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Follow Decimals on Instagram to keep in touch and stay up to date @decimalsofficial Instrumental progressive metal band formed in 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. The new album “Symmetry” tells a space-related story of events and communication between different parallel universes and its inhabitants. An ode of survival and death in a space-time fabric. Members Alex BruContinuar lendo “Decimals”


We play instrumental post-metal. Blending elements of post-rock, black metal, doom, sludge and ambient in a filmscore inspired way. Members Dan Scrivener – GuitarsEthan Bishop – BassJames Scrivener – Drums Discography Acceptance 1.Wilderness 09:332.Resurgence 06:123.Supernova 07:164.Visions 10:425.Acceptance 07:006.Lavawalker 07:487.The Otherside 04:578.Descent 11:02aboutTREPREC049creditsreleased February 26, 2021 Mountainscape is: Dan Scrivener – GuitarsEthan Bishop – BassJames ScrivenerContinuar lendo “Mountainscape”


Trio that is temporary renting “Rock” genre, writing a new chapter in instrumental music, connecting progressive sounds with simplicity and feeling. Performing live in Cracow, Poland and nearby cities, now focusing on releasing new material.Newest release – Mini Album “Triangle”  Discography The Trip 1.November Sky 05:092.A Different Kind Of Driving3.Orange River4.Riding The WavesaboutHave you ever wantedContinuar lendo “DeWaiters”


We are Böira, a post-rock band based in Barcelona. Members Aleix Archs (guitar), Llobet (drums), Marc Rios (bass), Guillem Alberich (guitar), Núria Sanz i Tamayo (keys). Discography Cendres ~ Mineral 1.Torelló 08:362.Postcards 06:133.Obaga 05:284.Ø 02:515.Brot 05:556.Octubre 06:57creditsreleased April 23, 2021 Recordered at Aclam RecordsMixed by Marc Bòria at Estudi LabedobleMastered by Brad Boatright at AudiosiegeContinuar lendo “Böira”


Instrumental post rock band LEVT combine mellow and dreamy tones with blazing guitar riffs in an unsettling atmospheric soundscape. Lifande (Life) is the second part of an album trilogy that continues the story that started with Vodälse (Birth) and will conclude with Dauora (Death). While Vodälse was about the journey of birth and the relationContinuar lendo “LEVT”

Tomasz Piwecki

Poland’s progressive metal post instrumental. HiI’m Tomasz, I’m a solo musician.I play Ibanez RGIR27E and Ibanez RBM1 guitars,Thank you for visiting these pages. Discography Quantum 1.Titans Shadow 06:052.Intoxication 06:243.Prelude of Quantum 04:484.Quantum 06:455.Breath 07:106.Inside 03:367.Andromeda 04:218.Forgotten land 04:589.Adrenaline (feat. Liodee) 06:5610.Hidden Worlds 05:4111.Sphere (feat. Stel Andre) 04:24creditsreleased March 28, 2021 Time Line [EP] 1.Fractalize 02:562.CorossionContinuar lendo “Tomasz Piwecki”


Instrumental post rock from Madrid / Spain. Thanks to the pandemia I had more time to produce some music and I started this new instrumental project. My primary influences for this project are Tristeza, Mono, Pg.lost, Mogwai, Isis, The Ocean, Pelican, Neurosis.. BIO: I started to play bass guitar when I was 14. I hadContinuar lendo “LYF”


Progressive ethno groove metal project from Eastern Serbia. Arhaizam Project | New Album Release 2021 | Granit Bio The word “archaism” is an expression of Greek origin, representing words that are no longer in use in the modern world, but have been replaced by other expressions. Arhaizam is a project that was created at theContinuar lendo “Arhaizam”


Ambient Post-rock/Post-metal project based in Bergen, Norway. Bandcamp:​Spotify:​Apple Music:​Tidal:​Instagram:…​Facebook: “We Lost Another Moon” recently passed 10 000 streams across all platforms. I love that. And I also love that people have been buying the album on Bandcamp after I uploaded it there, as I make about 150 times moreContinuar lendo “Hwaino”

Presence of Soul

Presence of soul Official site ( Japanese group PRESENCE OF SOUL is led by female singer and composer YUKI, who also handles guitars…, keyboards.She’s accompanied by a guitar player, a bass player and a drummer.Album “Blinds” was released by French progressive music label, Musea Records in December 2008. And the album was distributed in 12 countries,Continuar lendo “Presence of Soul”


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