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Great news: We are going to release our first full-length album via Fluttery Records. We are happy to be part of this great label. Stay tuned for more information.

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A Simple Act of Redirection

A Simple Act of Redirection | Rædsel (bandcamp.com)

1.Quicksand 06:13
2.Impetus 06:58
3.Geyser 08:23
released March 6, 2018

All songs recorded, mixed and mastered by rædsel
Artwork and Layout by rædsel and rinelau.

Genre: Post rock, progressive, instrumental
Artist: Rædsel
EP: A Simple Act of Redirection (March 6, 2018)
Country: Kassel, Germany


In portrait:

Rédsel from Kassel

We would like to introduce the young, ambitious post-rock band R edsel from Kassel. At the beginning of March 2018, the trio made their debut in the form of an EP entitled “A Simple Act of Redirection”. The guests play a progressively inspired post-rock with experimental nuances. A mixture that visibly also generates enthusiasm among the audience. We introduce you to the band a little closer, the band history and what the three are planning in the future.
The current line-up consists of Koray Ütkür on bass, while Richard Faber and Andreas Kumerics can be found on guitar and drums respectively. The band’s name is derived from the writings of the Danish philosopher Saren Aabye Kierkegaard. The Three found his definition of “fear” as a subliminal, often unconscious basic mood that also inspired music. The fact that it resembles the German “puzzle” in sound, the band also liked quite well. This ambiguity then contributed to the use of the word as a band name.

The three got to know each other through mutual

friends. Koray and Andreas got to know each other through their joint biology studies and so the circles of friends met. All had or have other band projects that go towards post-hardcore and post-metal. These, of course, also influence the case of the town of Redsel. The foundation stone at the beginning of the band therefore consisted of the area of stoner rock, with which the band experimented. But then the whole thing developed in this post-rock/progrock direction. The fact that one has a musical and thematic freedom in songwriting, the three appreciate most.

The debut EP: A Simple Act of Redirection

First impressions are provided by the current EP “A Simple Act of Redirection”, with positive feedback from different corners of the world. And that’s also appropriate, because on the EP, R’dsel celebrates multi-layered rock with balanced borrowings from post-rock and progressive rock. Conceptually, the topic of reorientation or impulse perception in a predicament from true life situations during the development process has been well integrated into the musical concept. Thus, a symbiosis of theme and new song ideas has slowly emerged. The focus was on picking up moods that matched the themes. Sources of inspiration were movies, series and games such as Oldboy, Fargo or Final Fantasy. He was also inspired by images such as those by Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper.

band: “The titles of the three songs, and the fact that we chose three songs in general, resulted from the process of reorientation. That is, sinking, impulse and buoyancy – thesis, antithesis, synthesis. We then titled this with the natural phenomena of quicksand and geysers. In addition, we have repeatedly accompanied this theme in musical stylistic means, such as mood, key, volume or rhythm changes.”

When writing their compositions, the band therefore also takes the traditional path. You meet at regular intervals and then exchange ideas. Most of the time Richard and Andreas have a guitar riff, a melody or a rhythm and this idea is then expanded. Koray is often the critical voice and keeps the whole thing on the ground. The pieces are written and recorded directly on the computer.

Always process new themes musically

In doing so, the focus is already on a follow-up work, even if one focuses primarily on the live set in order to be able to play the first concerts soon. However, the three collect conceptual and musical ideas in parallel. Whether this will be another EP or a full-length album, it is not yet decided. Equally open is the question of whether it will be strongly inspired by “A Simple Act of Redirection” thematically and musically.

They are certainly one of many talented bands that will sooner or later assert themselves internationally, because their style is not too often represented in the creative field of post-rock.

A foundation stone has already been laid at national level. You are not alone, because German post-rock does not have to hide.

The three: “There are many great, creative bands and artists in Germany, where you sometimes wonder that they no longer have international reach. MMTH, O (circle), Kokomo, Apoa, Long Distance Calling, Colaris, Watered but also bands like The Ocean are a great figurehead for the post-rock landscape in Germany.”

Next, as I said, the three from Kassel plan to create an expanded live performance. In the long term, they see themselves in this constellation as a band that will always process new themes musically and will also come together again and again in a friendly manner. Of course, there is also the aim to develop musically and to include other instruments, genres and stylistic means.

The band R’dsel is another rising star at the firmament of the post-rock, which will shine brighter and brighter from time to time, one can be completely convinced of this.

Im Porträt: Rædsel aus Kassel (weebly.com)

Brilliant German post rock instrumental band, using layered textures of progressive, metal, stoner, melancholy.

His debut album “A Simple Act of Redirection”, has three long, well-structured melodies, full of sliding, treble, precise riffs, wonderful strumming, low bass and a drums in both times.

With a smooth and increasing cadence, it shows an exquisite creativity and technique, which erupts in feelings in each chord uttered, with an impressive virtuosity.

His musical background traces numerous sound scenarios with impeccable tuning and a brilliance in conceptual arrangements with an ecstatic resourcefulness.

A complete, exquisite album, which sharpens our desire to appreciate the next work that is being outlined, it was a privilege to appreciate his work, a success for the Band.

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