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Balloons Kill Babies

Instrumental prog/post-rock/metal band from Brisbane, Australia @balloonskillbabies | Linktree Balloons Kill Babies (or BKB for short) are a Brisbane based heavy instrumental band led by Christian Carter and Karl O’Shea. A blend of metal, prog and post-rock, the band conjures labyrinthine yet emotionally cathartic soundscapes and lets the listener decide the meaning behind the music.Continuar lendo “Balloons Kill Babies”


BLACKSHAPE | Linktree BLACKSHAPE is an Post-Progressive Rock, Math Rock, Instrumental band from Salt Lake City, UT. Their forthcoming debut album, recorded and co…- produced by the legendary Matt Goldman (The Chariot, Underoath), is a study in maximalism—written and recorded as one continuous loop, the record plunges listeners into a complex journey of heavy, beautiful math.Continuar lendo “BLACKSHAPE”

fragments of an empire

Post rock instrumental band, experimental, classic, drone, shoegaze and jazz, from Graz, Austria <title> home ( Members Armin Poglitsch – drumsDaniel Gutmann – guitarKlaus Wohlgemuth – guitarLisa Kaufmann – violinRenate Walter – fluteWerner Wohlgemuth – upright bass Discography exil 1.aphelious 07:072.solaris 04:434.locked doors / drawn curtains 15:46creditsreleased July 1, 2017 recorded by Hannes KumkeContinuar lendo “fragments of an empire”


BUZZ is a three piece instrumental post-rock.stoner band from Budapest, Hungary. @BuzzMusicHungary | Linktree BUZZ is: Doszpoly Tamás – Guitars / Keys Void Pastrovics Martin – Bass Jajs Kriskovics Levente – Drums / Ocelots Discography Valium 1.Valium 08:012.Ragacs 04:163.Inside 07:25creditsreleased February 7, 2020 Videos Instrumental post rock trio from Budapest / Hungary, using textures inContinuar lendo “Buzz”

Fools In Love

Instrumental post rock by Josselin, France A couple both on stage and in reality, Fools In Love want to be the most symbiotic embodiment possible of their deepest musical… aspirations. At the crossroads of post-rock and modern classical worlds, forming a link between the aspirations, as much romantic as experimental, of Doug Scharin, Masayoshi Fujita and DubContinuar lendo “Fools In Love”


Instrumental Progressive Rock-Music from Germany Great news: We are going to release our first full-length album via Fluttery Records. We are happy to be part of this great label. Stay tuned for more information. Discography A Simple Act of Redirection 1.Quicksand 06:132.Impetus 06:583.Geyser 08:23aboutA SIMPLE ACT OF REDIRECTIONcreditsreleased March 6, 2018 All songs recorded, mixedContinuar lendo “Rædsel”

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster

Post-metal made in London. ‘Machinations’ is the latest single by UK based Post-Progressive rock band, Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster. Our riffs will hurt you, and our ambience will make you cry. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster Members Drew Vernon – Guitar, SynthesisersBen Wilsker- DrumsAndrea Longo- GuitarTom Granica – Bass Discography Machinations The new single by TNBD…Continuar lendo “Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster”

Adam Dodson

Guitar-based instrumental music with a focus on live looping, ambient soundscapes, and melodic storytelling. @adam.dodson | Linktree Adam Dodson is a musician from Austin, Texas. He is one fourth of the post-rock band, Zealand The North. His multi-genre interests have led him to explore guitar-based instrumental music with a focus on live looping, ambient soundscapes,Continuar lendo “Adam Dodson”

The Seraphim Project

Instrumental post rock from the southeast US. Seraphim are angels who care for the throne room of God. Day and night they bring worship before the Lord. Our hope is that this project would reflect the beauty of heaven as you enter in to the throne room of God, wherever that may be in yourContinuar lendo “The Seraphim Project”

The Bonus

The Bonus | Linktree The Bonus are an Australian instrumental three-piece, post-rock, jazz, experimental. Members Søren Risby – Viola, accordion, guitar, vocalsMatthew J. Carr – Guitar, bass guitar, synthCameron Phillips – Drums, percussion, electronics Discography On Every Street, A Snake 1.Silver Landscapes 05:322.It’s Been 04:143.Interlude (On Every Street, A Snake) 02:334.In The Red Room 06:035.CaliforniaContinuar lendo “The Bonus”


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