Ships Fly Up

Post rock, electronic, instrumental from Samara, Russia.

My name is Egor Fedotov. I’m a music composer, a dreamer, and a creator of the Ships Fly Up project. I hope my music will… give you some pleasant and unusual experience. Ships Fly Up’s peace is a combination of deep post-rock motifs and electronics.


Love and Freedom of the Great Ocean

Love and Freedom of the Great Ocean | Ships Fly Up (

1.Los Oceangeles 05:50
2.Wonderworker 05:21
3.Omen 05:38
4.I Just Wanna Go Home 04:22
5.I Wasn’t Born, So I Won’t Die 06:06
6.The Great Ocean 08:08
7.Lone Wonderer 03:46
8.Keep Your Freedom 05:51
9.Everything is a Secret 06:48
This album is the fourth release of the Ships Fly Up project
released August 20, 2020

All music and lyrics by Egor Fedotov
Mixed and mastered by Dmitriy Linev
Artwork by Alex Slod

(2) Ships Fly Up – Love and Freedom of the Great Ocean (2020, Full Album) – YouTube

Ghost Kingdom

Ghost Kingdom | Ships Fly Up (

1.Ghost Kingdom 08:49
2.About Death 07:05
3.I’m with You 04:43
4.Your Own World 05:56
5.Take My Hand 04:32
6.It Calls 04:19
7.Strange Game 05:01
8.Manifestation 04:34
9.Anomaly 06:05
“Ghost Kingdom” is the third studio album from “Ships Fly Up”
released March 15, 2019

Music, mixing, mastering and cover design by Egor Fedotov.
Album artwork is based on the photo by Tom Rickhuss.
Special thanks to Alex Vombat for his time and help with mastering.

Genre: Post rock, electronic, instrumental
Artist: Ships Fly Up
Album: Ghost Kingdom (March 15, 2019)
Country: Samara, Russia​​​​​​…

Dream Maker

Dream Maker | Ships Fly Up (

1.Initiation 05:12
2.The Shining World 05:26
3.Dream Maker 05:21
4.Homeland 05:11
5.Catch the Moment 05:17
6.Deliverance 03:14
7.Find the Key 04:55
8.Vakudabi 04:28
9.Very Far 04:05
10.Rebirth 04:20
Meet the second full-length album “Dream Maker” from “Ships Fly Up”
released June 20, 2018

All music by Egor Fedotov
Mixing and mastering by Dmitry Linev
Art by brnstew

(2) Ships Fly Up – Dream Maker (Full album, 2018) – YouTube

Journey to Ranucan

Journey to Ranucan | Ships Fly Up (

1.The Way of the Heart 03:37
2.Discoverers 04:09
3.Girl Singing About the Moon 04:30
4.Journey to Ranucan 03:34
5.The Source 03:44
6.You Can Change Everything 05:33
7.Striped Flow 04:13
8.Andrean Zimeng 04:19
9.Hide and Seek 03:50
10.Global Illumination 04:12
“The album which I’m honored to present you is like a book to me. On its pages I’ve described my amazing journey to places that are not even on any map. I feel a little bit like a writer, even though my strange manuscript has no words except for one chapter, but it was also written without ink and pen.

I invite you to make a journey to the mysterious changing worlds and every time you may see them in a new light. They are inconceivable and the number of them is endless. Let the music be your guide. If you trust it and allow to lead, the journey will be a memorable one as it was with me.

Music is the bridge that connects not only worlds but also our hearts. Something is probably waiting for you across the bridge, and you still can’t take a step forward. Go ahead. Follow your heart which is your own music. It sounds inside everyone of us, and together we’re forming the grand orchestra of the Universe. If you haven’t started your trip yet then it’s time to do it. It’s worth it. I love you. Happy journey.”

Egor Fedotov
A composer/creator of Ships Fly Up
released March 29, 2017

Egor Fedotov – all music, guitar
Kamil Gatin – bass
Dmitriy Linev – mixing and mastering
brnstew – cover art

Thanks to Dmitriy Linev, Kamil Gatin, brnstew, Evgeniya Soshkina, Igor Murzin, Alex Vombat

Check out official videos for tracks from this album:
“You Can Change Everything”
“Journey to Ranucan”
“The Way of the Heart”

(2) Ships Fly Up – Journey to Ranucan (Full Album, 2017) – YouTube

(2) Ships Fly Up – YouTube


Ghost 1

Album Reviews 2019

Album Review: Ships Fly Up – Ghost Kingdom (Self Released)

 Carl ‘The Disc’ Fisher

Egor Fedotov from Samara, Russia is a music composer, a dreamer and a creator of the project Ships Fly Up that may become a guide to mysterious worlds for all. A project mixing post-rock, synth-rock and instrumental music. Ghost Kingdom is his new album and was released on March 15th 2019.

Ghost 2

Very much what someone might think of when it comes to describing post rock, Ships Fly Up’s Ghost Kingdom is a showcase of many of the great points surrounding the style of music.

What we have here is a great album, one built on haunting emotional soundscapes. Often light, airy and mysterious, the 9 tracks blend together to create an impressive picture. From the colour and warmth of the title track to the ringing hopeful sadness of Your Own World and the calming closer of Anomaly.

All of that is positive and makes it worth checking out but it’s not just about the ‘post’. Intriguing use of synth, often subtle, really makes a wealth of difference in turning the energy of a track on its head. Some of the most exciting moments in Ghost Kingdom come from these and will be what most remember long after it ends.

That and how it makes you feel when it chooses to get a little darker. About Death is a good example of that.

Any album that makes you feel is always going to be a good thing in our books. That someone’s work can elect an emotional response is the very essence of creation. That Ghost Kingdom can do that is well worth praising and remembering. At 51 minutes, it is an investment and not something digestible in one sitting. Stick around, have a few more tastes and you’ll find you never really get full.

Ghost 1
Ships Fly Up – Ghost Kingdom Full Track Listing:

1. Ghost Kingdom
2. About Death
3. I’m with You
4. Your Own World
5. Take My Hand
6. It Calls
7. Strange Game
8. Manifestation
9. Anomaly


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Album Review: Ships Fly Up – Ghost Kingdom (Self Released) – Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life (

A brilliant multi-instrumentalist Russian composer of post rock, they use ambient layered textures, electronic, progressive, somber in an atmospheric background.

In its four albums we have sophisticated melodies, well structured, full of feelings in ethereal and immersive landscapes.

With a genuine and melancholy beauty, his work contemplates serenity in a smooth and growing cadence, with beautiful arrangements and chords that oscillate in the depths of our mind.

His work is elegant, technical, creative, invoking the existential ethereal perception with mastery with a perfect and impressive harmony.

Great work, I recommend,

Aryon Maiden

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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