We are a space instrumental rock band from Ciudad Satelite in the State of Mexico. Members Gerbenny Goog – BASSGil Rangel – BATTERYPaco Solaris – GUITARJl Volpi – SYNTHESIZERMosh (labstrac) – SYNTHESIZER – SAMPLES Discography La piel de la memoria Hierophante LUX MOONTAUK EP Digital Native Reviews Moontauk – Hierophante Review by: Guillermo Urdapilleta Year:Continuar lendo “Moontauk”


I am a solo post-rock artist from Brisbane. I draw sonic inspiration from my favourite bands Sigur Rós and Explosions In The Sky, as well as lesser-known ambient post-rock artists like Lights and Motion and U137. Dear Earth – MONTEAR ( Montear | triple j Unearthed About Music Helm Breathless Dear Earth INTRODUCING MONTEAR FIRSTLY,Continuar lendo “Montear”


Hailing from the shorelines of the United Kingdom, satellites are a progressive post rock band and originally formed in… 2009. Delivering guitar driven melodies the band creates an instrumental cinematic experience reminiscent of ‘This Will Destroy You’ and ‘Caspian’. Members James Chesters – Bass GuitarJames King – DrumsAndrew Mackinnon – GuitarDaniel Newton – GuitarLaura Wilkie –Continuar lendo “satellites”


Maïak is a post-rock band from Geneva / Switzerland, composing amazing instrumentals. Composers: Marc Bettens, Antoine Froidevaux, David Di Lorenzo & Stéphane Riederer Biography Years Active2010 – present (10 years) Created in 2010 in Lausanne, Switzerland, Maïak is composed of four musicians influenced by wide dynamics of post-rock soundscapes and fearless to experiment sudden shifts ofContinuar lendo “Maïak”


Musique instrumentale, Post-metal, Post-rock, Classique, Doom, Progressif Hailing from France, Sairen is a composer accustomed to post-rock instrumental pieces. Sairen Hailing from France, Sairen is a music composer accustomed to great alternative instrumental pieces. Introduced to musical listening and instrumental practice at a young age of fifteen, he discovered computer music which allowed him toContinuar lendo “Sairen”

Ghost In The Wild

Atmospheric Post-metal/Post-rock one man project from Brooklyn, New York. Ghost In The Wild is a one-man atmospheric metal project by Chaomin Tang. The debut EP ‘The Cape Of Winter’ is out now. Discography Seasons 1.Spring: As The Breeze Caressed My Ears 03:402.Spring: Sweet Return 05:273.Spring: Blossom 04:544.Summer: As The Rivers Intertwine 04:095.Summer: A Walk InContinuar lendo “Ghost In The Wild”


Ephilexia is a side-project from the bassist of “Silent Island”, “Realm of Wolves” and “Stvannyr”. This is a melancholic atmosphere with metal & bass driven spices to be explored. Music from Veszprém, Hungary. Gábor Károlyi aka Ghöul – guitars, bass, writing, mixing, mastering. Ephilexia – The best off music Discography Horror In Heaven by Ephilexia 1.The HorrorContinuar lendo “Ephilexia”

The Kompressor Experiment

THE KOMPRESSOR EXPERIMENT is a quartet from Sion (Switzerland) which offers a blend of instrumental progressive rock, metal, stoner and post-rock. The band adds to this genre-mix some innovative sounds and tries to push the traditionnal boundaries of rock music.The band’s enclosed with cinematic esoteric visuals and adds to their shows some mesmerizing abstract video projections. INSTRUMENTALContinuar lendo “The Kompressor Experiment”

Pictures on Silence

“Pictures on Silence” is the Fred Bressan (ex-PigBearMan) postrock and ambient solo-project from Aix En Provence, France.He shares his personal visions of a non-sense universe and he translated these emotions through a multi-layered atmospheres which create these ethereal sounds. Inspirations : This will destroy you, I Like Trains,Have a nice life, Caspian, Sigur Ros, TheContinuar lendo “Pictures on Silence”

First Came The Shadow

Formed in december 2016, Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France The French band, from Nice, debuted in 2018 with the edition of the EP “Premonition”, a set of 5 absolutely devastating themes. A mini album of exquisite and delicate charm with strong points in the environmental line with the ingredients of a Mono and with the tactical weaponsContinuar lendo “First Came The Shadow”


Astodan delivers intense instrumental postrock that consists of intimate elements and outburst. Think Eplosions in the Sky, ISIS, Mogwai,… Astodan | BIO Hailing from various cities in Belgium, Astodan brings a distinctly European flavor to their brand of post-rock, characterized by crisp production and a sound that has clear roots in the metal world.Continuar lendo “Astodan”

In Inertia

Jakarta, Indonesia ambient / shoegaze / neo classic / post-rock duo IN INERTIA Discography Efflorescence 1.Lost in Thoughts 05:032.Finding Your Silver Lining 04:533.White Lotus 07:174.Takao’s Smile 06:175.An Unforeseen Utopia 04:476.The Messenger 08:50aboutDebut EP from In Inertia. Efflorescence is the emotional complexity that describes our respect towards memories and upcoming life. Composed as a mausoleum of ourContinuar lendo “In Inertia”

Vera Lingua

Kiev band / Ukraine – #PostRock #PostMetal #Instrumental #Electronic #ProgressiveRock #Experimental Members: Anton – Guitar + Samples, BassJenya – Drums + Samples, Piano Discography Farewell 1.Ocean Way 04:552.Solitary Moorage 07:123.Ghost Patron 08:004.Completion 05:52creditsreleased June 13, 2019 Lightwell Band: Vera LinguaEP: LightwellYear: 2017Release date: 12 July 2017Official website: http://www.veralingua.infoRecording studio: pystelnukArt Tracklist:01 Orb02 Confusion03 Fuga04 Surface05 Lightwell Legally downloaded from http://www.veralingua.infoYouContinuar lendo “Vera Lingua”

Mikel Iraeta

Composer and producer from Barcelona / Spain. Ambient / Electronic with classic influences. From Azkoitia we received the first self-edited album by Mikel Iraeta, a young and talented pianist with happy electronic querencias, who was part of bands such as Ro and Zeizel, debuted with “Isha EP” in 2019 and who, for a few years, resides inContinuar lendo “Mikel Iraeta”


Adelaide, Australia based Post-Rockers IIAH have their new album Terra up for streaming & sharing via WherePostrockDwells! Formed in 2013, iiah consists of Tim Day (Vocals, Keys, Guitars), Ben Twartz (Guitar), Nick Rivett (Guitar), Aaron Fuller (Bass) and Matthew Stedman (Drums). Their brand of cinematic post rock blends ambient moods with driving guitars and soaringContinuar lendo “iiah”


Zammorian by Bucharest, Romania is a post-psychedelic / progressive post-rock group that creates music, visuals and stories. “Zammorian is a sextet of creators with distinct multimedia endeavours, whose musical compositions are complemented by and derived from original narratives and complex visual structures. They put forward, conceptually and expressively, the initiation of a new creative genreContinuar lendo “Zammorian”


Prog Post Space Rock Band from Barcelona. Four years after its fifth album BACK TO EARTH (Aloud Music 2015), EXXASENS self-publishes REVOLUTION. Pre-order at PRE-ORDER FOR EXXASENS FIRST ALBUM, POLARIS – EXXARECORDS Not having a defined music style is certainly the main appeal of EXXASENS proposal. The EXXASENS universe is full of sound landscapes whichContinuar lendo “EXXASENS”

The Abyss Inside Us

One man’s instrumental project of Nikos Togaridis.ambient/post rock…. Thank you for visiting my page and the support!Working on new tracks since release of Aerialist… Origin:  Athens,Greece Genres:  Post Rock, Ambient,Instrumental Years Active:  2019 to present Label:  independent/self-released Website: the abyss inside us Short Bio ​ Born in 1982 in Piraeus.(2000)He experiments with music production and startedContinuar lendo “The Abyss Inside Us”

Transmission Zero

Transmission Zero – Transmission Zero (2019)27/6/2019 Transmission from the post-universe. After a long abstinence on this page in the genre of post-rock, there is good news. They come from our neighbours in Poland, because the trio Transmission Zero released their self-titled debut album these days. Transmission Zero celebrate an atmospheric post-rock with wide and catchy guitarContinuar lendo “Transmission Zero”

Dan Caine

Dan Caine is an English ambient/post rock musician, who creates textured, layered guitar melodies that explore a vibrant range of subconscious thought and emotion. Dan Caine is ambient / post-rock musician from Merseyside, England. Caine uses powerful, layered guitar melodies to create an atmosphere of an intense range of thought and emotion as he exploresContinuar lendo “Dan Caine”

I Hear Sirens

I Hear Sirens is an American Post-Rock band that formed in the fall of 2005. Drawing inspiration from Indie Rock, Post-Hardcore and Ambient genres their sound seamlessly drifts between haunting melodies and climactic crescendos. The band currently consists of guitarist Daved Harris, bassist Adrienne Robson, keyboardist Eric Olofson and drummer David Qualls. Despite shifting lineups early in the project, their DIY attitude andContinuar lendo “I Hear Sirens”


Glaston is a post rock band from Switzerland. Piano, guitar, bass and drums carry their music on a self-forgotten journey…, sailing diverse oceans of sounds. Captivating moments accompanied by touching melodies meet polyrhythmic and sometimes complex structures. Sounds of glass reflected by howling winds and stormy waters that blur the perception of remembrance and imagination.   THEContinuar lendo “Glaston”

Molecules To Minds

Molecules To Minds is an instrumental post-rock band from Brisbane, Australia. Their debut EP ‘Ascent Into Insignificance’ was released July, 2017. Drawing upon influences from the likes of Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai and Mono, they explore the expansive soundscapes that exist between delicately interwoven melodies and restrained sonic chaos. A year after their debutContinuar lendo “Molecules To Minds”


Pelican is an American post-metal quartet from Chicago, Illinois, United States. Established in 2001, the band is known for their atmospheric and almost entirely instrumental style. Personnel Current Trevor de Brauw – guitar (2001–present) Bryan Herweg – bass (2001–present) Larry Herweg – drums (2001–present) Dallas Thomas – guitar (2012–present) Former Laurent Schroeder-Lebec – guitars (2001–2012) History and style The band is known for dense combinations of different melodiesContinuar lendo “Pelican”

If These Trees Could Talk

With a sound reminiscent of Mogwai and Russian Circles, the band’s delay-heavy sound is constantly exploring sonic peaks and valleys as the band’s three-guitar attack surrounds listeners in a swirling sea of sparkling sound. Formed by guitarists Jeff Kalal, Cody Kelly, and Mike Socrates, bassist Tom Fihe, and drummer Zack Kelly, the band made itsContinuar lendo “If These Trees Could Talk”


Austrian Band since 1997, produces mainly instrumental sound somewhere between rock, industrial and electronic – heavy guitar riffs meet broken beats and atmospheric speech samples, combined with harmonic melody-pads. Martin Baumann, Paul Proll, Chris Hubmann, or simply Microtonner, are back with a new release and they are going to cement themselves in the music community. ComingContinuar lendo “Microtonner”

Year of no light

Year Of No Light formed in 2001 in Bordeaux (Fr). With their first album, Nord, YONL have proven adept a shifting seamlessly… between genres, balancing post-rock, sludge, somber psychedelics and crushing dark shoegaze. In 2010, now backed by two drums, 3 guitars, the band released its second album, Ausserwelt, oscillating between drone, doom, post-rock, black metalContinuar lendo “Year of no light”

Oh Hiroshima

Oh Hiroshima are a post-rock band originally from Kristinehamn, Sweden formed around 2007 by Leif Eliasson and Jakob Hemström, who were later joined by Simon Axelsson and Hemström’s younger brother Oskar Nilsson. The band is noted for its subdued electronic instrumentation, abstract guitar texturing, and use of vocal soundscapes. Beginning as an experimental music project between Eliasson and Hemström, Nilsson officially joined the groupContinuar lendo “Oh Hiroshima”

Lai delle Nubi

Lai delle Nubi is a post-rock instrumental band from Rome, Italy. Formed by bassist Andrea “Bodz” Bozio, guitarist Andrea “Reds” Rossi, guitarist MaxNapoli and drummer Stefano Mosena. On January 21, 2019, for independent label Mia Cameretta Records, they released their first album,… The name Lai delle Nubi – i.e. “laments of the clouds” – isContinuar lendo “Lai delle Nubi”

Six Days Of Calm

Six Days Of Calm is a cinematic Post-Rock Band from Würzburg (Germany) without words. – Music by Marc Fischer – Debut-Album „The Ocean’s Lullaby“ out now! (Midsummer Records/Cargo) Bio:Back in 2018, the german Metalcore Band Watch Them Fade broke up and the main songwriter Marc Fischer starts his own projekt SIX DAYS OF CALM. HisContinuar lendo “Six Days Of Calm”

Progressive instrumental rock/metal from Athens, Greece. Members is: -Alex Stouraitis: guitar-Ilias Kokkotos – Andreou: guitar-Manolis Giannikios: drums-Dimitris Konstantakopoulos: bass-Kostas Diakakis: guitar PRESS RELEASE Athenian instrumental rockers return with their long-awaited 2nd full-length album, “Home”. Over a year in the making and recorded in a largely DIY fashion, “Home” is a labor of loveContinuar lendo “”


Wolfredt is post rock band from Estonia, led by the drummer of Pia Fraus and Jan Helsing, Margus Voolpriit.They make… their vista up with the help of rising, atmospherical guitars, pulsating electronics, a few sonic effects, which ultimately provides enough aesthetical joy and relaxing ambience.Safe and easy listening alternates with rather coarse dynamic expressions. Members Margus VoolpriitContinuar lendo “WOLFREDT”


NIEEVE is a post rock band and experimental music based in the Andes mountain range, Villa Pehuenia – Argentina. Members Lucas Paez – guitarEdu Sofio – drums and voicesSeba Ñanco – bassAnto Sofio – keys and voices Discography Lo Fundamental Permanece Nuestros inviernos encuentran el viento elevándonos Joa (single) (9) Nieeve | Facebook Music |Continuar lendo “N.I.E.E.V.E.”


The band under the name Before You Give In experienced several line-up changes before they formed in 2004 under the name pg.lost in the current line-up. Biography pg.lost is a Swedish band of many directions. Their sound is throbbing with great melancholy, but there is also a healthy dose of dirty, crushing rock n’ roll in it – something youContinuar lendo “PG.LOST”

Russian Circles

Russian Circles is an American instrumental band based in Chicago, Illinois, United States. The band was originally formed by childhood friends Mike Sullivan and Dave Turncrantz after their previous musical projects dissolved. After parting ways with their original bass player Colin DeKuiper in 2007, the trio was rounded out by Brian Cook. The band has gained widespread recognition based on aContinuar lendo “Russian Circles”


Northway post-rock band from italy, members: Antonio Tolomeo (guitar), Luca Laboccetta (guitar), Matteo Locatelli (bass), Andrea Rodari (drums) The band was born in 2014 and already during the first sessions experiments with new sounds. A sonic identity that evokes bands like Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, This will destroy you etc …; Rockit webzine calls NorthwayContinuar lendo “Northway”

Stubborn Tiny Lights vs Clustering Darkness Forever OK?

Iowa Band, initially active from 2008-2011. Resurrected June 2019 – ongoing. EthanLinks to past music: Members Kyle Miller – guitarAndy Sweerin – guitarTom Cook – bassLindsay Keast – keyboardDavid McNertney – drumsEthan Cote – electronics/glockenspiel (Past)Jordan Scott – violinEmily Highnam – celloLindsey Skillings – additional vocals Biography Stubborn Tiny Lights VS Clustering Darkness ForeverContinuar lendo “Stubborn Tiny Lights vs Clustering Darkness Forever OK?”

We Stood Like Kings

Post-rock meets cult cinema meets classical music. “Chopin + Pink Floyd + Explosions In The Sky”“We Stood Like Kings have taken post-rock to a level we didn’t know existed”, stated Rotation 11 a few years ago. It probably is even more relevant today. Piano-based neoclassical post-rock quartet WE STOOD LIKE KINGS from Brussels playedContinuar lendo “We Stood Like Kings”

Going Feral

Formed in earnest in November 2019 Going Feral are an instrumental outfit from the dark heart of West Yorkshire. Featuring Yuri and Rob on guitars, and Alex on the drums GF dispense with bass and vocalswhilst still creating walls of sound interspersed with earworm riffs and captivating melodies. The band performed their first shows togetherContinuar lendo “Going Feral”

Collapse Under The Empire

Collapse Under The Empire is an instrumental post-rock band from Hamburg (Germany), which was founded in 2008. The duo, consisting of Chris Burda and Martin Grimm have released seven studio albums and a number of EPs and singles. The Origins of Collapse Under The Empire The Collaborative Efforts of Martin Grimm And Chris Burda In the summer of 2008, we met whileContinuar lendo “Collapse Under The Empire”


Music project based on post-rock / instrumental, krautrock, industrial, dark-ambient and shoegaze soundscapes, by David Lopes (Guitars, bass, synthesizer, samples and drum programming) / Belfast UK. MEMBERS Mc Santiago (Poetry), Pedro Adrega (Poetry and Dununs), Pedro Petronilho (Balafone , Guitars and Djembé) David Lopes (Bass, Beats and Samples) Hugo Goveia (Drums) Gonçalo Allan Flow (Guitar)Continuar lendo “Alcatune”

Savage Lucy

Savage Lucy is a Johannesburg based instrumental trio, formed in April 2011, including Austen Lewis on guitars, Steven… Bosman on drums and Clint Falconer on bass.Savage Lucy aim to build upon their influences, orchestrating sonic voyages that seize and provoke discerning ears. Discography Vagabond Reverie Verstaan? MK Ultra Videos BY TAMARA ARDEN ON OCTOBER 7, 2015MUSIC, REVIEW Intricate beginningsContinuar lendo “Savage Lucy”


Tortoise is an American experimental rock band formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1990. The band incorporates krautrock, dub, minimal music, electronica and jazz into their music, a combination sometimes termed “post-rock“. Tortoise have been consistently credited for the rise of the post-rock movement in the 1990s. History 1990s The group’s origins lie in the late 1980s pairing of Doug McCombs (bassist with Eleventh Dream Day) and drummer John Herndon, who initially wantedContinuar lendo “Tortoise”

Godspeed You Black Emperor

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END! – Constellation ( Godspeed You! Black Emperor ( Godspeed You! Black Emperor is a Canadian experimental music collective which originated in Montreal, Quebec in 1994. The group releases recordings through Constellation, an independent record label also located in Montreal. After the release of their debut album in 1997, the group toured regularly from 1998 to 2003.Continuar lendo “Godspeed You Black Emperor”


LATITUDES are an instrumental post metal band from the United Kingdom. Members include:Tim Blyth (guitar),Adam Crowley (guitar),Jon Lyon (bass) and Mike Davies (drums). In 2007 LATITUDES released their first effort,the brilliant EP “Bleak Epiphanies in Slow Motion”.The album,in the words of reviewer Rachel Keller,is full of “intense crushing melodies which ebb and flow through carefullyContinuar lendo “Latitudes”

Whale Fall

Based in Los Angeles, California, Whale Fall is an instrumental post-rock group featuring traditional rock instrumentation interfused with more pastoral strokes of piano, cello, brass, and occasional analog synth. HOMEBANDLIVEMUSICMEDIACONTACT IT WILL BECOME ITSELF – LINER NOTES We inadvertently recorded this album, titled It Will Become Itself, the evening of June 4, 2018, during one of theContinuar lendo “Whale Fall”


Fractal is a band originating from the Mexican city of Tijuana formed in 2013 and having their place on the country’s music scene for seven years now. The trio play guitar post-rock with elements of post-metal. Gabriel – GuitarraManny – BajoPatrick – Batería Fractal Review The Absence Reflection Density 20.25 The new Fractal installment isContinuar lendo “Fractal”

Black Narcissus

Thomas Wuyts (Drums) and Jesse Massant (Bass) together form the duo Black Narcissus. The band describes its music as ” dark and atmospheric soundscapes ” Or Drum & Bass, not to reference to the Electronic variant, but to the fact that everything revolves around percussion and bass guitar sounds. Towards atmospheric black metal, with aContinuar lendo “Black Narcissus”

The Shores of Orion

Shores of Orion is a post-rock project from Kolkata, India. Born out of insomnia,this project started back in 2015 as an idea of expressing emotions through music. Discography Take Care The Courage Of Stars Saudade Beautiful band, very well recorded, great arrangements and neo classical chords with Indian touches, aContinuar lendo “The Shores of Orion”

Homem em Catarse

“Homem em Catarse” is the name of Afonso Dorido’s solo project. The musician released his first album, a disc dedicated to the interior of Portugal. Interview with Afonso Dorido: “The most beautiful way to look inside” Gonçalo Almeida 2 January, 2018 He is assumed to be passionate about the interior and the people who liveContinuar lendo “Homem em Catarse”


The Tokyo, Japan based 4-piece Instrumental Rock band MONO was originally formed in 1999. Their unique approach of combining moving orchestral arrangements and shoegaze guitar noise is held in extremely high regard; so much so, that the band’s musicianship and the diverse musical palette has eclipsed the Rock genre and exists within its own realm.Continuar lendo “Mono”

Crows in the Rain

Crows in the Rain is an Iranian post-rock band which was formed in Tehran in 2014. It is among the first post-rock bands in Iran. After their first album was released, they became popular as the first Iranian ambient post-rock band. They were also known as “The Crows”. The band’s music is a blend of post-rock and neo-classical style. Indeed, the core of the band consists ofContinuar lendo “Crows in the Rain”

This Will Destroy You

This Will Destroy You (abbreviated as TWDY) is an American post-rock band from San Marcos, Texas, formed in 2004. They typically compose lengthy atmospheric instrumental pieces, featuring layers of effects-laden guitar and a heavy usage of dynamics. Their fourth album Another Language, released in 2014, entered the Billboard Heatseekers Album Chart at number 7. MembersCurrentJeremy Galindo – guitar (2003–present)Jesse Kees – bass, keys (2016–present)Robi GonzalezContinuar lendo “This Will Destroy You”

Long Distance Calling

How Do We Want to Live? ( About We shouldn’t talk too much about the multifaceted career of one of the best and most internationally successful instrumental Rock Bands from Germany. Instead, let us review the most important facts: For almost one and a half decades, Long Distance Calling from Munster have been proving howContinuar lendo “Long Distance Calling”

ALEX HENRY FOSTER & The Long Shadows

Alex Henry Foster (AHF) is a Canadian musician, singer, author, producer, and composer, best known as the frontman of Juno Awards nominee Post-Rock / Noise band Your Favorite Enemies (YFE). On November 9, 2018, Foster released a first solo music project, an intimate poetry essay about finding peace, faith and hope through the context of grief,Continuar lendo “ALEX HENRY FOSTER & The Long Shadows”

Glasgow Coma Scale

Glasgow Coma Scale is a band from Poland, in German. The band was formed in Frankfurt am Main by two brothers Piotr and Marek Kowalscy. People say it’s Postrock. Maybe so, and maybe it’s because no one sings. There is certainly a lot of rock stoner and psychedelia. The band can also perform with TidesContinuar lendo “Glasgow Coma Scale”

On the Raw

ON THE RAW is an Spanish progressive rock band from Barcelona consisting of Alex OJEA, Jordi AMELA, Jordi PRATS, Pep ESPASA and Toni SANCHEZ. Members of the group came from an accomplished prog rock background in other Barcelona groups, like APPLESMELLCOLOUR and neo-prog like HARVEST and DRACMA. In this formation they play energetic jazz rockContinuar lendo “On the Raw”


Vesta is formed by Giacomo Cerri (Guitar & Synth), Sandro Marchi (Drums & Cymbals) and Giulio Lorenzini (Bass &… Synth).They are characterized by a very heterogeneous musical style, which ranges from the heavily discordant notes of heavy metal to more delicate and ethereal passages typical of postrock. A new just born reality that certainly promises well,Continuar lendo “Vesta”

Those Who Ride With Giants

THOSE WHO RIDE WITH GIANTS is the pseudonym of MJ Callaghan, a designer and animator based out of Sydney, Australia. Having a musical style of instrumental art rock, his art has been influenced by other artists such as Caspian, This Will Destroy You, Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai. Moving to a new city and jobless, inContinuar lendo “Those Who Ride With Giants”

Lake of Licks

Lake of Licks is an instrumental postrock/progressive rock band based in Berlin, Germany. The quartet easily blend together… elements of progressive rock with mutable rhythms, ambient soundscapes and a wealth of catchy guitar riffs. Emerging back in 2014, the band is accompanied live by various visual elements and their first full album “Blue” was released inContinuar lendo “Lake of Licks”

Explosions In The Sky

Explosions in the Sky is an American post-rock band from Texas. The quartet originally played under the name Breaker Morant, then changed to the current name in 1999. The band has garnered popularity beyond the post-rock scene for their elaborately developed guitar work, narratively styled instrumentals—what they refer to as “cathartic mini-symphonies”—and their enthusiastic and emotional live shows. They primarily playContinuar lendo “Explosions In The Sky”

Quiet is the new Loud

“Quiet Is The New Loud” is a musical Post-rock project started in 2016 in Trieste.The great passion for music combines the band’s components.In their songs you can hear so many influences…never expect, though.Quiet is the new loud’s sound, as their name suggests, ranges from “silent” and delicate to “noisy” and powerful, with mighty sound wallsContinuar lendo “Quiet is the new Loud”

Sigur Rós

Let’s talk about one of the greatest exponents of Post Rock and its exquisite collection, is an Icelandic post-rock band from Reykjavík, active since 1994. Known for their ethereal sound, frontman Jónsi’s falsetto vocals, and their use of bowed guitar, the band’s music incorporates classical and minimal aesthetic elements. About 1997–1998: Von and Von brigði Main articles: Von (album) and VonContinuar lendo “Sigur Rós”

Quarto Sensorial

Gaucho trio of instrumental music formed by Carlos Ferreira (guitar), Martin Estevez (drums) and Bruno Vargas (bass). In activity since 2007, they have four albums released: Quarto Sensorial EP (2009), A + B (2012), Halteroniilismo (2014) and Escapista de (2019). The group makes frequent presentations across the state and has played at festivals such asContinuar lendo “Quarto Sensorial”


Mogwai are a Scottish rock band, formed in 1995 in Glasgow. Members: Stuart Braithwaite (guitar, vocals), Barry Burns (guitar, piano, synthesizer, vocals), Dominic Aitchison (bass guitar), Martin Bulloch (drums). Artist Biography by Heather Phares Formed by longtime friends whose goal was to create “serious guitar music,” Mogwai did much more than that over the course of their decades-longContinuar lendo “Mogwai”

Nevermind the Name

Biography Nevermind The Name is a one-man-bedroom-project that started in April 2010.Inspired by multiple genres of music, ntn combinesdifferent influences.With the focus on a tense atmosphere, ntn’s music is layed out to produce specific emotions that shall help to bring up a kind of dreamworld in listeners minds.The music is produced with a laptop, aContinuar lendo “Nevermind the Name”

God Is An Astronaut

God Is An Astronaut are a 4 piece band who hail from Glen of the Downs, Ireland. Band: Torsten Kinsella – Guitar, Piano/Synths, Niels Kinsella – Bass, Lloyd Hanney – Drums, Jamie Dean – Piano/Synths, Guitar Ireland is an extremely peculiar island. Land of great literatures, in the last thirty years it has also become landContinuar lendo “God Is An Astronaut”

Dog Is My Copilot

Dog Is My Copilot is a one-man instrumental/post-rock project from Bucharest, Romania. ‘Dog Is My Copilot’ is the solo project of Mircea Becherescu of Romanian post-rock band, Am Fost La Munte Și Mi-a Plăcut. The debut EP, ‘Enisala’ releases on October 9, 2020 across all platforms. Follow Dog Is My Copilot Bandcamp:… Facebook:…Continuar lendo “Dog Is My Copilot”

Distant Dream

Hi I’m Marcin Majrowski and this is my solo project called Distant Dream which is a live performing band as well. Very talented Polish guitar player in the post and metal rock, outstanding performance in Widek, performing this beautiful solo work. Contact/booking: Distant Dream – Instrumental post-rock/ambient metal band from Gdańsk, Poland Line-up/MusiciansContinuar lendo “Distant Dream”


HAMMOCK IS MARC BYRD AND ANDREW THOMPSON. Since the band’s founding in 2003, when Byrd and Thompson began collaborating on sound collages to escape their jobs in Nashville’s work-a-day songwriting circles, Hammock have released a litany of acclaimed full-lengths, singles, EPs, and ad hoc collaborations. The duo’s work has masterfully traced across sub-genres of modernContinuar lendo “Hammock”


Post-rock, alt-metal music project by Spiros Olivotos influenced by God Is An Astronaut, Explosions In The Sky, Deftones and Hans Zimmer . Always create, express and explore new horizon. Sidus is a promising experimental/progressive rock/metal band I discovered two months ago through Submithub submissions with this fantastic song, Stellar Sky, released as a single in 2020. For those whoContinuar lendo “Sidus”

We Lost The Sea

BIOGRAPHY We Lost The Sea are a cinematic instrumental band from Sydney Australia.  Formed in 2007, friends came together to create a new collection of noise that gathers relentless crushing guitars together with post-rock atmospherics and melody. Incorporating elements that hold up to the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Cult Of Luna, Mogwai andContinuar lendo “We Lost The Sea”

Paraphon Tree

Paraphon Tree Post Rock Duo from Germany.Song writing, Guitar and Bass: Aron JägerDrums: Felix Rambach Paraphon Tree – the second album To the studio project: God Is An Astronaut, Oh Hiroshima, Glasgow Coma Scale, The Alan Parsons Project, but also bands like Snarky Puppy or Jaga Jazzist (to name a few) are probably among theContinuar lendo “Paraphon Tree”

Break My Fucking Sky

Atmospheric music from Russia with lots of amazing piano parts. Genre most similar to the post-rock, but different from what you’ve heard before. Biography Years Active2010 – present (9 years) Post-rock project featuring Evgeny Popov from Baikonur in Kazakhstan, appropriately home to the world’s first and largest operational space launch facility, located in the desertContinuar lendo “Break My Fucking Sky”

Macaco Bong

Macaco Bong was formed in the city of Cuiabá (MT) in 2004 as an instrumental rock quartet. However, the following year, the group became a power trio. His training was established with Bruno Kayapy (guitar), Ynaiã Benthroldo (drums) and Ney Hugo (bass). Although instrumental rock is not a very popular genre, the band stood outContinuar lendo “Macaco Bong”


Earthside is a New England-based creative collective that plays an absorbing style of modern progressive music they call “cinematic rock.” Across their widely acclaimed debut work, A Dream In Static, the seasoned group displays a wild stylistic diversity and creative hunger that jams the mental machinery of comparison. Through organic layers of living, breathing orchestra (courtesy of the Moscow StudioContinuar lendo “Earthside”

E a terra nunca me pareceu tão distante

It is one of the most interesting Brazilian bands today. Drinking from sources of genres ranging from post-rock to post-hardcore to indie and emo, the guys released their debut album, Foundation, in 2018. The band is from São Paulo, formed by Lucas Theodoro (Guitar), Luden Viana (Guitar), Luccas Villela (Bass) and Rafael Jonke (Drums). InContinuar lendo “E a terra nunca me pareceu tão distante”

Pet Shark

Pet Shark is a progressive rock, instrumental band from Orange County, California featuring Keith Moreland on guitar, Ted Morton on drums, and Ben White on bass guitar. Bass guitarist Matt Bissonette recorded on the first and second albums, but because of his busy recording and touring schedule (with Elton John), he was not able toContinuar lendo “Pet Shark”

Electric Mud

Biography Hagen Bretschneider (idea, sound concept, bass) has always focussed on instrumentalcompositions. He has concentrated on his own material, producing the first album“Dead Cat on a Railroad Track” together with Lennart Hüper (rhythm guitar) andGustav Hüper (drum machine) in 2013. This work was a production using only guitars,bass and drum machine. Following their success theyContinuar lendo “Electric Mud”

Bjorn Riis

About Bjørn Riis is one of the founding members, the lead guitarist, producer and main songwriter of the highly successful Norwegian band Airbag. The band’s five critically acclaimed albums has gained Airbag a strong following around the globe. Together with Airbag and as a solo artist, Bjørn has shared the stage with some of theContinuar lendo “Bjorn Riis”