Instrumental Band Post Metal, Idealized by Multi Instrumentist and Composer Andrés García Solares de Gijón, Spain.

Brilliant Instrumental Post Metal, idealized by multi instrumentalist and composer Andrés Garcia Solares, uses multifaceted textures in layers of experimental, progressive, fusion, metal, on an atmospheric background.

Its melodies are long, well-structured, immersive, intense, full of distorted riffs, treble, accurate, noisy, with metallized fingering stupends made with an impressive mastery, a guiding trail in both the imperative and creative times that brand and duel in its compositions .

Launched on August 15, 2021 “Degregate of Tu Mortal Cuerpo Y Funteete Con El Cielo Nocturno”, a fantastic album with seven immersive melodies that refer to the intense and virtuous dark limbo of an innarriant creativity of perception and performace, absorbed by a Soft and growing cadence that amplifies a trancendal synergy in a sea of ​​chords and oscillating and stormy arpeggios that surfaced in puppet tangible trials, really a masterpiece marked by genial extreme taste and a spectacular development.

Recommend, Aryon Maiden.


Despréndete de tu cuerpo mortal y fúndete con el cielo nocturno

1.Proyección astral 06:55
2.Espacios liminales 06:01
3.El experimento AWARE 07:08
4.Eclipse 05:52
5.La muerte del ego 04:15
6.Horror cósmico 03:22
7.Duró tan solo un instante, pero el recuerdo será para siempre 06:29
Este es un álbum inspirado en las experiencias extracorporales. Son un fenómeno que siempre me ha fascinado, así que he querido plasmar musicalmente el misterio que entrañan, su caracter maravilloso y milagroso, pero también su lado oscuro, pues a menudo van relacionadas con las experiencias cercanas a la muerte.

released August 15, 2021

Compuesto, interpretado y grabado por mi.
Mezclado y masterizado por Derrick Lin.
Carátula hecha por mi.

music to quarantine to

1.stay home 02:13
2.days blur together 02:18
3.remembrance 02:10
4.desert flower 02:18
5.sun rays through the window 02:30
Stuck at home for 5 weeks and thought I might as well make some music
released May 1, 2020

All music made by me at my room (which is, almost two years later, still the best studio ever)

Painting by Edward Hopper

2 Worlds

1.Star Damage (feat. Juhong) 03:53
2.2 Worlds 06:32
3.Voice of Reason 05:46
4.Electric Prophet 03:45
5.Burning Bridges 04:31
6.Gray Land 03:16
7.Internet 03:20
Dichotomies are intrinsic to humanity. Our lives are the convergence of irreconcilable realities. We all exist in the frontier between two worlds.
released December 28, 2019

Written and produced by me (Andrés García Solares).
Vocals in “Star Damage” by Juhong Hyun.

Artwork design by me.

Dream Cycle

1.Light Slumber 02:58
2.Cavern of Fire 00:58
3.City of the Setting Sun 06:43
4.Oceans on the Moon 05:12
5.The Dreamer Beneath the Crashing Waves 03:04
6.Elegy for the Lost 03:59
7.Deep Dream 04:28
8.Impossible Geometry 02:48
9.Morning Star 02:34
Every night, Carter searches in his sleep for a golden city lost within the depths of his mind. A world of fantasy and magic unfolds before his eyes. Is it just a dream? Or is it a vision of a faraway land?

Loosely based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft, Dream Cycle is a journey through the subconscious mind.

Let the cycle begin.
released June 13, 2019

Written, performed and produced by me (Andrés García Solares).
Recorded and produced in my bedroom (still the best studio ever).

Photography by Sylvia Calzada Gandarillas. Artwork design by me.

Special thanks to anyone who has supported this project and listened to my stuff along the way.

El Inexorable Paso del Tiempo

1.Fosilízate 01:58
2.Arena 01:35
Estas dos canciones constituyen un pequeño experimento musical, con diferentes sonidos y texturas, con diferente planteamiento. El Inexorable Paso del Tiempo es algo que todos sentimos en nuestras carnes; ahora lo podemos sentir también en nuestros oídos.
released September 13, 2018

Escrito, interpretado y producido por mí.

Grabado y producido en mi habitación a altas horas de las noche.

Diseño artístico por mí.

Agradecimientos a Nacho García Martín por su micro (algún día me compraré uno lo juro) y a toda la gente que haya tenido la desgracia de escuchar esto durante el proceso.

Late Night Songs, Vol. 1

1.Sky Eyes 03:32
2.I Should Be Sleeping but Guess What 01:06
3.Harpeggios 01:44
4.Suicide Sunday 02:00
5.Squirrel 01:43
Quick compilation of various songs I made at like 2 AM during the last months. Lower your expectations, because as an album it kinda sucks. I never intended to actually release these tracks, it was just a pastime, but now I’m doing this whole internet music thing, so whatever, here they are.
released June 26, 2018

All music written, performed and produced by me (Andrés García Solares).
Original vocals in “Sky Eyes” by an unknown singer, found copyright-free on the internet.

Recorded and produced in my bedroom (still the best studio ever).

Artwork design and photograph by me.

Special thanks to insomnia.

Extragalactic Getaway

1.Leap of Faith 07:31
2.Ignition! 04:37
3.Breaking Out 06:58
4.Andromeda 11:00
5.It Slips Away 03:51
6.Supernova + Nebula 05:59
7.The Peace You Could Never Find 02:26
A story about instrospection, solitude, and finding a place to call home. This album is open to interpretation, I encourage you to understand it in your own unique way.
released June 9, 2018

Written, performed and produced by me (Andrés García Solares).
Vocals in “Breaking Out” by Celia Martín Navas.

Recorded and produced in my bedroom (best studio ever).

Artwork design by me. Photograph courtesy of Pexels.

Special thanks to Nacho García Martín for lending me his mic, and to anyone who has supported this project and put up with me along the way.

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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