that tattoos itself upon listeners can be heard during Moving Mountains, which grinds and shuffles through another five minutes. Ruins represents the middle of Empires, and the track’s length (nearly twelve minutes) allows Undercover Rabbis ample opportunity to create an epic track that will resound long after the album closes. The track captures a wide array of influences as the act is able to twist and turn the composition into something considerably different than when it began.

Turbulence of the Sun has the band craft a newer, more tribal (imagine Sepultura or early Godsmack) touch, which has a psychedelic, chaotic darkness draped over that. Light on the Horizon is the final track on Empires, and it represents a perfect blend of the styles that the band had broached up until this ultimate cut, while pushing through some compelling and otherwise distinct elements not heard anywhere else on the album.

The Empires release can be purchased from Undercover Rabbi’s Bandcamp, while individuals that want to find out more about the band can visit their ReverbNation for additional news and song uploads.

Top Tracks: An Empire Has Fallen, Turbulence on the Sun

Rating: 8.0/10


Undercover Rabbis Empires CD Review / 2014 Self / 5 Tracks / http://undercoverrabbis.bandcamp.com/ / http://www.reverbnation.com/undercoverrabbis

Undercover Rabbis Empires CD Review – NeuFutur Magazine


Undercover Rabbis Electric Sand CD Review

Posted on: October 1, 2015 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 1 Tags: Electric SandUndercover RabbisUndercover Rabbis Electric Sand

Undercover Rabbis Electric Sand CD Review in NeuFutur
Undercover Rabbis Electric Sand CD Review in NeuFutur

Rocket to Space begins with an expansive guitar line and smaller amount of instrumentation that will ensure listeners are focused in on what New Jersey’s Undercover Rabbis will ultimately do on their latest album, Electric Sand. The anger and fury, the indie meets stoner rock fuzz that the band creates during this initial track is spun a hundred different ways, but the talent of the act is what keeps each echoing guitar line and splashy drum beat contributing to the overall spirit of the composition. The vocal interlude that begins briefly before the mid-point of this nine-minute effort does well to create a narrative to which the second half can append.

Winter Sun has Undercover Rabbis create a howling, deliberately-plodding sound that elicits comparison to Sisters of Mercy, Rites of Spring, and Candlemass. A tet-a-tet between the guitars and vocals during this track pushes each to a higher plateau, while there is a bit of punk ferocity that reaches up into prominence at points.

Aurora Borealis begins in a slower, more pensive fashion that gradually gains some speed; the track’s keyboard ebb and flow into subsuming the track. Electric Sand concludes with Atillah and Goodbye Sky Captain; this section of Electric Sand fleshes out trends previously broached on the album while giving fans something new to chew on. The band destroys the belief that late-album tracks are put there because they are weaker; for listeners intending to familiarize themselves with Undercover Rabbis, these songs are essential.

For the latest in updates about Undercover Rabbis, the band’s Facebook is a great resource. For those wanting samples of the band’s music, visit their ReverbNation. We reviewed UR’s Empires back in April of 2014.

Top Tracks: Rocket to Space, Aurora Borealis

Rating: 8.3/10

Undercover Rabbis Electric Sand CD Review / 2015 Self / 6 Tracks / https://www.facebook.com/UndercoverRabbis / 

http://www.reverbnation.com/undercoverrabbis /

 http://www.myspace.com/444475980 /

Undercover Rabbis Electric Sand CD Review (neufutur.com)


Virtuous instrumental post metal of the American power trio, uses atmospheric, psychedelic textures, stonner, doom in a dark, tense, heavy way.

His melodies are long, traveling, full of twisted, noisy, high-pitched riffs, precisely loosely natural, structured by the salient bass and the guiding drums, which echo through the walls of sound.

His latest album “Relics from a Lost Future”, throws us into the basic roots of the doom / stonner / psychedelic 70s where the melody
“Olympus by Dusk” sets the stage for a magnificent 43:40 minute petard traveling in a floating hallucination full of virtuosity and creativity in the powerful “Beta Orionis” melody.

冬 の 月 (Winter Moon) is soft, atmospheric, paced, with beautiful chords and nuances, restoring the fragments uttered for yet another injection of ecstatic soils.

In the Pie closes this stupendous album in a cadenced way with slight oscillations, moving to more intense and euphoric synergy, brushed with mastery by an indelible vigor that breaks any established barrier.

Great and surprising work, congratulations Steve.

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