Instrumental post rock from Madrid / Spain.

Thanks to the pandemia I had more time to produce some music and I started this new instrumental project. My primary influences for this project are Tristeza, Mono, Pg.lost, Mogwai, Isis, The Ocean, Pelican, Neurosis..


I started to play bass guitar when I was 14. I had a 4 tracks tape recorder and I learned to play making music with a very minimal drum machine and a casio keyboard for kids. Then I started with guitar and I remember how I loved to play with the music I liked (like Neurosis “Enemy of the Sun” and “Souls at zero” for guitar or the just released Rage Against the Machine first album for learning to play bass). Then at 15 I started to play in a lot of hard core bands (meaning all the subgenres from emocore to powerviolence). During the ’90 as I had a rehearsal room at home we started making demo recordings with a simple two track tape recorder and a Tascam 16 channels mixer with crap mikes we manage to find. We made demos for our bands like Los Vaticanos, Fucking Blood or Notorius totally DIY and started to play in a lot of shows in Italy and sometimes in Europe. At that time as I loved drums I learned from the drummers of my bands and I started to play drums in a couple of bands (Nagant 1895 and Grievance for the Soar split). With Notorius (I was one of the two guitar players) we made in 2000 a european tour with Slaves (Pleasure Forever) ex The Vss that contacted us after listening our 7″ for touring with them.  Was like a a dream as we love the San Diego scene and we were really fans of Angel Hair and The Vss and was a really good experience. We realesed a 7″, a split with Slaves and a Lp “La danza dei nervi”. With my long time friends in 2006 we formed SiNonSedesIs from the ashes of lot of roman bands (Concrete, Notorius, Los Vaticanos, Comrades etc…) that was for me the most satisfying project I had. We publish a LP “Father of all lies” and a split with IusPrimaeNoctis, we have a lot of influences from bands like Neurosis, Converge, Isis to Into Another or Engine Kid. As I am a sound engineer and a boom operator in Cinema and Tv series at that time I started experimenting making music with solo projects like Jobnil and after TetsuoBeats making hip hop beats and when I moved to Madrid in Spain any band project I had almost die with the exeption of Scheletro that is an active band with another bass player (the great Valerio Fisik from Inferno and the HombreLobo recording studio).

Now thanks to the pandemia I had more time to produce some music and I started this new instrumental project. During ’90 I always loved and listen a lot of instrumental music from Soundtracks (like Goblin, Badalamenti, Philip Glass etc…) to the Beastie Boys instrumentals. I listen a lot of music so I can just say what are my primary influences for this project: Tristeza, Tortoise, Don Caballero or Mogwai to bands like Isis, The Ocean, Pelican, Red Sparowes (Dave Clifford was the drummer of Slaves) or pg.lost.

Finally my first ep is out! Enjoy and tell me what you think!



▶︎ KamaK | LYF (

1.KamaK 04:15
2.Waterfalls in the desert 08:44
3.It’s time to think 04:24
4.Kids at war 04:20
released April 20, 2021

LYF – YouTube

(2) LYF -:- | Facebook

Brilliant instrumental post rock band from Madrid / Spain, using post-hardcore layered textures, math-rock soundtrack, groove, progressive on a space background.

His debut album Kamak has four well-structured melodies, full of creative details with distorted, high-pitched, noisy, sliding riffs, a prominent groove-style bass, an imperious drums in both times, with beautiful strumming.

Its cadence is smooth and increasing, passing to an impressive virtuosity in a multifaceted way with different scenarios in each melody presented, by the way all are great, my favorite on the progressive side is “Waterfalls in the desert” is brilliant, and in weight in amazing shape for the creativity and intensity I get “It’s time to think” literally ecstatic.

Both the opening “Kamak” and the closing “Kids at war” foreshadow an unspeakable show in a masterful way, a great debut album, I loved it and recommend it, guaranteed success.

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