Genre: Post Rock, Instrumental
Artist: Noswal
Album: Reflections (February 12, 2021)
Country: Portland, Oregon, USA
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Noswal is a one-man instrumental progressive post-metal/post-rock project from Portland, OR that comes from the mind of Nick Lawson. Lawson released Pangaea which is a thirteen-song album. It’s very much in a hybrid of post-rock and post-metal.

I like to come up with ideas on guitar and see where they take me. Some of my favorite bands and influences over the years have been Mastodon, Coheed and Cambria, Opeth, Tool, Rush, Incubus, BTBAM, Tides of Man, Caspian, Cloudkicker, Russian Circles, The Contortionist, Animals As Leaders, Periphery… this could go on forever. If it’s melodic, heavy, pretty or interesting, I’m probably into it!  




  1. The Path 00:00​
  2. Spiral 01:50​
  3. First Terminus 07:27​
  4. Reflection I: Dark Past 11:44​
  5. Reflection II: Bright Future 16:56​
  6. The Navigator 22:09​
  7. Nova 25:59​
  8. Hope Returns 30:02​
  9. Personal Planet 33:51​
  10. Safe Passage 38:29​
  11. The Crown 40:10​

All rights reserved by Noswal.


▶︎ Pangaea | Noswal (

1.Trilobite 05:38
2.Resolve 02:34
3.Sacred Waters 04:58
4.Away With Words 05:50
5.Zawn 05:27
6.Transmission 03:39
7.Ocean Floor 05:05
8.Amoeba 04:06
9.Kelenken 04:45
10.Origin Glow 01:23
11.Mother’s Moon 06:20
12.Shores of Pangaea 05:00
13.Elixir of Life 03:28
‘Pangaea’ is the debut collection of instrumental songs from Noswal, a one-man post-rock/metal-inspired project from Portland, OR.
released July 10, 2020

Written/Performed/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Nick Lawson
Original Artwork by Toby Zur Loye (

(5) Pangaea – YouTube

(5) Noswal – Tema – YouTube


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Noswal - Pangaea
Noswal – Pangaea
Noswal - Pangaea

Post-rock music continuously evolves through decades, and this particular genre is currently on the rise. Piles of brand new records are popping out from nowhere, but despite quantity, each release possesses loads of qualities. Pangaea by relatively new post-rock outlet Noswal is one of those great albums worth mentioning. Judging by the minimal information presented on social media, it seems that the artist behind this marvelous act tends to stay anonymous as much as possible. Thankfully, some of the info leaked out, so Nick Lawson is responsible for everything from outstanding performance to the brilliant production skills.

I am not quite sure about his previous musical endeavors, but it seems that Nick is an experienced musician who’s entirely up to the task. Pangaea offers thirteen instrumental post-rock compositions, decorated by astounding musicianship that goes beyond the beforementioned genres. Besides the dominant pressence of post-rock sound, Noswal incorporates elements of post-metal, progressive metal, modern metal, sludge, post-hardcore, alternative, and indie rock. Each number bursts with impressive ideas, entertaining dynamics, and massive sound. The complete material encompasses all these elements into a comprehensive collection of well-balanced compositions that will keep your attention for a very long period.

Noswal bases his sound on calm atmospherics, which all of a sudden transform into giant slabs of skillfully composed guitar shreds. These atmospherics are carrying some delicate arpeggiated maneuvers, layered by impressive math-rock acrobatics. However, Noswal gradually builts in some complex modern metal riffages, followed by mindblowing guitar licks. Guitars are surrendering various harmonizations, polyphonous thematics, tapping sequences, subtle ambiances, and other technicalities. Still, Nick also leaves some spare room for other instruments to breathe in some soul into the material. The warm-sounding basslines are supporting the guitars throughout the entire material, but also serving as a binding element between guitars and drums. Nick also thought about the rhythmical structures of Pangea, so each segment carries very exhaustive rhythms that are perfectly suiting the harmonies. Therefore, Pangaea offers a full specter of appealing tones to the listeners who’re looking out for a technically demanding post-rock sound, decorated with soothing moments.

Judging by the overall listening experience, it seems that Nick spent quite some time working on these compositions. Each number carries something special and unique that will force you to come back for more. Noswal nurtures a very detailed approach to the post-rock music, fully stacked by characteristic passages, sound explorations, and experimentations with technically demanding music. Pangea represents a mindblowing debut that goes beyond the fundamentals of post-rock music, so this masterpiece requires your full attention. Head over to Noswal’s Bandcamp page and give it a spin.

Noswal – Pangaea – Thoughts Words Action

Brilliant multi-instrumentalist composer from Portland / Oregon.

Nick Lawson, made a fusion of post-rock and post-metal in Noswal, using layered textures of progressive metal, modern metal, sludge, post-hardcore, alternative, indie rock and of course his stupendous creative virtuosity.

In Pangea we have a material full of distorted, noisy, hit, sliding and precise riffs and chords in a progressive atmospheric environment, with soft melancholy tones marked by a beat, which oscillates in all styles used with a precise and harmonious harmony.

A well-designed, consistent, vibrant album, full of details, which shows all the potential to be explored with aplomb and talent to spare.

Reflections starts with a wonderful strumming in an atmospheric, well-designed, manly and impetuous atmospheric environment with striking beats and noisy and metallic distorted riffs.

The layers used were great with a highlight on the drums against the tempo and the rhythm guitar, sliding in a wealth of chords and details with a fastastica tuning.

Creative, immersive, conceptual album with exquisite refinement, beautiful work.

Aryon Maiden.

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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