Progressive ethno groove metal project from Eastern Serbia.

Arhaizam Project | New Album Release 2021 | Granit


The word “archaism” is an expression of Greek origin, representing words that are no longer in use in the modern world, but have been replaced by other expressions.

Arhaizam is a project that was created at the beginning of 2018 in Eastern Serbia. The project founders are Vladimir Čenaković and Dino Bakić. Within the project, it was most important to achieve the fundamental idea that corresponds with the name of the project, which meant taking a deep look at the foundation of the musical expression connected to the local area.

The need to achieve a personal mark is more dominant in relation to staying completely devoted to the starting point of the idea itself. Songs such as “Vоdа”, “Кontra” and “Limbless” most closely demonstrate the influence of traditional music, while compositions such as “Granit” and “Schrapnell” represent the personal mark of the authors where the contemporary musical approach is more noticeable. If we tried to include this project in the modern genre distribution, it could be called Ethno Progressive Groove Metal.

Behind the realization of this idea stands a serious approach and commitment accompanied by the need for research and innovation.



Granit by Arhaizam – DistroKid

Arhaizam – YouTube

(6) Arhaizam | Facebook

Arhaizam Official Page (@arhaizamofficial) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram



Instrumental post metal design from eastern Serbia uses layered textures of progressive, ethno groove metal.

His debut album GRANIT, brings five melodies, intense, well structured, creative, full of distorted, noisy, treble, precise, metallic, dark riffs guided by an imperious percussion and a low groove style, best Black River melody, bringing a variety intense scenery, in addition to a masterful performance with exquisite brilliance.

A great album, impeccable recording, I recommend

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