Acoustic Dark Folk/Neofolk. Music to get lost to, from Netherlands.

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1.The Voyage 05:54
2.Ancient Rites 04:27
3.Vicariously, We Rest 04:33
4.Vagrants 07:38
5.The Oath 05:06
6.Forsake Us Not 04:34
7.Winds of Decay 03:52
8.A Lament for the End 05:50
9.Trials of Menhir 07:31
10.Fall of Men 03:38
“From Stillness we’ve grown, In sorrow we thrive,
Our archaic rituals, to keep us alive,

The roots and the stones, lead the ancient rites
Exiled we stand , with the thorns on our side

And aeons we waited, for the stars to align
Another lost vagrant, yet our paths did entwine

We mourn not for departure, but find solace in arrival
We vow to keep them safe, for they are our survival,

“Come forward then, our blessed child,
and feast your eyes upon these wilds,
There’s beauty all across the trees,
but darkness hides amongst these leaves”

Tranquillity is ours to give, but never in our gaze
Forsake us not, but listen to our esoteric ways.

Our voice was once as lost as you, and winds sang our decay
The melody soared with the breeze, and took all hope away

Wistful laments of the damned, have turned the tides before
Our vines will rot, the trees will fall, but to their cause we swore.

The end was always imminent but never do we fear,
This way of life, is ours to save, these trials of Menhir”
released January 8, 2021

Everything written, recorded and mixed by Thurnin
Logo by Sam Viviani
Art by Jack Bailey
Mastering and additional mixing by Nimblkorg

Ambient sounds from zapsplat

A huge thanks to the people who’ve been supporting me through this album’s process.
An extra thanks to Nimblkorg for everything he did for this album and inspiring me to keep creating music.

A welcome break from this crazy world – A review of Thurnin’s Menhir

Par kluseba dans Autres le 1 Février 2021 à 20:07

Thurnin - Menhir (2021)

Thurnin is a neofolk project from the Netherlands by Jurre Timmer that has just released its first full length effort Menhir. The album includes ten songs with a total running time of fifty-three minutes.

This is one of the few one-man projects that works very well because it manages to shine in its simplicity. This instrumental record focuses on harmonious acoustic guitar sounds and occasional atmospheric ambient sounds such as cracking fire. The guitar manages to be equally imaginative and relaxing. ”Vicariously, We Rest” for instant has dreamy, ethereal and smooth vibes that evoke splendid landscapes on your mind. ”Vagrants” is the longest song on the album with a length of seven and a half minutes but the playful acoustic guitar harmonies have peaceful flow and transport you through the thoughtful song on wings of creativity. ”A Lament for the End” isn’t as gloomy as it may sound since the song warms your heart with longing acoustic guitar melodies and wonderful atmospheric backing tracks.

Instead of focusing on select songs however, Thurnon’s timeless Menhir is best enjoyed from start to finish. This neofolk album takes you on a carefree, imaginative and relaxing voyage. This record is best enjoyed while relaxing, painting or writing as it inspires creativity and peace. If you don’t mind a simple approach that unfolds its entire magic song by song and then spin by spin, then offer yourself a welcome break from this crazy world while enjoying this magical hidden gem that already qualifies as an early musical highlight of the new year. 


A brilliant Dutch multi-instrumentalist and composer, Jurre Timmer uses post, dark folk, neo folk, flamenco, instrumental, acoustic, smooth, melancholic, experimental textures against an atmospheric background.

His debut album “Menhir” brings us ten immersive, conceptual, multifaceted melodies, with exquisite refinement, a majestic technique filled with beautiful chords and arpeggios that reflect an amazing synergy that takes us to rich landscapes in rich details, full of feelings and with a amazing harmony.

An engaging, creative album, with a gentle cadence that echoes vibrations amidst strings and winds played with unspeakable virtuosity, bringing a relaxing peace and energy, a magnificent album by the way.

Great work, congratulations Jurre, it is a privilege to appreciate this work.

Aryon Maiden.

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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