Greek instrumental band of post metal.


A Collection Of Disturbances

A Collection Of Disturbances | superlens (

1.A New Perspective 04:59
2.I, Specular 04:39
3.The Shutter 01:34
4.Illumination 06:09
5.Resolve To Infinity 04:54
6.Far Field Echoes 04:45
7.Colors 05:05
8.Visual Lost 05:15
9.The Projection 02:16
Mixed & Mastered at Ergosphere Studios
released January 10, 2021

Special thanks to Matthew Pediaditis and Sot D for their support and ideas on ‘Illumination’ and ‘Visual Lost’

Progressive Metal/Progressive Rock from Greece.
Apple Music:​
✹A Collection Of Disturbances (2021) ✹
A New Perspective 00:00​
I, Specular 05:00​
The Shutter 09:38​
Illumination 11:13​
Resolve To Infinity 17:23​
Far Field Echoes 22:18​
Colors 27:03​
Visual Lost 32:09​
The Projection 37:24​
superlens​ #ACollectionOfDisturbances​ #progressivemetal​
Mixed & Mastered at Ergosphere Studios:​

(5) Superlens – YouTube

A Collection Of Disturbances | superlens (

(5) Superlens | Facebook

Brilliant Greek instrumental band of post metal, using layered textures of progressive, atmospheric, doom, metal and cinematographic.

His album A Collection Of Disturbances is imposing, full of noisy, distorted, high-pitched, precise, traveling riffs, with a vigorous protruding bass doom style, against a dark atmospheric background.

The cadence and the sound is increasing, involving and perfect, giving a dualistic impression of intense and combative interphase in performance and creation.

Creative, euphoric arrangements that slide into complex chords that duel with each other, providing a sound landscape full of cinematic details and arrangements.

An excellent album, shows all the creative and performing potential, in a talented and extrutural way.

Aryon Maiden

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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      1. really kind, your site is full of surprise.
        ps from prog fan to a prog fan, if you have pleasure take a look to my homepage, there’s a video for the 70th birthday of Terry Bozzio,
        with me, Marco Minnemann, Pat from King Crimson, Jordan Rudess and many more.
        Hope you enjoy ^_^

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