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Instrumental Band Post Metal, Idealized by Multi Instrumentist and Composer Andrés García Solares de Gijón, Spain. Brilliant Instrumental Post Metal, idealized by multi instrumentalist and composer Andrés Garcia Solares, uses multifaceted textures in layers of experimental, progressive, fusion, metal, on an atmospheric background. Its melodies are long, well-structured, immersive, intense, full of distorted riffs,Continuar lendo “Andypunto”


In the beginning there was only void.  Into it the lord of duality devised a light.  And a noise.  We want to pay homage to that ancient creation of colors and sounds. Want to travel beyond time and space ? Come along, join OXOMOCO … on a sonic ride of tranquility and turbulence, touching bluesy 60ies vibesContinuar lendo “Oxomoco”

Sigma Ori

Formed in Barcelona in 2017, Sigma Ori is an instrumental rock band that merges and involves different textures of rock, such as post-rock, progressive rock, stoner and metal. Members: Andrés – guitarsJoan – guitarsJose – drumsNoel – bass Discography Elliptical Orbits Advance track of new Sigma Ori album credits released August 13, 2021 Sigma Ori 1.Nebula 09:092.AureaContinuar lendo “Sigma Ori”


Threefifty has been called a post-rock band before, but that seems too plain – labeling the eclecticism of Threefifty’s sound requires something that gets more obnoxiously specific – perhaps post-minimalist-baroque-folk-rock. As Spinal Tap as that amalgam may sound, Threefifty has gotten their hands on something that rings authentic despite the fact that it’s never really beenContinuar lendo “Threefifty”


codeia At the beginning of 2016 the paths of three musicians crossed in the heart of southern Germany. They were ready to start writing a new chapter of their musical journey. Rooted in genres as hardcore, art rock and several forms of metal, the trio from Baden-Württemberg combines the creative force of three songwriters. codeiaContinuar lendo “Codeia”

Noise Raid

Noise Raid are one of the best German instrumental metal bands. Noise Raid is music filled with emotions, an edge, a lot of effects and definitely not in need of lyrics or a singer. Noise Raid:Andreas Kirchermeier – guitarDaniel Glossner – guitarEtienne Jérôme – drumsJulian Schmid – bass Discography Space Weather 1.Ozelot (Live) 04:462.Untrue BypassContinuar lendo “Noise Raid”

What Aleph Said

What Aleph Said is a post-rock band based in Lausanne (Switzerland). What Aleph Said offers a raw and honest instrumental rock through long-version tracks using progressive structures.Influences: Russian Circles; If These Trees Could Talk; Pelican; Explosions in the Sky. Aeonia includes five tracks that lead listeners into a musical world that combines influences from post-rock,Continuar lendo “What Aleph Said”

Head with Wings

Head with Wings are storytellers of sound. Textured, ethereal, and blissfully haunting, the U.S. – based quartet creates boundary-pushing rock songs that straddle the aesthetic line between art music and narrative drama. A musical tapestry that spans epochs in terms of style, sound and substance. Members Andrew Testa – DrumsBrandon Cousino – GuitarsSteve HillContinuar lendo “Head with Wings”


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