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Slyboots’ music strives to inspire and mesmerize; they want to be that moment of suspension, that “ah-ha” feeling when you get the funny punch line or see art in action, or just that memorable New York City high. ABOUT SLYBOOTS We’re always searching for a new piece of the sonic puzzle that we canContinuar lendo “Slyboots”

Black SeeD

Intsrumental Atmospheric Black Metal from France. One man band. This is my first album. Discography Farplane of Memories 1.Pandemonium 08:272.Espers 08:423.A Scent of Lavender 08:034.Endless Battles 08:325.Eternal Rain 07:176.hite Seeds 10:527.Old Knights 08:068.Cetra’s Memories 07:069.Dreaded Mist 10:12aboutThis album is composed of songs heavily inspired by video games themes, reworked in an atmospheric black metal way.YouContinuar lendo “Black SeeD”


“Frames aren’t a rock group. They are purveyors of great musical innovation, storytellers without words and as close to rock music as Sigur Ros are to the Beatles. This German four-piece Frames have set the bar intolerably high.”  Instrumental rock, Atmospheric, Post-rock, Germany, 2012 Frames deliver complex songs of an instrumental nature. Packed fullContinuar lendo “Frames”


Acoustic Dark Folk/Neofolk. Music to get lost to, from Netherlands. Discography Menhir 1.The Voyage 05:542.Ancient Rites 04:273.Vicariously, We Rest 04:334.Vagrants 07:385.The Oath 05:066.Forsake Us Not 04:347.Winds of Decay 03:528.A Lament for the End 05:509.Trials of Menhir 07:3110.Fall of Men 03:38about“From Stillness we’ve grown, In sorrow we thrive,Our archaic rituals, to keep us alive, The rootsContinuar lendo “Menhir”

Big Space Big Space is an instrumental jazz-rock trio from Newfoundland & Labrador. The band consists of Grant King (Guitar), Ian Murphy (Bass) and Ashley Chalmers (Drums). On their 2021 sophomore album In Relation To, Big Space takes a jazz approach to nine original compositions ranging from contemporary jazz fusion to instrumental rock and atmospheric soundscapes,Continuar lendo “Big Space”


Instrumental post-rock band from Kraków, Poland. Yenisei is: Grzegorz Cisek – BassMichał Gawroński – DrumsPiotr Grobelny – GuitarsPiotr Klamiński – GuitarsRafał Piniaź – Keys, Pads, Synths Discography Reflections 1.Gravity 03:412.Waves 05:323.Aftermath 06:344.Bitter Cold 04:395.Abandoned 03:426.Blurred Horizon 05:447.No Escape 05:068.Memories of Times Before 05:479.All That You Could Become 06:0310.Returns 02:49creditsreleased October 22, 2021 All music writtenContinuar lendo “Yenisei”

Katre Katre was formed by close friends towards the end of 2014. They explore the areas of post-rock / post-metal synthesized with classic eastern tunes and experiment on the sustain of the sound. The band takes its name from the old Arabic word katre which means the “drop”. The name refers to ingenuous melodious contributionsContinuar lendo “Katre”


Bloodyclerks mix multiple influences, collecting sounds from various musical styles, creating a hybrid style close to Doom Metal and Progressive Metal in their latest album, in which they show their own personality and ideas.Their music is in continuous evolution, and they have gone for songs without vocals in“Doldrums Combustion”, thus allowing a greater development andContinuar lendo “Bloodyclerks”


Instrumental postrock between 100 and 160 bpm, from Cologne, Germany. Bass, drums, guitar and electronics playfully play melodic songs with a short firing cord. VON MISES a Cologne based German trio with a classical line up and we play powerful post-rock with a short fuse. We already released our first self-titled EP within 3 TracksContinuar lendo “VON MISES”


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