fragments of an empire

Post rock instrumental band, experimental, classic, drone, shoegaze and jazz, from Graz, Austria

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Armin Poglitsch – drums
Daniel Gutmann – guitar
Klaus Wohlgemuth – guitar
Lisa Kaufmann – violin
Renate Walter – flute
Werner Wohlgemuth – upright bass



exil | fragments of an empire (

1.aphelious 07:07
2.solaris 15:41 04:43
4.locked doors / drawn curtains 15:46
released July 1, 2017

recorded by Hannes Kumke at the Theatre Hall Gnas, April/Juni 2016
mixed by Hannes Kumke + FRAGMENTS
mastered by Bernd Heinrauch
released by Pumpkin Records – pump 93-2017

thanks to people who lent us equipment: Patrick Möstl (8-Track Tascam), Paul Pfleger + Michael Königshofer + Karl Pfeiler (Drum Equipment)
to erveryone involved: THANK YOU FRIENDS!

Armin Poglitsch, Daniel Gutmann, Klaus Wohlgemuth, Lisa Kaufmann, Renate Walter, Werner Wohlgemuth
write to: fragments(at)

Genre: Post rock, drone, neoclassical
Artist: Fragments of an Empire
Album: EXIL (July 1, 2017)
Country: Graz, Austria


▶︎ “Gimel” | fragments of an empire (

1.12 days absence 01:59
2.Interaction 13:12
3.Gilead 11:50
4.100 steps 04:50
5.chant of birds from afar collapsing in the mist of my skinny chords 03:39
6.destruction (of dark cyborgs) 10:09 the lake there´s a mountain 12:45
Recorded 2013 in Wörth/Gnas at the music hall by our dear friend Hannes Kumke. Again, we had a great time together!
The front cover photo was taken at a collapsing shag, north of Wörth, where a man disappeared for 12 days.
released October 20, 2013

recorded & masterd by Hannes Kumke
vocals on “100 steps” recorded by Werner Wohlgemuth
mixed by Hannes Kumke & fragments of an empire
music, photos & artwork by fragments of an empire

fragments are:
Armin Poglitsch, Daniel Gutmann, Klaus Wohlgemuth, Werner Wohlgemuth

additional musicians:
choir on “in the lake there´s a mountain”:
Armin Klampfer, Christian Pirchheim, Elisabeth Hütter, Lisa Kaufmann, Renate Walter, Silvia Wohlgemuth, Armin Poglitsch, Klaus Wohlgemuth, Werner Wohlgemuth

vocals on “100 steps”:
Julia Kaufmann, Konstantina Risovalis, Lisa Kaufmann, Susanne Klampfer

Glockenspiel on “Gilead”:
Silvia Wohlgemuth

musical stuff lent by:
Patrick Möstl, Rene Wohlgemuth, Roswitha Rupp, Matthias Götz, Michael Königshofer

to erveryone involved: THANK YOU FRIENDS!

released at Pumpkin Records (
feel free to write us:

One picture video
Album: “Gimel” ( 2013 )
Fragments of an Empire are an instrumental, progressive rock, post-rock band from Austria

I´ve left the house with light clothes only / now I´ll never get warm again

▶︎ I´ve left the house with light clothes only / now I´ll never get warm again | fragments of an empire (

1.baleful 12:13 phase 13:00 taking a train 02:54
4.I´m not here 07:00
5.inner flame 18:05
6.the time in between 01:52
this was our 2nd album. we got very special ideas for the recording sound and so for the architecture of the recording room. we want a lot of “good” and real reverb and a real-time recording at once. we found that place (very near to the family Wohlgemuth) in a concert hall in Wörth/Gnas. Hannes drove all the way down from Germany to south Austria by carring all his equipment (how we love this fellow!) and so we started…..
released November 30, 2009

Armin Poglitsch – Drums, Glockenspiel
Daniel Gutmann – Guitar
Klaus Wohlgemuth – Guitar, Pump Organ
Werner Wohlgemuth – Bass, Piano

recording, mixing and mastering by Hannes Kumke
music, mixing and artwork by fragments of an empire
released by Pumpkin Records (

unspoken E​.​P.

▶︎ unspoken E.P. | fragments of an empire (

1.ouverture 05:12
2.what can not be spoken 11:56
3.variation on a strange thing called happiness 05:24
4.melancholia 09:57
5.freezing river 05:32
6.blind mirror 08:13
you are able to download this E.P. for free on:

It´s a kind of a compilation of tracks we created after our album “I´ve left the house….” in 2009. These tracks were never meant to be part of a record, but playing this stuff for so long, we thought we´ll bring it to a close – and record them.
After all, we like to get into the technical knowledge of recording music for ourself and so we met in our beloved OFFBEAT RANCH in Grabersdorf and get the thing started…
released June 29, 2011

music, recording, mixing and artwork by fragments of an empire
exept 2nd mixing and mastering by Hannes Kumke.
artwork was made with help of Susanne Wagner.
drums on “melancholia” by Toni Tamtögl.

released by and pumpkin rec. ( in 2011

“Melancholia” An amazing track taken from the Album : Unspoken E.P.
Released : 29 June 2011 in Austria (Graz)
Genre : Experimental, Post Rock, Ambient
All rights belong to the band.
For more infos you can visit :​​…​

live at Glam / 14​.​09​.​2012

▶︎ live at Glam / 14.09.2012 | fragments of an empire (

1.S.A.S. 05:00
2.destruction (of dark cyborgs) 11:45
3.interaction 13:08
this ain´t a album. it´s part of a live-recording-set we played in Feldbach at the GLAM in September 2012.
Robert Anagnostopoulos recorded the whole mess.
if you are interessted to it, suck it down! and if you like to have more of that concert, write us a mail. we´ll fix that for you.
released September 14, 2012

recorded and mixed by Robert Anagnostopoulos
****thank you, man!

fragments of an empire

▶︎ fragments of an empire | fragments of an empire (

1.remember the king 12:13
2.that´s why we are here and they are there 05:51
3.may god forgive us 13:05
4.luzifer 07:50
5.anticlockwise + hidden track (girls gone wild) 24:35
It´s the first record we´ve ever made. After two years of surching a new way to express ourselfs (finally as FRAGMENTS OF AN EMPIRE), we packed our instruments and moved to a shag in Wörth/Gnas, where Hannes Kumke recorded this early songs. In between hay bales and wooden walls this first born came to see the light of the world.
released October 10, 2007

recorded, mixed & masterd by Hannes Kumke
music by fragments of an empire (c)
package artwork by Josef Fürpass
graphic artwork by Richard Weinhandl
recorded in Wörth/Gnas 2007

Music | fragments of an empire (

(18) fragments of an empire – YouTube



17 JULY 2017

The post-rock collective FRAGMENTS OF AN EMPIRE has been known in Austria for a long time: The sextet has been mixing up the scene for more than ten years, the new album “exil” (Pumpkin Records) was released on July 1, 2017.

Although the general genre of fragments of an empire is post-rock, the six cannot be definitively attached to it: the constant preoccupation with new music, jazz, drone and folklore characterizes the musical output of the collective in every album. In recent years, it has developed its very own sound, which further developed and shaped post-rock. Armin Poglitsch (drums, piano, harmonium), Daniel Gutmann (guitar), Lisa Kaufmann (violin, percussion), Klaus Wohlgemuth (guitar), Renate Walter (cross flute, percussion) and Werner Wohlgemuth (bass, double bass, percussion) are instrumentally broad – the question of the vocals does not arise at all because of the numerous instruments.

Cover “Exil”

Although the album has “only” four tracks, the audience gets its money’s worth: Instead of the normal 5-minute length, the tracks on the album are between five and 15 minutes long. The first track – “aphelious” – has strong improvisational elements, acts like a good mixture of jazz and post-rock. The double bass is one of the most important elements in the song, it is subtle yet trend-setting. The intermittent sound thunderstorms bring an exciting change into the basic structure, even if the track lasts seven minutes. New, unexpected elements are constantly being added that change direction and mood. Afterwards you can hear “solaris”, one of the longer songs on the album: Here, too, the collective artfully deals with different styles. The beginning is still very quiet, it ends in an electric guitar thunderstorm, which lies like a cloud over the listeners. The track is most likely to be titled post-rock, the electric guitars and drums blur into a single windswept sea of sounds.

“ma”, the third track, is the shortest of the album and the only one where you hear vocals. Stylistically, clear experimental elements in the form of disharmonies are mixed in here, interrupted again and again by exciting guitar melodies. Almost dangerously, the tempo in the track rises and decreases, as if he were breathing, living. “exil” concludes with “locked doors/drawn curtains”, a nearly 16-minute track that continues the dark, high-contrast line of the work. The entire album looks like the film music to a dark drama – for example, a more experimental version of “The Dark Valley”. The cumbersome beats, the atmospheric violin, the harmonium – everything merges in the tracks and branches out as if the melodies were alive.

A truly remarkable work by fragments of an empire – if you want to convince yourself of their skills live, you should definitely be present at the album presentation on July 28th in the Augarten in Graz.

Antonia Seierl


fragments of an empire (bandcamp)

Pumpkin Records

FRAGMENTS OF AN EMPIRE – „exil“ – mica – music austria

Stupendous instrumental post rock band, from Graz, Austria, using layered textures of experimental, classic, dark, drone, shoegaze and jazz in a cinematic background

His melodies are long, well structured, filled with strings, woodwinds with beautiful chords and arpeggios, guided by a percussion in both times.

Always in constant evolution, with spectacular improvisations, the band shows all the creative potential with impeccable virtuosity.

With a stormy cadence, the oscillations are intense, full of details showing a soundscape with fantastic synergy and synergy.

A remarkable work, with an unspeakable brilliance both in studio and live, I recommend.

Aryon Maiden

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