Non È Nulla

Music project Lo-Fi, low-qual and all other possible “low”.

Marco is a talented multi instrumentalist and post rock instrumental composer from Rome/Italy.

His latest project is called “Non è nulla” , which means “nothing” but in Italian it has a double meaning that it doesn’t have in English. The album is called “Giove” recorded on January 8, 2022, and the songs are named after their moons.



1.Amaltea 02:37
2.Io 03:58
3.Europa 04:29
4.Ganimede 03:51
5.Metis 02:43
6.Tebe 03:24
7.Elara 02:35
8.Callisto 05:03
9.Imalia 03:53
released January 8, 2022

Non È Nulla

1.Zero 02:20
2.42 03:34
3.Not Great Not Terrible 03:22
4.315,15 K 03:04
5.Nulla 02:16
released June 29, 2019

Brilliant Italian post rock instrumental work, Marco masterfully performed the composition, editing, recording of all melodies using alternative, indie, post, lo-fi, ambient textures, in a cinematographic background, in his residence, in a period of one month .

His latest album is called “Giove” and brings us nine immersive, conceptual melodies, very well elaborated, full of feeling, with an enveloping smoothness in a sea of ​​wonderful chords with a transcendental atmospheric background.

The cadence is perfect, smooth, growing with an odd and ecstatic tune of each piece used, with chords and arpeggios played with a captivating sensibility and an amazing virtuosity, an excellent album, I recommend.

His debut album “Non È Nulla” brings us five immersive, conceptual melodies, in an ambient background, refined with beautiful and structured arrangements with an exquisite recording, gracing us with its subtlety and smoothness, expressed in each work delivered, an excellent collection, success and creativity always.

Aryon Maiden

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