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What Aleph Said

What Aleph Said is a post-rock band based in Lausanne (Switzerland). What Aleph Said offers a raw and honest instrumental rock through long-version tracks using progressive structures.Influences: Russian Circles; If These Trees Could Talk; Pelican; Explosions in the Sky. Aeonia includes five tracks that lead listeners into a musical world that combines influences from post-rock,Continuar lendo “What Aleph Said”

Head with Wings

Head with Wings are storytellers of sound. Textured, ethereal, and blissfully haunting, the U.S. – based quartet creates boundary-pushing rock songs that straddle the aesthetic line between art music and narrative drama. A musical tapestry that spans epochs in terms of style, sound and substance. Members Andrew Testa – DrumsBrandon Cousino – GuitarsSteve HillContinuar lendo “Head with Wings”

Musk Ox

Musk Ox is a Canadian chamber folk trio featuring Nathanael Larochette (classical guitar), Raphael Weinroth-Browne (cello) and Evan Runge (violin). @muskox | Linktree Discography Inheritance 1.Inheritance (Part 1 – Premonition) 05:552.Inheritance (Part 2 – Hindsight) 17:313.Memoriam 06:014.Ritual 11:185.Weightless 07:10aboutSeven years since their widely celebrated sophomore record Woodfall, the elusive Canadian chamber folk trio Musk OxContinuar lendo “Musk Ox”

Noche Oscura

Noche Oscura is a solo project by Polish guitarist Wojciech Szachowski, who could already be heard in the band Blank Faces. Currently, he debuts with the album “Gate”, which is a post/environment path that the human soul takes after death. NOCHE OSCURA (Spanish for dark night) is a mystical state of darkness that leads toContinuar lendo “Noche Oscura”

Echo Says Echo

Echo Says Echo is a post-rock band from Paris, France who creates complex ambiences, merging bright and gentle melodies with massive distorted guitars. The atmospheres constantly change and evolve while they explore different soundscapes. Emotional, powerfuland full of nuances, the sound captivates the listener. Behind the mysterious name, we see four musicians who met inContinuar lendo “Echo Says Echo”

Non Somnia

Spanish post rock instrumental created by Carlos Herrera. In the end everything comes. Everything passes, and everything begins again. As long as I remain. I am who I am, the one who carries your melancholy. @NonSomnia | Linktree Discography The end of the world Debut Single. Enjoy this walk through melancholy credits released June 25,Continuar lendo “Non Somnia”


Psychedelic/Post-Rock band from Italy. Bio Artichokes are a combustion spontaneous sound born on the banks of thesea. A trio that becomes the bearer of a sound in constant search of a difficultbalance between immediacy and experimentation, between authenticity andrefinement, between rationality and pure instinct. The result is a fiery flower from the various shades thatContinuar lendo “Artichokes”


A blend of blackened post rock tinged with shoegaze melancholia, ethereal minimal electronica and monumental distorted guitar cascades.Sombre soundscapes created with finesse and artistic devotion. Perdere ( Members All music written and composed by Gian Spalluto Gian Spalluto – Guitar, bass and synthsGiovanni Cilio @giovacilio – drums Discography Perdere released May 25, 2021All music writtenContinuar lendo “Australasia”


Brilliant composer, producer and bassist of instrumental post rock from Debrecen, Hungary , uses layered textures of melancholy, ambient, progressive, alternative in an atmospheric background. His last work, Farewell Flight ends a period marked by bass and drums in his melodies along his trajectory, this album features nine immersive, creative melodies, full of very wellContinuar lendo “JuffBass”


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