Ziriphon Fireking

We are Post-rock, Instrumental, Ambient Music Record Label of Bangkok, Thailand


▶︎ Ziriphon Fireking – Fireking | Ziriphon Fireking | Newlights Production (bandcamp.com)

1.Ziriphon Fireking – Ziriphon (สิริพร) 03:11
2.Detonation 05:07
3.เสียงของความเงียบ (10Hz) Feat.JOE 05:42
4.Sapling In Lava Feat.ATTA 05:02
5.201.1 Km 06:48
6.With hope 06:01
7.Well 06:32
8.Ready (พร้อม) 08:42
9.Fireking 05:34
Ziriphon Fireking is Post-rock, Instrumental band from Chiangmai, Thailand
and now also in Music Label “Newlights Production”

Newlights Production is Thailand Post-rock, Ambient, Instrumental Music Record Label

Now! We have a first album name “Fireking” please Support and Listen now.
released January 2, 2021

Buy: https://newlightsproduction.bandcamp….​
Genre: Post-Rock, Experimental, Instrumental
Artist: Ziriphon Fireking
Album: Fireking (January 2, 2021)
Country: Chiangmai, Thailand
Label : Newlights Production
Follow Ziriphon Fireking
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ziriphon​
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5WIwM…​
Follow Newlights Production
Bandcamp: https://newlightsproduction.bandcamp….​
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewlightsPro…​

▶︎ Ziriphon Fireking – Fireking | Ziriphon Fireking | Newlights Production (bandcamp.com)

(1) สิริพรไฟกิ่ง – Ziriphon Fireking | Facebook

(2) Ziriphon Fireking – Tema – YouTube

(2) Ziriphonfireking สิริพรไฟกิ่ง – YouTube


Ziriphon Fireking is one of Chiang Mai’s finest bands from a local indie label called Summer Disc. Though their music is not as heavy as the others, the melodies are quite sentimental with beautiful subtle atmospheres as a background. The intensity is gradually increasing throughout the song. The guitar leads really stand out at the last couple of minutes. In the end, I asked myself how the hell did I overlook them and their mellowness even though I saw the name for quite some time…

Thai Music Day #2: Ziriphon Fireking & Counterclockwise | by The Review Machine | Medium


Wonderful instrumental Thai post rock band, using ambient, soft, melancholy layered textures, with local style and metal brushes.

“Fireking” lives up to its name, with a surprising and oscillating cadence, igniting our sensitivity with the richness of details and emotions in each melody, with beautiful and complex arrangements of atmospheric background with sliding riffs, precise, sharp and distorted and great. fingerings, traveling keyboards, marked by a bass and a perfectly tuned drums.

Sensitivity emerges with mastery in the smooth and well-structured arrangements that oscillate in intense and virtuous waves that the guitars catch with precision.

All the melodies are great, and my favorite is “Ready” which shows all the creative potential in performance, arrangements, where it takes us to an ecstatic glimpse of feelings, marked by exquisite refinement in percussion, keyboards and strings.

Excellent work.

Aryon Maiden

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Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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