Post metal from Russia. Inspired by myths, shamanic stories, existentialism, mysticism, books and movies. All Raljarn participants came from the North.

Raljarn – is the name of the character. All songs are based on describing his perception of the world or the opposite (world perception of him). He is some sort of a shaman. His «shamanic abilities» are inspired by the book of Max Frei «the Complaint Book». He is able to experience life through other perspectives and to collect that experience. At this point song names like DeadHuman, DarkHuman, etc should start to make sense. Ral in Raljarn stands for Raido and Algiz – runes of Elder Futhark. But I’m not ready yet to explain why I chose these particular runes. Now to the album. Practicing Death – the name itself is a reference to a greek philosopher Plato. He was saying something like gaining knowledge – is remembering what your soul has forgotten. And every chunk of knowledge makes the soul more free. And when you’re dead, your soul is completely free and now remembers everything. So that’s the name Practicing Death here – gaining knowledge and experience.As always there is a human behind the songs. So this case is not an exception. All these stories are based on my own perception of the world. It consists of several concepts that are somehow blend together. First of all there is existentialism and the absolute of subjective experience, then comes the mythology with it powerful archetypes, then comes me «professional deformation» – love for technology, AI, etc, and on top of that there is love to chthonic, ancient and mystic. From one point of view I was writing these song because I know how to blend all this concepts together, from other point of view I was writing these songs to understand how to blend these concepts in myself. The artwork is a possible look of Raljarn. Made by incredible @jokris_wizard_of_oz after my tales about the project. She’s also responsible for my tattoos. The only tattooer I trust. #raljarn#music#practicingdeath#concept#metal#postmetal#mathmetal

(6) Raljarn | Facebook

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Practicing Death. Wordless.

▶︎ Practicing Death. Wordless. | Raljarn (bandcamp.com)

1.North Omens – Instrumental 02:07
2.UrgeHuman – Instrumental 06:24
3.MetaHuman – Instrumental 05:04
4.the Whale Song – Instrumental 02:29
5.PostHuman – Instrumental 05:42
6.DarkHuman – Instrumental 05:27
7.DeadHuman – Instrumental 05:49
8.I Speak Into the Dark – Instrumental 02:56
Instrumental version of Practicing Death. Mix of post metal, math metal and some black metal.
released March 12, 2021

Dan Mikhalchenko – Music, Guitar, Bass

Practicing Death

Practicing Death | Raljarn (bandcamp.com)

1.North Omens feat. Gleb Shashkov 02:07
2.UrgeHuman feat. Artem Sergeev 06:24
3.MetaHuman feat. Artem Sergeev 05:04
4.the Whale Song feat. Artem Sergeev 02:29
5.PostHuman feat. Gleb Shashkov 05:42
6.DarkHuman feat. Ivan Evseev 05:27
7.DeadHuman feat. Ivan Hansen 05:49
8.I Speak Into the Dark feat. Artem Sergeev 02:56
Cold conceptual album. Mix of post metal, math metal and some black.
released January 21, 2021

Dan Mikhalchenko – Music/Lyrics/Guitar/Bass
Artem Sergeev – Vocals/Lyrics(Tracks 2, 3, 4, 8)
Gleb Shashkov – Vocals(Tracks 1, 5)
Ivan Evseev – Vocals(Track 6)
Ivan Hansen – Vocals/Lyrics(Track 7)


DeadHuman | Raljarn (bandcamp.com)

There is Death in Every life. There is Life in every Death.
Through life
It seems
We are
Through death
We are
the universe

This pain I feel from holding on
Is it really worth it?
And should I die, will it go away?
It seems too good to be true

Since I’m here right now, against all odds
What makes me think I could end it?
The absolute, the infinity
It don’t seem I would seize to be

‘Cause the universe finds a way

Take my pain away from holding on
I cannot see the path I walk In this black hole
It seems like everything is pushing over
Nothing seems to cut it through so
Reach my hand and take it all away

Stray the path
Break the fate
Build the dream
Struggle is all for nothing
Bring it down
Give it up
Let it go
The force is already upon us

The sun
The universe
Take it back again
released May 1, 2020
Dan Mikhalchenko: Music, Guitars, Bass
Ivan Hansen: Vocals, Lyrics

North Omens

North Omens | Raljarn (bandcamp.com)

Opening track for an upcoming album
released February 24, 2020
Music/Bass/Guitar/Concept – Daniil Mikhalchenko
Vox/Lyrics -Ivan Evseev


DarkHuman | Raljarn (bandcamp.com)

Lovecraft inspired story…
The path made of blood
Under the moonlight
I feel my memories
My dreams were my reality
I just want to come back

The cold, lifeless stone
Will accept my key
To get me through time and space
I will find myself Whole but unshaped
And He will welcome me
They knew I will come

Lead me, the Ancient one
I will unleash the secrets

Lead me, the Ancient one
Swallowing the horror,
I will unleash the secrets

I placed myself near their thrones
One of them is mine
My trial starts here
Absolute nothingness embraced me
I placed myself near their thrones.
Absolute nothingness embraced me.

When I’m awake
They all are gone
But I see the truth now
Nameless moon presence
Was always with me
Always watching me
I see the source of my dream

The cold, lifeless stone
Will accept my key
Made of old blood
I collected what’s mine
And paid the price.

When I’m awake
They all are gone
But I see the truth now
Nameless moon presence
Was always with me
Always watching me
released December 11, 2019

(3) Raljarn – YouTube


Russian instrumental post metal rock band, using layered textures of math, metal and some black metal, Progressive Metal, Djent on an atmospheric background.

His debut was on December 11, 2019 with the album “DarkHuman” by the composer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Mikhalchenko, intense, mystical, immersive, with black vocals, full of distorted, high-pitched, splayed, and precise riffs, which lead us to the ends of the imaginable. and dark of each one of us.

Faithfully maintaining its line of action, it launched North Omens, DeadHuman, Practicing Death and on March 12, 2021 Practicing Death. Wordless, this totally instrumental with quotes, approaching its creation with creative and well elaborated arrangements, impressive fingerings, with a growing and vigorous oscillating cadence in a beautiful creative and performing sound landscape.

Great work,

Aryon Maiden

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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