Cinematic post rock from France.

flyingdeadman – post-rock & vidéo (


Damien: drums

Tof: bass

Fab: guitar

Aurel: guitar / samples / video

Roolyo: direction sound


“Created almost fifteen years ago in Bressuire, in Les Deux-Sèvres, but having undergone several line-up changes, flyingdeadman after three duet albums is now a quartet.

Fromthen 2010, flyingdeadman chose to orient itself towards instrumental post-rock through an aerial rock… both refined and full of rage. flyingdeadman brilliantly develops the art of chiaroscuro dear to the best post-rock bands. Between wild force and delicacy, instrumental compositions with rich melodies are sensitive and worked. (Totoromoon).

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The night

The night | flyingdeadman (

1.Reaching out (2:49 AM) 08:51
2.Barbara (3:33 AM) 09:16
3.A haven and a jail (4:00 AM) 06:39
4.Dawn at the gates (5:25 AM) 06:37
5.Hopes and an open heart (6:10 AM) 04:32
Fabien : Guitar
Aurélien : Guitar & programmation
Damien : Drums
Christophe : Bass

All tracks based on the movie “The night of the living dead” directed by George A Romero

Home recorded in july 2020.

Thanks to Guigui, Roolyo, Antoine, Claire, Ghislain, Wilfried, Vaness

contact :
released November 1, 2020

Live @ salle Emeraude

Live @ salle Emeraude | flyingdeadman (

1.Two needles – live (free) 07:42
2.Rewind t’ill we can restart again – live (free) 06:21
3.Exit from the polar shield – live (free) 06:36
4.Kathlyn – live (free) 04:35
5.56 seasons between our lives – live (free) 10:02
6.Abrasive skins – live (free) 07:43
7.One lover’s gone – live (free) 04:20
Fabien : guitar
Aurélien : guitar and programmation
Damien : drums
Tof : bass
Roolyo : live sound engineer
released October 4, 2018

Contact :

Recorded live the 4/20/2018 @ salle Emeraude

Thanks to Antoine (studio mobile du conservatoire de musique du bocage bressuirais) / l’asso Boc’hall / le Camji

Artist: flyingdeadman
Album: Live @ salle Emeraude
Release: October 5, 2018
Genre: instrumental post-rock, ambient
Location: Bressuire, France…​​

56 seasons

56 seasons | flyingdeadman (

1.Abrasive skins (free) 07:37
2.Kathlyn (free) 04:26
3.56 seasons between our lives (free) 10:23
4.A strange feeling last night (free) 05:38
5.Rewind till we can restart again (free) 07:50
6.Your line (free) 06:18
Fabien : guitar
Aurélien : guitar and programmation
released January 5, 2017

contact :

written and home recorded between march 2014 & december 2016
master : studio du chien noir

Thanks to Roolyo, Antoine, Claire

sending fires to the sky

sending fires to the sky | flyingdeadman (

1.exit from the polar shield (free) 06:33
2.soul journey through rays of dawn (free) 06:37
3.ilae (free) 06:31
4.near the shore (free) 05:56
5.this is the last time… (free) 09:12
6.…I see you… (free) 04:13
7.…for the first time (free) 04:32
Fabien : guitar
Aurélien : guitar and programmation

contact :

written and home recorded between february 2012 & february 2014.

Thanks to Roolyo, Guigui, Ced, Math and Maëlle
released March 19, 2014

the forgotten t​(​h​)​ree

the forgotten t(h)ree | flyingdeadman (

1.Opium’s failure (free) 03:58 lover’s gone (free) 04:16
3.two needles (free) 08:56
4.the forgotten t(h)ree (free) 03:23
5.four issues (free) 08:57
6.five knights dying (free) 06:43
7.six lights shinning in the night (bonus track) (free) 08:19
Fabien : guitar
Aurélien : guitar and programmation

contact :
released August 13, 2011

(3) flyingdeadman – YouTube

(3) flyingdeadman – Tema – YouTube


Presse – flyingdeadman (


Published on by Totoromoon

I often notice, there is a little apprehension in me that mixes with the excitement I feel when I listen for the first time to the new album of a band that I particularly like. The haste of discovery. The height of expectations. Fear of disappointment.

Three years ago, with three beautiful albums, I wrote of Flyingdeadman that he had become one of my favorite French post-rock bands. A few days ago, the duo returned as a quartet and presented “The Night”, their fourth album. It happened to me a few weeks before its release. To honour his name, I listened to him at nightfall, with this excitement mixed with apprehension. And it was a pleasure to see that, far from disappointing me, he exceeded all my expectations.

“The Night” thus confirms the beautiful place that Flyingdeadman continues to occupy for me in the French post-rock landscape. And I highly recommend it.

In 1968, George A. Romero gave birth to the horror “The Night of the Living Dead”. It is from this now cult film that is inspired by “The Night”. Flyingdeadman extracts the dialogues that mark the record, making the film its red thread, and setting to music in its own way the terrifying atmosphere of that famous night.

Five pieces. Five moments. Five emotions. Each with a precise schedule, giving shape to the temporality of this night crossing. Journey to the heart of a drama under construction.

In addition to the wild and ethereal guitars of Aurelien and Fabien, Damien’s drums and Christophe’s bass are added, and It is four that Flyingdeadman records, for the first time in ten years, a record. Here, the battery is no longer electronic, and the bass is no longer drowned in the mix but well put forward as I like. The sound is both more natural, fuller and more powerful.

More than just samples of cinematic dialogues integrated into the songs, the voices blend from end to end perfectly in the music, the latter having been composed from them, not the other way around. The resulting dramatic tension is thus of overwhelming intensity, gravity and beauty. Splendid.

“The Night” is available from November 1st at free prices on Bandcamp. Hurry up.

To find out:


  • Reaching out (2.49 AM)
  • Barbara (3.33 AM)
  • A haven and a jail (4.00 AM)
  • Dawn at the gates (5.25 AM)
  • Hopes and an open heart (6.10 AM)



Eglantine / Totoromoon

FLYINGDEADMAN The Night – totoromoon (


Published by Totoromoon


With talent and without making any noise, the French duo Flyingdeadman continues on their way. A few days ago, Flyingdeadman gave birth to his third album, “56 Seasons”. First album released in 2017 chronicled by Totoromoon, it is a marvel of post-rock in chiaroscuro … perfect to start the year off.

Fabien and Aurélien are modest, discreet and sensitive. They are such that I like to imagine the musicians who make up post-rock. The travelling soul, dreaming of an elsewhere to reach by closing his eyes, escaping by the force of their imagination, through notes of guitars both intense and luminous.

They were not sure of themselves by composing “56 Seasons”, they doubted the quality of their compositions. Perfectionists, they needed the advice of some of their relatives and music lovers of their acquaintance. It was so a few weeks before its release that I had the chance to discover two of the six tracks on the record. Two pieces that immediately conquered me. Perfect in their melodic structure and in the strength of their emotions. I then waited impatiently for the release of the record. And the whole conquered me in turn.

Flyingdeadman presents “56 Seasons” as an EP. But, with its six tracks and 42 minutes of impeccable consistency, it is for me a true album that has nothing to envy to the latest international post-rock releases. An album of remarkable quality, whose care is relentlessly focused on the meticulous search for the outpouring of emotion, and so rich that it is hard to believe that it is the fruit of only two musicians.

Abrasive Skins opens the album with a thick curtain of electrified guitars. These-if lighten little by little, sparkle, and then fly away more beautiful. They carry a melody that is progressively haunting, vibrating under powerful percussion. A nearly 8-minute introduction, striking and successful. Kathlyn introduces a sample of dialogue, where two voices, one male and the other female, respond in what seems a distant temporal elsewhere. A rampage of guitars soon unfolds, as if they were trying to shut them up. Unleashing that soon gives way to a delicate appeasement, slowly stretched along the 10 minutes of the next piece. The instrumental 56 Seasons Between Our Lives is thus all in volutes where strength and softness meet in majesty. Brilliant. The voices return in A Strange Feeling Last Night. They open the song and give the guideline, sliding along delicate guitar notes and a powerful drums without ever being overwhelming. A cleverly constructed crescendo carries up to the next piece. Entitled Rewind Till We Can Restart Again, it is undoubtedly my favorite track of the record. Built around serious and heartbreaking percussion, it condenses everything I love about Flyingdeadman. Careful arrangements, waves of sounds with chiseled shades in a perfect clear-osbcur, and a melody of stunning beauty… The record might stop on this fantastic track, but its closing track is just as fabulous. Your Line, in the dramatic intensity of a desperate female voice sample, closes the record brilliantly.

After three successful albums without ever faltering, I can now say: Flyingdeadman is one of my favorite French post-rock bands. And I wish him the long and beautiful musical life he deserves.

“56 Seasons” is free to download on Bandcamp. And it is to be savoured as a matter of urgency.

To find out:


  • Abrasive Skins
  • Kathlyn
  • 56 Seasons Between Our Lives
  • A Strange Feeling Last Night
  • Rewind Till We Can Restart Again
  • Your Line




FLYINGDEADMAN 56 Seasons – totoromoon (

Brilliant French band of post rock instrumentals, using layered, progressive, atmospheric textures on a cinematic background.

Formed by the Duo, Fabien and Aurélien, both technicians with exquisite refinement, two new talents were added, Damien and Tof, added on the album “The Night”, both virtuous and talented and are in perfect harmony.

Their melodies are long, well-structured, immersive, thematic, full of positive, sliding, noisy, twisted riffs, a prominent bass and a guiding drums in both times.

With a smooth and increasing cadence, sensitivity arises in each chord and arpeggio delivered in a complex and refined immersed soundscape, exploding in an intense virtuosity of emotions.

Constancy, technique, creativity, and perfectionism are trademarks of the band, bringing in each album the polishing of these gems.

With an impressive quality of creation and a masterful resourcefulness, his melodies are pearls of unspeakable beauty, which glide over the edge of consciousness.

Congratulations and thanks for sharing Aurélien, it was a privilege to appreciate your collection.

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