Black SeeD

Intsrumental Atmospheric Black Metal from France.

One man band.

This is my first album.


Farplane of Memories

1.Pandemonium 08:27
2.Espers 08:42
3.A Scent of Lavender 08:03
4.Endless Battles 08:32
5.Eternal Rain 07:17
6.hite Seeds 10:52
7.Old Knights 08:06
8.Cetra’s Memories 07:06
9.Dreaded Mist 10:12
This album is composed of songs heavily inspired by video games themes, reworked in an atmospheric black metal way.
You may recognize themes throughout the tracks, some are more obvious than others. There are also clues in the track titles.
released September 27, 2021

Mixing & Mastering – Alex Sedin (
Artwork & Logo – Ani Artworks (

On youtube :

Atmospheric/Melodic Black Metal from France.

Brilliant French post rock instrumental, the work of one man, talented multi-instrumentalist, and composer, uses textures of black, progressive, cinematographic, melodic, metal in an atmospheric background.

His debut album “Farplane of Memories” is intense, immersive, conceptual, based on video game tracks, with nine long melodies, well structured, refined, with multifaceted arrangements filled with precise riffs, high, noisy, sliding, with wonderful keys in a rough sea of dark and enveloping chords, marked by an imperious and glorified drums.

An album diversified in antagonistic landscapes of extreme cadence and synergy, wrapped in an impressive vigor, its mix of textures really created something new and very creative and engaging, beautiful album.

Aryon Maiden

Publicado por Aryon Maiden

Aficionado pela música em todos os momentos.

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