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BRUME is a solo project from Nice, France created by Gaëtan Zampa (First Came the Shadow, TERRARIUM) inspired by post-rock, post-metal, ambient music, conceptual art, minimalism and cinema.

His debut EP “Tunnel” has been released in november 2020 while the first album is currently in progress.

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′′ Tunnel ′′ offers five short instrumental pieces, intended to heal loss and sorrow. The loss of loved ones. The loss of meaning. The loss of self in the turmoil of the world. They are beautiful and dark, they are introspective and meditative.

Totoromoon 16 de dezembro de 2020
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Nenhuma descrição disponível.



Tunnel | BRUME (

1.Tunnel 03:05
2.Labyrinthe #1 03:34
3.Mirage 04:12
4.Labyrinthe #2 05:42
5.Halo 03:13
released November 20, 2020

Recorded, mixed and mastered by BRUME between May and October 2020
Artwork by BRUME
Tape version by Sleepless Owl Records available on

À Julie, à nos mamies, à Antoine

Genre: Post-Rock, Ambient, Instrumental
Artist: BRUME
EP: Tunnel
Country: Nice, France
YouTube :…


BRUME is a post-rock solo project by Gaëtan Zampa where he uses textures in layers of experimental, with influences of conceptual art, metal, minimalism, immersive, dark, and cinema with an atmospheric background.

Gaëtan Zampa is a composer, producer, and guitarist in the bands: Terrarium; First Came The Shadow, and Co-Founder / Producer at Post-Rock Riviera.

Tunnel is composed of five immersive melodies, somber very well elaborated in an atmospheric background of a smooth reflective cadence with electronic details that express the anxiety and external tensions in the midst of distorted and noisy riffs.

The sentimental charge is immersive in a scenario of somber soundscapes that deepen in each melody, in strumming that lead to the edge of doubt and uncertainty in each chord spoken.

A beautiful reflective and creative album, I recommend.

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