Empires of Light

Keyboard warrior made of roughly 70% water.

Post-Rock, Instrumental from Portland, Oregon.


Tyler Jass: Drums
Josh Riggs: Everything else


How To Build A Monolith

▶︎ How To Build A Monolith | Empires of Light (bandcamp.com)

1.Malariff 06:16
2.Sailors And Sirens 05:31
3.Leviathan Down 06:02
4.Violet Andromeda 04:55
5.Burn The Sky 05:58

released March 5, 2021

(1) Empires of Light – Tema – YouTube
Genre: Post-Rock, Instrumental
Artist: Empires of Light
Album: How To Build A Monolith (March 2, 2021)
Country: Portland, Oregon, USA
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Violet Andromeda

Violet Andromeda | Empires of Light (bandcamp.com)

released February 10, 2021
Josh Riggs: Everything but drums
Tyler Jass: Drums

Brilliant instrumental post rock band from Portland, using textures in layers of metal, progressive in an atmospheric background.

His debut album “How To Build A Monolith” was released today and has five very well-structured, intense, virtuous melodies, full of noisy, distorted, metallized, high-pitched rhythms, precise with creative fingerings, low protrusion and a shattering drums.

Composed of a duo where Tyler Jass plays the drums and
Josh Riggs the other instruments, with a harmonious and increasing cadence, and with an impeccable performance.

The explored soundscapes express an explosion of feelings that oscillate between the Duo, adding technique and creativity in perfect harmony.

All the melodies are great, it was difficult to choose a favorite,
I choose “Leviathan Down” lives up to the title, imposing and with absolute brilliance, great album.

Aryon Maiden.

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Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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