Instrumental postrock between 100 and 160 bpm, from Cologne, Germany.

Bass, drums, guitar and electronics playfully play melodic songs with a short firing cord.

VON MISES a Cologne based German trio with a classical line up and we play powerful post-rock with a short fuse. We already released our first self-titled EP within 3 Tracks in November 2019. Recently, we recorded our first full lengh Album (8 Tracks, 41 min).

On this concept album „AGES“, we experiment with rock- and synth sounds to build interesting soundscapes. Between quiet and pressurized, we play catchy, energetic postrock within 5 minutes.
In addition, we underline our message with speech samples and voice recordings.

All Songs written by VON MISES:
Mike – bass, synth
Jens – guitar
Gunther – drums

             VON MISES from Cologne

“Moving post-rock from Cologne with a short fuse”, this statement comes from the young formation called VON MISES from the cathedral city of Cologne. In autumn 2019 the trio released their self-titled debut EP and the band will certainly continue to hear from them in 2020. Even if the band is still going through a certain development phase, the path they have chosen already gives an idea of ​​potential. In a portrait we introduce the Cologne boys a little closer.

Foundation and occupation

Mike, Gunther & Jens are the trio VON MISES from Cologne.
The current line-up of the band consists of Mike on bass and synthesizer, Gunther on drums and Jens on guitar. The roots and the acoustic values ​​of all three can be found in various other bands that have accompanied them for years. Jens and Mike come from a formation that was more likely to be assigned to indie rock . The two of them gained experience here for 10 years. Gunther used to play drums in a German punk band.

Mike recalls: “ After the old band broke up, I wanted to develop myself musically. The exact genre of music wasn’t that important to me. It should be musical, experimental and leave room for synths and other instruments. There you areThe genre quickly became known in post-rock. We then got to know and appreciate Gunther relatively quickly through notices. ”The

fact that they have found a home in the post-rock genre is due to the trio’s role models and favorite bands. This includes sizes such as Russian Circles , Maybeshewill or This will destroy you . But also musicians like Nels Cline , Alan Sparhawk ( Low ) or a Tom Morello ( RATM ) are particularly impressed by guitarist Jens.

FROM MISESwas then founded, the challenge was to complete something musically without lyrics and to break new ground. A conscious decision at the beginning was to tune the bass and guitar lower and, even if there were only three of them, to integrate the synthesizer . This is how the self-titled EP came about , which saw the light of day at the end of November 2019. Then the three combine quite powerful post-rock with the desired, electronic nuances. The fact that the band is integrating progressive facets into the sound structures is noticeable after the first riffs on the EP . Especially the piece “ Universe“Contains a very expressionistic interpretation of rock. That goes down well with listeners and fans, because the response to the EP was mostly very positive. The three have given a lot of thought to which titles will find their place on the EP . After all, they wanted a certain range to be shown and the symbiosis of riffs, melodies and synth sounds to come into their own. They definitely did that too. The first recording was of course a highlight for the trio and they learned a lot for the future.

The feeling of being on stage

The debut EP was released on November 22, 2019.
The next logical step would of course be an album on which the formation has already started. You already have a few pieces together, but currently the focus is on getting the songs live on stage. The three of them are currently busy optimizing the live set ( Ableton / light / etc.). For an album you need a bit of peace and quiet to give creativity its space. Strategically, they are planning to start an album at the end of 2020. When it comes to songwriting, they are going the traditional way, like many of their colleagues: First, a basic idea arises that one takes to the test. Everything then builds on that without first knowing where the journey is going. One likes to surprise oneself there. With the title “ dxdt“It was first the guitar as the basic structure. “ Universe ” originated from an idea for a piano, where the band changed the theme and arrangements several times. What makes the work easier is the recording of the samples. The three of them record everything and listen to it again at home, continue writing on the computer, exchange ideas about the next rehearsal and finally put them together. The song titles come at the very end.

Especially on stage is an indescribable feeling for the three from Cologne. You still grind the perfect live sound that the synth passagesreally come into their own. But to play live means to convey exactly the feeling that arises when listening to the songs. It means the confirmation of the musical work. After all, you want to be heard and seen. The tenor of the three is the same – standing in front of an audience and playing is the crucial point why you make music at all. Producing samples and records is not the goal for the Cologne-based company, but the way. In addition to the actual concerts and the opportunity to show the products of his work, the interesting people and encounters on tour are an important experience for Jens.

Creativity and the typical problems

But where does VON MISES get its creativity and inspiration from when it comes to creating music? Guitarist Jens gives an example: “When you’ve been making music for a long time, as a guitarist I suddenly have a melody in my head at certain moments. It is completely unexpected. Most of the time it’s the quiet moments, but z. B. also on the way to work. I then quickly hum it onto the dictation machine and listen to it later. Of course, listening habits also play a role, but at some point you don’t constantly compare everything with the reference catalog in your head. You no longer ask yourself whether that already existed. ”

Even if you could accumulate years of experience in the musical field, they stand for a young formation like VON MISESespecially at the beginning there are certain problems. The band is more critical of the general music landscape in Germany. In her opinion, the trend is towards major events. Small concerts are rarely attended and admissions are only grumbling, although a techno DJ on the next corner takes admission from 10 euros and thousands of people flock to the big concerts in the Gloria or the Laxness-Arena (Cologne). Fortunately, this is countered by the many people who organize themselves in concert groups in every city and who promote culture far from the exploitation principle of the music industry. But also some band contests that are funded with public funds and play in larger halls are a positive approach for the three Cologne-based people.

Get on the stage and develop yourself: Live, sound technically and also with songwriting, these are goals for the future of VON MISES . Of course, the very first album, which could perhaps be released at the end of 2020, is on the agenda for the future, as well as continuing to network.
It should be noted that the current EP can be downloaded from Bandcamp under the heading “ pay what u want ”.

Font: https://gezeitenstrom.weebly.com/von-mises.html?fbclid=IwAR1SK5_qu4hjgMsE4KrGUv-KjXsuNoxQFh2sNyDMpZj7nJxe6FBXNOYZPfc





1.Worker Bees 05:27
2.Universe 04:16
3.dxdt 06:27
released November 22, 2019

Recording/Mix: Daniel Roesberg
Mastering: Christian Weber

All Songs written by VON MISES:
Mike – bass, synth
Jens – guitar
Gunther – drums



Brilliant German trio of post rock instrumental from Cologne.
They use layered textures of experimental, metal, progressive, and fusion, against a dark, cinematic atmospheric background.

His first EP “self​-​titled” from November 2019, brings us an impressive glimpse of three intense, immersive, very well-crafted melodies, full of noisy, twisted, high-pitched riffs, with shattering bass and an imperious percussion in both the times, an unspeakable potential in creativity, competence and performance, a masterpiece.

I was awarded the preview of their debut album, “AGES” with eight refined melodies, long and very well structured.
Starting with the beautiful 6 AM, intense, conceptual, cinematographic, murmuring, discursive, with complex and exquisite arrangements, sparkling and immersive precious chords.
Torrents is intense, dark, metallic, energetic and vigorous, impeccably overwhelming performance contrasting with a melancholy smoothness.
Historismus is intense, complex, erudite, multifaceted, metallic, with keys that duel between an ocean of riffs marked and confined in a refined and guiding percussion.
Ages, is cinematographic, futuristic, involving, with beautiful disruptive fingerings that provide wonderful landscapes and breathtaking arpeggios wrapped in narrative murmurs with a smooth and intense cadence.
Versus, conceptual, immersive, metallic, vigorous, multifaceted, reminded me of RUSH in the arrangements made and narrated with a fantastic creativity and resourcefulness.
12 AM, futuristic, immersive, dark, murmuring, smooth, involving, with a wonderful and prominent bass setting the stage with an effective and virile signature, between melancholic and murmuring chords.
Well, it’s narrative, smooth keys and extremely sensitive gliding fingerings that narrate a horizon of complex possibilities that erupt in wonderful, shocking chords.
And to finish Repeat, dark, noisy, involving, metallic, multifaceted, heavy, beautiful and refined stops, guaranteeing for sure that the next album will be another pearl.

I thank the band, for sharing this beautiful work, a must-have item for demanding and refined connoisseurs, success for the band.

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