Sigma Ori

Formed in Barcelona in 2017, Sigma Ori is an instrumental rock band that merges and involves different textures of rock, such as post-rock, progressive rock, stoner and metal.


Andrés – guitars
Joan – guitars
Jose – drums
Noel – bass

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Elliptical Orbits

Advance track of new Sigma Ori album


released August 13, 2021

Taken from Sigma Ori’s upcoming album to be released on September 14th, 2021 through Eternal Colossus Records.
Sigma Ori:
Eternal Colossus Records:

Sigma Ori

1.Nebula 09:09
2.Aurea 08:58
3.Asia 09:01
4.Sidera Visus 06:18
Our first album.
released June 26, 2019

Bright Instrumental Quartet Post Rock of Barcelona, ​​Spain.
They use layered textures of progressive, stoner, metal on a melancholy background.

His melodies are long, immersive, very well structured, with two guitars that duel with each other, in the midst of noisy riffs, treble, accurate, sliding, destructive, with beautiful fingering and intense soils, its low is protruding, striking and a precise and guiding in both time.

Its last launch “Elliptical Orbits (2021)” is an innarriant preciousness, with enveloped soft chords, multifaceted creative arrangements, full of nuances, showing a well-refined potential in arpeggios and chords, mixing a softness with vigorous contemplative intent, really Album promises.

His debut album released in June 26, 2019, brings us four exquisite, refined, immersive, long melodies that transpire feelings with an impressive technique, brighten with an alternating cadence, galado in contemplative landscapes of extreme good taste, with a perfect oscillation and engaging, a stupendous album.

Congratulations to the band, excellent work.

Aryon Maiden

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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