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Saturn Through My Telescope

Post-Rock/Blackgaze/Emo band based in Berlin. Through the lens of seeking human connection, Saturn Through My Telescope writes deep, jarring, emotional music that demands its listeners to feel. Saturn Through My Telescope is an instrumental band who blends the genres of Post-Rock, Blackgaze, Skramz, and Ambient. Using strong contrasts in dynamics and harmony, long tension andContinuar lendo “Saturn Through My Telescope”

Echoes From Jupiter

Echoes from Jupiter features a daring blend of abrasive guitars, atmospheric melodies and sonic experimentation, from Quebéc / Canadá. Echoes from Jupiter evolves at the boundaries of experimental rock, shoegaze and post-rock. In 2009, the band launched its first EP, Io , which showcases its style. In 2010, the band published its first album Europa , featuring abrasive guitars,Continuar lendo “Echoes From Jupiter”

Romeo Bonvin

Post rock instrumental band from Switzerland. Biography Since 1999, Romeo Bonvin has been composing soundtracks for contemporary dance and theatre. In parallel, he self-produced 4 “electro” albums (game over/2003) (under/2004) (pathway/2006) (The noise of things/2019); synthetic sound tables between symphonic flights and dark furious beats. His four albums will allow him to perform in concert in severalContinuar lendo “Romeo Bonvin”


itlookslikeablackhole is an instrumental project out of Sacramento, California formed in 2018. The Ghosts in Your Blood LP was released in 2019 followed by This Will Be a Year to Forget in 2020 and So That Awe Can Illuminate in February 2021. FFO Mogwai & This Will Destroy You the project has been described as guitarContinuar lendo “itlookslikeablackhole”

Non È Nulla

Music project Lo-Fi, low-qual and all other possible “low”. Marco is a talented multi instrumentalist and post rock instrumental composer from Rome/Italy. His latest project is called “Non è nulla” , which means “nothing” but in Italian it has a double meaning that it doesn’t have in English. The album is called “Giove” recorded onContinuar lendo “Non È Nulla”


Bio ANOZEL is a small and rather uninteresting Vosges pass linking two villages, as there are many of them, clouded with this small dose of unease.This one, exactly, yes.The place where you usually arrive by mistake, almost lost.Right there.This untold discomfort that sticks to the place as well as to the atmospheres that fill it.TheContinuar lendo “ANOZEL”

Jana Draka

Biography Jana Draka is an Italian Progressive band composed of Valerio Magli, Danilo Pantusa, Federico Aramini and Valentina D’Angelo. The project began in the Autumn of 2014, when Valerio Magli decided to form a Rock band with Luigi Conte on the drums, Lorenzo Cecchetti on the bass and Danilo Pantusa on the guitar. This group worked on the arrangement ofContinuar lendo “Jana Draka”


Voices of the heart from Indonesia. Founded in 2019. The new album of Lament will be out in early 2022. This album will be very different from “Visions”, very personal for me and especially for my wife. I dedicate this album to a long time best friend, a guardian angel, who passed away last winter.Continuar lendo “Lament”


Slyboots’ music strives to inspire and mesmerize; they want to be that moment of suspension, that “ah-ha” feeling when you get the funny punch line or see art in action, or just that memorable New York City high. ABOUT SLYBOOTS We’re always searching for a new piece of the sonic puzzle that we canContinuar lendo “Slyboots”

Black SeeD

Intsrumental Atmospheric Black Metal from France. One man band. This is my first album. Discography Farplane of Memories 1.Pandemonium 08:272.Espers 08:423.A Scent of Lavender 08:034.Endless Battles 08:325.Eternal Rain 07:176.hite Seeds 10:527.Old Knights 08:068.Cetra’s Memories 07:069.Dreaded Mist 10:12aboutThis album is composed of songs heavily inspired by video games themes, reworked in an atmospheric black metal way.YouContinuar lendo “Black SeeD”


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