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Band instrumental post gloomy rock in the abyss between subgenres: noise, metal, jazz and grindcore, from VD, Switzerland. CONVULSIF is a collective around the bass player Loïc Grobéty. The band focuses to an enriched tension between composition and improvisation in powerful sounds. After two conceptual CDs in crossover style – Jazz, Metal, Classic, Free –Continuar lendo “Convulsif”


Throughout three decades of working as a visual artist, music has been a constant companion. It took a long time and some guidance to realise that my own compositions could be sourced from the same well as the art. Echotal was recorded near our home in the hills of County Wicklow. Produced, engineered and masteredContinuar lendo “Echotal”


A few people laughed, a few people cried, most people were silent.” –Robert Oppenheimer Krane is a four-piece band from Basel, founded in 2012, that moves the audience with their intense instrumental Post-Metal. Musical landscapes are painted with intricate sounds to swathe the listener in an atmospheric ambiance, only to be brought back to realityContinuar lendo “KRANE”


Instrumental post rock band from Kiev, Ukraine. Members Igor Sidorenko – guitarNatasha Pirogova – drumsMarkku Nykoliuk – ViolinAsya Makarova – bass Discography Nightbound 1.Stringer Bell 13:202.No Pressure, Choice is Yours 07:043.So Quietly Falls the Night 11:204.Marching for the Freedom We Have Lost 10:12about“Nightbound” is definitely our most mature and challenging work to date. “Little Victories”Continuar lendo “Krobak”

Into Orbit

Born from a collaboration between guitarist Paul Stewart and drummer Ian Moir, Into Orbit formed in 2013 in Wellington, New Zealand. Like their contemporaries Russian Circles, Jakob, and Explosions in the Sky, the New Zealand-based instrumental rock duo have a knack for creating emotionally affecting music through texture and melody. From its sublime heights toContinuar lendo “Into Orbit”


Audiolepsia is an instrumental prog/post-rock band from Barcelona.Emotive melodies, full force moments, amazing and intense atmospheres. Audiolepsia – Website of prog/post rock band Audiolepsia Bio MEMBERS Ángel de las Heras: GuitarNico Galindo: GuitarJordi de las Heras: Bass guitarÓscar de las Heras: Drums CV In 2011, the members of Audiolepsia band decided to escape from commonContinuar lendo “Audiolepsia”


A four-piece instrumental band emerging from fields close to post-rock, progressive and ambient, from Poznań, Poland. Our music is made of emotions and energy mixed with space and time to take a rest. Our first album – “Identity” – was released on February 2017. Members The quartet consists of guitar players Dawid Maciejski and Błażej Drótkowski, bass player ŁukaszContinuar lendo “Ayden”


Greek instrumental band of post metal. Discography A Collection Of Disturbances 1.A New Perspective 04:592.I, Specular 04:393.The Shutter 01:344.Illumination 06:095.Resolve To Infinity 04:546.Far Field Echoes 04:457.Colors 05:058.Visual Lost 05:159.The Projection 02:16aboutMixed & Mastered at Ergosphere Studios January 10, 2021 Special thanks to Matthew Pediaditis and Sot D for their support and ideas on ‘Illumination’ andContinuar lendo “Superlens”


We are the sound of what your eyes don’t see. Play our music loud. The term cornea might be mostly known among ophthalmologists. But also for lovers of instrumental and atmospheric metal there is now a good reason to keep this word in mind. Cornea is a band from Italian town Padua that has releasedContinuar lendo “Cornea”


PSYCHONAUT is a psychedelic post-metal collective from Mechelen, Belgium. Unfold the God Man – Psychonaut ( Their signature sound is heavily influenced by 70’s bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, but also draws inspiration from more modern sources like Tool and Amenra. PSYCHONAUT literally came from out of nowhere –Mechelen, Belgium, to be precise– butContinuar lendo “Psychonaut”


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