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Psychedelic/Post-Rock band from Italy. Bio Artichokes are a combustion spontaneous sound born on the banks of thesea. A trio that becomes the bearer of a sound in constant search of a difficultbalance between immediacy and experimentation, between authenticity andrefinement, between rationality and pure instinct. The result is a fiery flower from the various shades thatContinuar lendo “Artichokes”


A blend of blackened post rock tinged with shoegaze melancholia, ethereal minimal electronica and monumental distorted guitar cascades.Sombre soundscapes created with finesse and artistic devotion. Perdere ( Members All music written and composed by Gian Spalluto Gian Spalluto – Guitar, bass and synthsGiovanni Cilio @giovacilio – drums Discography Perdere released May 25, 2021All music writtenContinuar lendo “Australasia”


Brilliant composer, producer and bassist of instrumental post rock from Debrecen, Hungary , uses layered textures of melancholy, ambient, progressive, alternative in an atmospheric background. His last work, Farewell Flight ends a period marked by bass and drums in his melodies along his trajectory, this album features nine immersive, creative melodies, full of very wellContinuar lendo “JuffBass”

Hungry Ghost

instrumental post rock by Melboune / Australia Members JP Shilo, Tim Howden, Jason Boneham – with Nancy Lam (1998-2000) Steve Boyle (96-98) and guest appearances by Rowland S. Howard, Steve Shelley & Peter Knight. Discography Alone Alone 1.Back for More I Go 03:132.Trying to Lift a Rock with a Bottle on Your Head 04:553.Interlude 00:374.ReadingContinuar lendo “Hungry Ghost”


Lotus ( Immersing listeners in cascading waves of rhythmic groove, atmospheric guitars and ambient harmonies, Lotus is a Pune-based Outfit that is pushing the envelope of genre based music, by fusing rock, prog, post-rock & electronic music to create magic. Members Siddharth Amarnath – guitars Robert Alex – Bass and Guitar Collin Francis – VocalsContinuar lendo “Lotus”


FALLING ELEVATORS ( GLEN was formed in 2015 in Berlin, Germany.CRACK is their first album release. As a mostly instrumental band with classic line up of two guitars, bass and drums, GLEN deconstructs popular and classical music genres scratching them together with experimental expression and attitude. GLEN revises the supposedly light atmosphere of melodic fragmentsContinuar lendo “GLEN”

False Horizon

Experimental post-rock/space music project by Moein Roshan. False horizon is a music project started by Moein Roshan in 2013 in Iran. The first album of this project was released in 2017 called Transition . It was about a human mental transition after a trauma . In 2018 Yegane Joined false horizon as songwriter and singerContinuar lendo “False Horizon”


Follow Decimals on Instagram to keep in touch and stay up to date @decimalsofficial Instrumental progressive metal band formed in 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. The new album “Symmetry” tells a space-related story of events and communication between different parallel universes and its inhabitants. An ode of survival and death in a space-time fabric. Members Alex BruContinuar lendo “Decimals”


We play instrumental post-metal. Blending elements of post-rock, black metal, doom, sludge and ambient in a filmscore inspired way. Members Dan Scrivener – GuitarsEthan Bishop – BassJames Scrivener – Drums Discography Acceptance 1.Wilderness 09:332.Resurgence 06:123.Supernova 07:164.Visions 10:425.Acceptance 07:006.Lavawalker 07:487.The Otherside 04:578.Descent 11:02aboutTREPREC049creditsreleased February 26, 2021 Mountainscape is: Dan Scrivener – GuitarsEthan Bishop – BassJames ScrivenerContinuar lendo “Mountainscape”


Trio that is temporary renting “Rock” genre, writing a new chapter in instrumental music, connecting progressive sounds with simplicity and feeling. Performing live in Cracow, Poland and nearby cities, now focusing on releasing new material.Newest release – Mini Album “Triangle”  Discography The Trip 1.November Sky 05:092.A Different Kind Of Driving3.Orange River4.Riding The WavesaboutHave you ever wantedContinuar lendo “DeWaiters”


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